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Gear Up: SparkPeople's Fitness Starter Kit

By , SparkPeople Blogger
The right gear goes a long way in not only motivating you to work out and reach your fitness goals. You don't want to waste your money (especially in these hard times), and you want to know that what you buy will really work. So when SparkPeople asked me to help create a Fitness Starter Kit for people to use at home, I was all over it! We had three main criteria: It had to be effective, durable and affordable. And trust me on this—it's all that and more! If you're re-thinking that pricey gym membership or want to get fit without going broke, the Fitness Starter Kit can help you reach your goals.

SparkPeople's Fitness Starter Kit (just $29.99) includes everything you need to start and continue a solid fitness program! With hundreds of exercise options, including my brand new workout DVD, you'll be able to use this kit as a beginner or advanced exerciser. I handpicked these products because of their high quality and affordability. The Kit includes: a stability ball (with a pump), a medium resistance band, a pedometer, and my new workout DVD, which includes two full-body workouts using the equipment in your Kit. Check it out here:

I've seen similar products on the market, but they don't come close to the quality and affordability of this one. Plus, it's from SparkPeople—a company that you know you can trust. To purchase your own Fitness Starter Kit, visit the brand new SparkPeople Store.

Would you buy SparkPeople's Fitness Starter Kit? Why or why not?

ETA: Because of popular request, the DVD alone is also available in the store. Check it out!

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I have bought a pedometer from Spark Ilove it BUT it keeps falling off. Does this pedometer have some kind of tether.?
I and DH have lost 4 pedometers this way. I have a 14 years old Fitball that i love and your 20 minutes seated Res.Band Workout is great it really ROCKS Thanks Pat in Maine. Report
This starter kit is also an intermediate kit and maybe more. Love it. LOVE IT. And it makes a great and meaningful gift to others you care about.
Teen granddaughters love it too and doing with me when they visit and kid grammy about her style. Report
Bell stability ball in your choice sizes. Each comes with pump and instructions. Weight limit: approximately 300lbs Report
i keep reading peoples questions but see no answers. what is the weight limit for the stability ball? can you use therabands instead of the resistance band in the kit? where do you find the answers? Report
Got it and love it! I'm completely new to working out but had not trouble getting through this DVD. What a great price on the kit too! Report
So, I have seen many inquiries for the size of the ball. Just how do you find out what size it is? I already have a ball that is too small (55). I would like at least a 65 or better, yet, 75. Report
This is a great kit. Wish they would have had this when I started buying my equipment. I bought my stuff individual and ended up paying more for it. Report
I got this kit a few weeks ago. I've started using the ball in place of my office chair, and find it to be quite a bit more comfortable. My muscles tell me I'm working them even though I don't feel it as I'm sitting here. My lower back, which normally hurts, feels better on the ball. The exercise videos are short and effective, and I was surprised at the quality of all items included. I take the band to work so I can squeeze in a few exercises on my lunch break- it's easy enough to do something, anywhere.
One of the best purchases I've made in a long time! Report
I have all these items or I might buy. Good value for what you get! Report
I bought this kit when I first started Spark People. It has been a strong base for my exercise routine. I had to purchase another ball that was puncture resistant, since my son thought the cat would enjoy riding on the ball. Claws were no match, I don't know what he was thinking!!? :) Report
Not sure if this is the place to post this -- but ... Any advice on setting up the pedometer? I followed the directions, but it won't count any steps for me. Report
I will definitely be ordering this kit soon. Report
I ordered mine yesterday. I have needed the right size ball for some time now, as I've been using a freebie 1950s-stype Jumpin' Jack ball that is way too big for a few years now. I keep meaning to replace it and seeing this package here was the trigger I needed. Thanks! Report
I ordered mine today. Report
Seems to be great. I have it. Report
I use these items everyday. Report
Amen. Can we order just the dvd?
If not a 2nd set for traveling would be nice paycheck. Report
I have a stability ball, workout bench, a pair of bands, and free weights, and a great elliptical machine all in my tiny basement. Oh, and the most imporant thing -- a TV with a DVD player so I can work out to my DVD's or watch TV while on the elliptical! It's so convienient to have a home workout place and not spend hundreds of $$ on a gym membership. Report
I just purchased the ball, with bands, pedometer, dvd and I bought the lunch bag as came so fast I couldn't believe it. I love the quality, the ball and band I previously had broke. These are heavy duty. It is a great deal and nice to spread the spark with the lunch bag. Report
Fairly new to blogs so I apologize for this:

