One Celebrity Who's Happy to be a Healthy Size

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It’s easy to think that a size 0 is the norm in Hollywood, when images of extremely thin celebrities fill the pages of every magazine. I’m so used to seeing such tiny women in the media, that when I see a celebrity with curves, I have to take a second look. My first thought is usually "Wow. She looks healthy. That’s a nice change."

Of course there are some women who are naturally thin. But to me, so many women in the public eye look dangerously small and unhealthy. I can’t imagine what kind of pressure they feel to look a certain way. I also can’t imagine what it’s like to look at pictures of these women and feel like that’s the standard I’d have to meet to be happy. So I’m always pleasantly surprised to hear about successful, famous women who look healthy and are confident about it.

Although she did the interview several months ago, comments from actress Mariska Hargitay regarding her size have been in the news again recently. At 46 years old, she says that she is comfortable being a size 8 because she’s healthy. Regardless of what other people say, she is happy with who she is.

In their February issue, Hargitay told More magazine, "I think I'm a very attractive person, but I don't put myself in the realm of the beauty…That's not where I get my esteem. I'm a size 8, and I feel proud of that, because it's healthy. I've never felt compelled to be a skinny actress. Being a sex symbol is not my thing; it's not where I shine."

A size 8 still sounds small to me. When I saw recent pictures of her, I’ll be honest that I was surprised she was a size 8. I think that’s because I’m used to seeing celebrities who are so tiny. She’d look perfectly healthy walking down the street as an average person. But because Hargitay is a celebrity, some people consider her to be "curvy". When did a size 8 become curvy?

What do you think? Does Mariska Hargitay look healthy to you? Would you like to see female celebrities convey a healthier body image?

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PATRICIAAK 9/25/2020
:) Report
:) Report
CECELW 7/31/2020
WOW! She looks great. All of her hard work really paid off Report
PATRICIAAK 7/21/2020
:) Report
KATHYJO56 6/21/2020
She looks great Report
PATRICIAAK 11/28/2019
:) Report
Thanks Report
Since when does a dress size correlate with health, or even weight? A pudgy 5'1" couch potato might be able to squeeze into a size 8; a lean, athletic 6-footer (think Olympic skier Lindsay Vonn) probably requires a size 12 or even 14. And MANY women in fact require DIFFERENT sizes depending on the article of clothing. For instance, my skirts are size 8 because I have a little waist, but I need size 10 pants due to monster calves and thighs, size 12 dresses in order to be long enough in the torso, and size 16 jackets because I have broad shoulders and extra-long arms. And I'm now slim. Report
If she's a size 8, how much does Julie Bowen, Claire from Modern Family weigh. I wonder what Mariska weighs now. This article was written in 2010. She has gained weight. Size 8 is tiny! Report
Great article, though I agree with the sentiment "When did a size 8 become curvy?" Report
Horray for Mariska! She's a beautiful example for women. Report
Mariska is absolutely stunning. She is the perfect size for her height and she has the right curves in all the right places. Even if she didn't have curves, she is perfect because she looks and feels healthy and that is what counts. She likes herself and that is what is more important than anything. Report
I think Mariska is beautiful. I do think celebrities or most of them are too thin. I do not watch any of the "awards" as most of the clothing they wear is just so provocative. Size 8 is a nice healthy weight. Report
Mariska is gorgeous! Report
I think she looks amazing. So much healthier and sexier than girls who are excessively thin. Though I do think it's absolutely insane that a size 8 is considered "curvy". Report
Ms. Margitay looks amazing! It's a fresh look at how people think! She is a beautiful woman inside and out! It is great to see a down to earth celebrity who isn't a walking stick! She looks fabulous! Report
Yes, she's attractive. If only more women felt as comfortable as she does for being a woman. Report
"But because Hargitay is a celebrity, some people consider her to be "curvy". When did a size 8 become curvy?"

Wow, that's some ignorant, body-shaming, nonsense right there. Again a well-intended article claiming "body positivity" shames those deemed "unhealthy" by appearance alone, and skinny women can't have curves.
Any size can be curvy. She has a small waist, and larger chest and hips. Slim women can be curvy, and curvy doesn't have to mean "plus size," overweight, or "fat" either, as that statement makes it seem.

