Food Showdown: How to Dress Up Your Salad for Less

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Ranch dressing is one tasty topper that many dieters don't want to give up.  Unfortunately, the full-fat version can pack up to 120 calories and 12 grams of fat per a measley two-tablespoon serving! Luckily, you can still have your ranch and eat it, too, even while watching your weight: many dressing manufacturers toil over making lower-fat and lower-calorie versions of this creamy sauce that still pack plenty of flavor.

Both of these ranch dressing options are fat-free, but which one is lowest in calories: Hidden Valley Fat-Free Ranch or Kraft Fat-Free Ranch?

The Winner: Hidden Valley Fat-Free Ranch!

Consider Hidden Valley to be the ranch dressing authority. Their fat-free version contains less calories of its competitor, at 30 calories for one serving. Kraft's ranch dressing also makes a good choice compared to regular ranch, but loses this battle since it contains 50 calories. Flavor your salad for less by dipping each bite into dressing on the side, rather than pouring an entire serving (or two) on top of your salad. Other healthy dressing options include low-fat or fat-free vinaigrette, salsa (great for Mexican salads!) or a touch of olive oil and vinegar. You can also buy ranch seasoning packets and stir them into low-fat or fat-free Greek yogurt for a protein-packed veggie dip!

What's your favorite way to dress your veggies?