I see a number of people asking questions about size/weight

are you getting answered personally as I don't see the answers here Report
i would be interested also in knowing the weight/height requirements for the ball. I am 5'10 so if the ball is made for shorter people, i would encounter discomfort using it. I love the idea of everything you need in one kit though and the DVD is a great bonus. I might just buy the kit for the DVD and the resistance bands and go get one of the balance balls from the store for tall people. Report
I might or might not buy this starter kit. I already have a stability ball (with a hand pump) and two resistance bands (different resistance levels). The main reason why I would want this kit is actually just for the DVD, which I would hope is available without the other pieces, because I've been looking for a DVD that incorporates stability balls and resistance bands. Report
What is the maximum weight that can be placed on the ball? I haven't found a ball yet that goes above 200lbs. I need to know the max weight before I think on purchasing. Report
Even although I do have a fitness ball I still have just placed an order… Sounds really nice to have all additional things for that price. And I ordered the second kit for my friend (her birthday is coming or I will just make it as a Hanukah gift for her!) Report
Add me to those who own most of this stuff (I could use a GOOD pedometer, I have too many lousy ones), but would love Nicole's DVD. Especially as I'm having trouble downloading video from your site. Report
I am in the market for a new ball, cause the 65" on I have is a bit too small. Can you please state the size of the ball, or tell us the options. I am ready to order if it is 75". Thanks. Report
I am with many of other members ; already own stability ball and resistance bands, but would very much like to be able to order only the Exercises DVD. Shall await news of that possibility in anticipation of ordering the DVD. Report
I would say yes, I would definately buy the kit ad recommend it to clients. I look at it from both sides as a formerly morbidly obese person and now as a thin person in maintainence and as an ACE certified personal trainer. Medium resistance bands are excellent for beginners and those who have been working out for a little while. Maybe not athletes or body builders, but they aren't likely to be looking for this type of kit anyways. As for the ball. I love ball exercises, the instability is what builds your core. I recently hurt my back and had to go to Physical Therapy, and the Ball exercises were a central component to my treatment plan to build more strength in my core to support my spine and reduce my pain. it worked really well for that purpose and as a side benefit, I lost over an inch in my waistline too, with out actually dropping any weight. if you have poor balance, building your core is key to improving that balance. I don't think this kit is intended to be all inclusive to meet all of your needs forever, but is an excellent tool for getting started. As you build fitness you can invest in other pieces of equipment. I like my adjustable dumbells, (made by reebok) that go from 2.5 - 12.5 lbs in 2.5 lb increments.about $60 at Target and easy to store. bow flex makes a much more expensive set in higher weights.
I might have started earlier if I'd have had the kit. I am retired and only have limited income. Will purchase online 3rd of Dec. Thank you. Report
You bet I'd order it....just did. Now I think I'll order calendar also and see if I can keep up with this determination. Report
I already have the Stability Ball & resistance bands so I would not purchase the kit. However, like everyone else in this situation I would love to have Nicole's exercise DVD. So, how about offering that separately??? Report
Add me to the list of people only wanting the DVD. I've asked before why Coach Nicole's exercise video clips on the web site aren't available as a DVD. Maybe now SparkPeople will consider it. Report
Just like everyone else, I already have the ball, the resisantance band, and many pedometers. I would really like to get the DVD. Hoping SP will give us a chance to get the DVD. Report
I already own all the stuff but the CD - I also have a Gym membership - but this is a really good price and I wish it was available when I just started SP...
But I think it would make a really good present for some of my friends who are just getting started. Report
I wish this was something that is spotlighted as soon as you join SP. I purchased have of these items on my own. I would have much rather bought the kit. Report
I think this would actually be perfect to take with me on my vacation. I have been trying to figure out what I can take to exercise with on a boat with no gym - so only have my cabin available. Report
a great bargain - but I own all the stuff except CD. Also, all my workouts are on VCR format - DVD would be too high tech - LOL! Report
I would and probably will buy it I just have to wait until I have the extra money probably after christmas. Report
I will probably get it, it would be a good add on for what I currently do, so more than likely I will order it, it just may have to wait until after Christmas. Report
I think it would be a good deal. However as I already own all of it except the DVD I will probably not. I do need to replace my resistance band and if a new one costs $20 I would consider the kit to get the DVD. Report
Let me clarify that last post. It wasn't SP's stuff. Report
That is a great buy for the money! I paid almost double awhile back for just the ball & pump and a DVD. Report
I just bought it. I trust SP and the process that was used to determine what is in this starter kit. Report
I have the ball the bands and many other pieces of equipment including the pedometer. So I won't be buying. Nice though that it is being made available. Report
Why can't we just get the workout dvd? I already have the other stuff but would love to have the dvd to use. Report
I would love to buy this, but I too have a ball already. Is there an option to get everything except the ball? Report
Yes i would. I may do it this month. I saw it while visiting spark store. Thanks for the offer! Report
Great kit for folks starting out or looking for new options. I already have the gear. Report
That is a great price for this kit. I already have some of the stuff but would still love to buy this kit. Also love the stainless steel water bottle that is coming soon for sale. Report
Great kit! I would order it if I didn't already have a set of resistance bands or a stability ball. The only things I don't have are the pedometer and Coach Nicole's workout DVD. Those would be great to have! I love how SparkPeople offers the things we need to help motivate us and reach our goals- especially at such an affordable price!! THANKS! Report
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