Curvy is a SHAPE not a SIZE. Report
a size 8 is still pretty darn small ... nothing "plus size" about it .. and i want to know how comment 229 can "tell she is at least a size 9/10, (which is still 'thin' but healthy weight) .. camera's put weight on you, and different angle's make people look bigger and smaller, so let us in on your secret how you can tell a person's size from a photo .. LOL i hate it when people say a size 10 or 12 is "plus size" ..i was just reading a blog on here about a spread in a rag tag that it was patting itself on the back for being "hip" and "modern" because it said that 'size 10 and 12 "plus size" models can be beautiful and had an article and some pics of "plus size 10 and 12 models .. WHAT??? plus size is a 10 / 12???? we need help in this country .. Report
She looks great. It would be great if Hollywood would embrace a healthy weight and healthier body image. Report
She looks perfecto! Report
People are always going to be slightly different from one another. In my mind, curvy means an hourglass shape. A size 8 is a very healthy ideal outside of LA. She looks great and it's refreshing to have someone above a size 4 stating that they are comfortable with who they are. Report
American size 8, UK size 12! So the comments about small and curvy can both be on point. Either way she looks amazing Report
Clothing sizes are almost irrelevant - as many have commented, sizes are more generous than they were 30-40 years ago (not sure that's a good thing, though). I think measurements are more important. I've noticed Mariska is a little bigger than she was in the 1980's (aren't we all), but at 46 I think she looks GREAT! As for what MEN really like, a long time ago I was talking to my husband about a certain actress (can't remember her name) who was on this silly sci-fi show (Buck Rogers), and how a few years later she was playing a secretary on another detective show. I commented that she looked about 20 lbs heavier, but that IMO she still looked pretty good. My husband said "Actually, she looks Better!" And what IDIOT called Jennifer Lawrence fat? REALLY!?! If she's fat, then we're all doomed (LoL)! Report
You all realize that we are talking about Jayne Mansfield's and Mickey Hargitay's daughter don't we? Nothing like good genes. Report
A true size 8 in good clothes is small, but size inflation in less expensive, lie to flatter the customer clothes means only a 0 is tiny.
She looks amazing.
Size 8 is small you silly people. Report
Seriously? I was under the impression that Mariska IS a sex symbol! She looks awesome (in a character-correct way) on SVU. I know my son watches the show just to see her; he couldn't care less about the police procedural part. She looks healthy, yes, but the first thing that comes to mind when I see her or someone like her is, "Wow!" Report
Mariska Hargitay looks fabulous! A size 8 is not a "plus"-size woman, either, regardless of what the haute couturiers and the fashion industry would want us to believe. To me, she is much prettier than the skin-and-bones actresses, with their toothpick arms and legs. Report
Saw an interview with Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games, Winter's Bone, etc.) who said that people have criticized her for her weight, but that she refused to starve herself into a smaller size. I was stunned. Never thought that she looked "heavy". It is sick what "Hollywood" tries to impose on stars. Jennifer looks healthy and stunning. Report
Sizes aren't what they used to be. When I was in high school I wore size 8. (In those days you had to be size 16 or more to be considered "large.") I saved almost all of my clothes. My granddaughter is today's size 2, and she cannot even fit into some of my 1960's straight skirts and tight pants. To those of us from that era, calling someone big when they are a size 8 is ridiculous, so it may be a generational gap. No matter what that size 8 now translates into if you use 1960 sizes, what does it matter? Ms Hargitay looks beautiful, and well proportioned. I'm sure most men would rather have a woman in her shape to hold on to than those bag-of-bones runway models who look like one good squeeze would crush them. Report
Dear Tekguru (post 263 above): you are not the only man who prefers curvy women! When I was young I struggled with bulimia, because I grew up in a SUPER-objectifying, thin beauty-obsessed family (several of my cousins are in the entertainment industry). So, in my late 20's, having recovered from that eating disorder, but still struggling hugely with body image despite my then 5'5" size 5/6 body, I decided to reality-test the beliefs and images I'd grown up hearing as a girl in my family and also from American media/culture, and actually go ASK all of my men friends their real opinions about women's shapes and sizes. I truly expected to hear what I'd been taught...that only tall, hyper-thin model types were attractive or desired. You know, basically a body like a 6' tall 12 year old boy with big boobs.
But my guy friends educated me in the MOST suprising way. Every man I spoke with (and these were "cool" handsome guys, all of whom are now happily married, by the way :-) was adament with me that their prefered shape is womanly-curvy. Many of them even used their hands to describe what they are most attracted to, drawing out our feminine shapes in the air as they spoke. So, once again, Tekguru, you are not alone!
I was very, very shocked, and hearing from men I trusted and respected on this topic actually was a powerful counter-balance to the "hyper-thin" aesthetic I'd been so harmfully saturated by as a girl, teen and young woman. It was the first time in my life I began to relax about women's body sizes, and about my own body in particular.
So, all this said, I agree that Mariska Haggerty is a gorgous gal and in every way a healthy role model. If anything, she is far thinner than the average American woman, who shares in common with Marilyn Monroe a glorious size 14---which, despite another post above, is easily observed in ANY of her films.She was buxom and round all over in the best possible way, and happy to be so.
Normal healthy women: ROCK ON!! :-) Report
When did a size 8 become curvy?

When curvy was a word used to describe a thing or person with a lot of curves. When curvy is a euphemism for overweight, a size 8 may not apply. Or it might.

