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Get fit fast with help from Coach Nicole, SparkPeople’s fitness expert and America’s top personal trainer to watch. In this Total Body Sculpting DVD, she will lead you through three distinct fat-burning cardio and multi-joint strengthening workouts. Customize your workout program so you sizzle fat and chisel lean muscles on your time!

Coach Nicole’s newest DVD, Total Body Sculpting, combines three fun and effective interval workouts that boost your calorie burn and activate more muscles in less time! You’ll sizzle away fat and chisel lean muscle as you follow these three unique 20-minute workouts:
  • A ballet-inspired barre routine (using a chair and hand weights) featuring simple dance-inspired movements to help you sculpt a dancer’s body
  • An equipment-free fat blaster that combines body-weight resistance training with athletic cardio intervals
  •  A heart-pumping dumbbell workout that does double duty as full-body toning and cardio conditioning
Three trainers demonstrate beginner, intermediate, and advanced moves to guide you at your own pace.

An interactive workout calendar lets you customize your workout program to your schedule.
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“Total Body Sculpting has something for everyone and is perfect for the exerciser who gets bored easily. With a  little barre, some cardio body-weight training and strength training, it's a well-thought out workout DVD that gets results in a short amount of time. "


"Whether you are just starting out or have been working out for years, ‘Total Body Sculpting’ offers a nice variety of workout styles and options to help keep you safely challenged. And, of course, Coach Nicole is with you every step of the way to help keep you motivated."

– Jessica Smith,
fitness & wellness coach

"Wow! This DVD is really good… doable and challenging. The uncomplicated choreography is more effective and easier for my 50-year-old brain to focus on! Thank you again for the great workouts."

– Sherri,
SparkPeople member

"If you've got exercise ADHA, you’ll love the all-over-the-place Total Body Sculpting with Coach Nicole DVD from SELF favorite Nicole Nichols. Barre, cardio, toning—it's all in there for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels."

– SELF magazine

"I enjoyed the variety and that the moves required balance—which meant I worked my abs without having to do a single sit-up!"

– Ellen Collins,
All You magazine

"I absolutely love the new SparkPeople Total Body Sculpting DVD. The blend of workouts on this DVD is just perfect for me. I feel like Santa came early!"

– Sheryl,
SparkPeople member

Coach Nicole Nichols is a certified personal trainer and exercise instructor with a degree in health education. Nicole helps people of all skill levels make working out a fun part of their daily lives. More than 200,000 people have participated in her online boot camps to date, and she is one of the most watched exercise instructors on YouTube. In 2011, the American Council on Exercise named Coach Nicole America’s Top Personal Trainer to Watch. Follow Coach Nicole on Facebook and Twitter!