Contest Closed: Enter to Win Coach Nicole's Newest Workout DVD!

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Today is the big day: the official release of my new workout DVD, SparkPeople: Total Body Sculpting is the first to carry it
, and we have more online retailers and national chain stores who will be stocking the DVD within a matter of weeks, too. So stay tuned for more information on where to buy and some other great deals!
To celebrate the official release on, we are hosting a DVD giveaway for our members. That's right: Christmas is coming early for 10 lucky winners! Here's how to enter.
This contest was closed on Friday, Nov. 30, 2012.
Soon enough, I'll be sharing more details about the DVD, but today you can add it to your holiday wish list—and maybe even win it free.
As always, without your support over these last several years, making DVDs like this one wouldn't have been possible. So thank you for embracing me as your coach and allowing me to live my dream of sharing fitness with more people than I ever imagined!
Can I get a Woo-Hoo for the new DVD?! Tell me: What kind of workout DVD would you love to see next?

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Yoga and/or cardio! Report
How about workouts for the baby boomers who may have shortness of breath. I want to work out given these limitations. Report
great job coach Nicole ,I would love to see kickboxing and strength training . Report
I would love to see one with yoga Report
A dance DVD would be awesome..I do love the belly dance...Zumba would be fun (if it would even be possible). Report
Woo hoo! I'd love to see a low impact video. Report
Went to target today and they never heard of this new one, nor is it showing up in their inventory. Was very disappointed Report
Woo-hoo for the next DVD! I like that you included barre/ballet work in this one and I'd like to see some sort of Pilates fusion routine in the next one. Big fan of Tracey Mallett who does this. Workout times of 20 minutes are perfect for me. Thanks Nicole! Report
Woo-hoo! I'd like to see a cardio-kickboxing video for different fitness levels. Report
Woohoo! Thank you Coach Nicole for your awesome videos! I agree with many of the others that a Pilates or Yoga video! Report
WooHoo! I would like a power yoga DVD. I have a Firm Power Yoga and love it. But would like another one to have something different to do. only been on this site for a couple of weeks now. Really like it1 Report
Congrats Nicole, You are an awesome coach and deserve the praise. I look forward to winning the DVD..if all else fails...I might have to buy it:-) Report
WooHoo !!! Congrats Nicole !!!

A kickboxing one would be nice :) Report
Woo Hoo! I like the low-impact workouts! Report
I would love to see a video for those with limited range of motion, like recovering from surgeries that only allow light exercise, and for others that have health issues that restrict them. Report
Would love to see plyometrics combining aerobics and resistance bands! Report
WooHoo!! Would love to see a dance type video released. Report
Thank you Coach Nicole! Your dedication is making us succeed! Thank you! Report
I have used workout CD's and I find them more flexible to use since I don't have to be in front of a TV and I can download them to a MP3. They usually have good pictures in a pamphlet and give instructions with music on the CD. I have dance ones, strength training and even running CD's.I can workout on my deck outside or anywhere. Report
WooHoo! Congrats, Coach Nicole! I'd love to see a yoga or BOSU video. Report
WooHoo!!! Report
I would love to see a strength training w/resistance bands workout (I use Bodylastics bands-Love them) divided into Upper, Core and Lower w/a schedule and a yoga DVD. Also, if I could buy them on Amazon Instant Video and download them to take them with me when I travel that would be awesome :) Report
Woo Hoo! I also say that a yoga or pilates video would be good to have! Report
Woo Hoo ! Keep spreading the spark Nicole! Report
Yoga or Pilates would be great.. I love all your videos keep them coming. Thanks for all you do... Report
I really like working with the ABD Ball, I would love a dvd with exercise routines just with the ball Report
I'm doing Tony Horton's "Power 90" so that is all I need. Report
Whoo Hoo! Contgrats Nicole! Report
Wished Target had it online before January. Ordered it from KMart for $12.99. WooHoo. Thanks for this. Report
Whoo! Hoo! Sounds great! For your next one i would suggest a belly dancing sort of work out video or one completely using exercise bands Report
Good luck everyone! Report
Would be nice to see things to include your Canadian subscribers, like gift cards or free shipping on Spark Product or free product and we pay for shipping. Even a 30 day subscription to really isn't that difficult to to Report
WooHoo! I would like to see a Dance Video Also. Strength Training With Bands Would Be Greeat Too! Thank You! :) Report
WooHoo! I hope to win it. I bought the 28 Day Bootcamp and honestly did not like it. I didn't get it from Collage video either, so can't return it. I hope this is much like your videos here on SP which are easy for me to follow as a blind person. I would love for you to do a pilates video. So far, your pilates videoes on SP are the only ones that I can follow as a blind person. I like the idea of a dance video done in your style if that is not your thing and I don't think it is and as someone else said, a spinning or cycling video would be great too! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a pilates video from you done like you do them on SP! Explaining the moves so you dont have to see the video to do it. Looking forward to checking this new video out soon! If I don't win, I'll ask Santa for it! Report
Woo Hoo!! Report
Woo Hoo!

I would love to see her doing a circuit training DVD. I love these types of workouts, and I really like all of Coach Nicole's videos so it would be great to see her doing a circuit training DVD. Report
Woo Hoo! I would love to see a no-impact workout for people like me who can't get on the floor, kneel, or use knees in any way except for gentle walking because of my severe arthritis there. Report
Woo Hoo Report
WooHoo! I vote Chair fitness as well. Report
Hi coach Nicole, A dance video or easy yoga for bigginers. Report
I would like to see a workout for people with hip and knee replacements. Report
Woo Hoo I would like to see a work place work out for all of us stuck behind a desk! Report
WooHoo!!!! I would love to see a yoga video Coach Nicole. You already use a few yoga poses in your Boot Camp DVD. I love yoga and think this would be a great asset. Report
I have had both knees replaced. Maybe a video of those of us when we are starting out. There is nothing out there for that. Unless you watch some you tube video for chair exercises. Report
I like the idea of a dance video as well, but I'd also like to see something for very small spaces. I have about 4-5 sq feet to workout in. Report
Woo-hoo, Nicole! Keep the DVDs coming. I'd like to see a dance video because the only real exercising I do is just dancing around my bedroom. Pilates might be a good one too, even though I've never done it before. Report
Whoohoo! WTG Coach! I have mentioned it to you before, about a DVD for mobility challenged people-like chair exercise. Everything from ST to stretching. I see so many on You tube- I think it would be great! So many out there are morbidly obese and can't do stomping, active exercise, let alone run or even walk. I have bad knees and it is hard to do those lunges, kicks, hopping, jumping movements. Maybe even do some chair dancing!! I see that on youtube fave is the Latin or zumba! Thanks for all that you do on SP!! Good luck! Report
I would so love to win this video. It would help me in so many ways. I am very grateful to Coach Nicole for all her wonderful DVD's NS VIDEOS ON-LINE. Coach Nicole's videos have helped me go from walking with a walker to walking on my own.

Coach Nicole, know that you are making a difference in not only people's health but in their lives. Thank you for doing all you do. Report
WOO-HOO!! Report
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