The rest of this article is completely on-point. I wish it weren't diluted by that silly sz 8 can't be curvy comment. Report
She's stunning and one of my all time favorite actresses! Report
I personally think she looks amazing! There is such a thing as too thin (but I may be one of the only men on the planet that feels that way). I do not know where this fascination with the anorexic look came from, but you know that society is headed in the wrong direction when the worst form of punishment you can inflict upon someone is to force-feed them a nice, healthy meal. Report
I think some have forgotten who Mariska's mother was. Jayne Mansfield was a model/actress from in the 50's and 60's until her untimely death. Mariska looks a lot like her mom, that includes her "healthy" body size and shape. Report
Marilyn Monroe was NOT a size 14 by today's sizes. Where do people get these silly stories from???? Her measurements were roughly 35-37, 22-23, 35-36, per her dressmaker. My bust and hip measurements are similar, and I wear an 8. My waist is no where near as tiny as hers (30 for me) so possibly she was even smaller, a 6.

I think Mariska looks great, and HEALTHY, though there are both smaller and larger celebs who also look HEALTHY.
She's gorgeous and talented, no matter what her size. Report
Marilyn Monroe was a size 14 in today's sizes, plus she always wore a girdle! In high school, my best friend and I were both about size 10s. She ran away from home junior year and on the list of stuff she took with her, which she left in her wastebasket, was her girdle. We didn't need girdles in high school, but we were already buying into the idea that skinny was better. All these years later we can laugh about that, but we sure weren't laughing back then... we were crying because we felt fat!! Report
I think she looks amazing, beautiful and sexy, and incredible actress,
You go girl. be proud and embrace yourself...
It's way over due in our sick unhealthy society, to obsess with skinny bony look or even obese.... what's really worse????
eat healthy, moderation, and move the body keep it simple and enjoy delicious food with family and friends... shalom all Report
Clothes size is such a poor way of talking about body size. They are notoriously inconsistent across brands and lines, and body shape (not lbs) has more to do with what clothes size someone fits in. Size 8 seems pretty healthy to me, but then I don't understand when 'curvy' became the opposite of skinny, or since when a size 8 isn't skinny. Report
Yes, she looks curvy, a size 8 works for her and she looks completely healthy. But many look healthy at size 0 as well. I think as Americans we are so used to seeing people who are overweight every day that we develop a warped perspective and start thinking perfectly healthy people look too thin. I think very few celebrities are anywhere near too thin. Can't we accept that Mariska looks great in a size 8 without bashing those who wear size 0?
As a huge fan of Mariska Hargitay, it comes as no surprise she is a size 8. She is gorgeous, confident and most definitely a good role model for women.
Way to Go Mariska for making your own beautiful path! Report
At 5' and 148, 8 is more on the chubby side (it's where I'm at now, actually). But for her it really works! I wanna be a 5-6 Report
Actresses in general may be too skinny, we've got Hollywood, the fashion industry and Photoshop to thank for that but what about the rest of us? In the West where obesity is out of control many of us are addicted to sugar, just as harmful as booze, pills, fags, heroin, cocaine whilst on the other side of the world children are dying of starvation in 2010. When are we going to recognise gossiping about trivia always stops us addressing the much wider issues, our personal choices. Mariska Hargitay is a Venus Cow just like her Mum and well done to her. Report
I have always thought that she looked great and still do. Wow size 8. Thats a really small size in my book. I would love to see more actresses with a few more curves. Report
When the hell did a Size 8 become Fat or Curvy. Hollywood is ridiculous! A size 10 is NOT fat. Curvy maybe but really?! Ugh it's gross to think a size 8 is fat. I get disgusted when they call Jessica Simpson fat. Okay if she's fat, I'd love to look like her!!! People are crazy about what they think is fat and that is what's destroying the minds of young girls. I know young girls that are a size 0 and little bit of a pudge sends them over the edge. It's scary! I've seen healthy size 14 girls who aren't fat they are just curvy. Not their fault but they are drop dead gorgeous. So you mean to tell me that Plus Size Models aren't gorgeous and healthy? They may be bigger but half the time they look better than those sticks walking the Victoria Secret Runway. The way people think needs to change because we're molding future children to think bad of themselves at a size 8!! It's awful. A size 8 is beautiful. A size 14 is beautiful. A size 18 is beautiful. If you can hold your own with a smile, your beautiful. Report
I'm 5 foot 6 and 3/4s. To me, a size 8 sounds too SKINNY for anyone over 5'5". I'm aiming for size 10-12, myself. I was surprised to see, according to IMDb, she's 5'7". She does look nicely curvy in that picture, though. I guess they're right about the camera adding 10 pounds.

I really wish all actors and models were required to have a BMI of 18.5 or more. Between the fast food places selling fat-gaining addictive food on the one hand, and the media bombarding us with images of too-skinny celebrities on the other hand, it's no wonder so many people are messed up about food and body image. Report
She looks healthy! When I see skinny celebrates my first thought is "someone feed them" I think more celebs should try to look healthier and healthier should be acceptable and incouraged. Report
She looks great! More actresses should look like her, because she looks healthy and normal. Skinny models and actresses in media distort growing girl's vision of what 'normal' is, and creates self-image issues from a young age. Media is the worst thing this country has going for it. You should always go with how you feel and if a size 14 makes you feel good, who is to say that is bad? Report