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Coach Nicole Spreads the Spark on FOX!

By , SparkPeople Blogger
We're all strapped for cash these days, but that doesn't mean we need to let our health go by the wayside. This morning, I appeared LIVE on local (Cincinnati) FOX 19 to explain how to workout at home without spending a lot of money. I mentioned SparkPeople's free fitness resources, our Fitness Starter Kit (available for less than $25 at, and even our 7-day Bootcamp workout plan! Plus, my co-worker Jenny was on hand to demonstrate a few exercises using a ball and a resistance band.

Want to see the 3-minute segment for yourself?

Please click here to see the video on the FOX 19 Website.

While I've been on the live local news a few times since I started working at SparkPeople, it never gets any easier! I get so nervous that I feel sick to my stomach each time I think about it. I have trouble sleeping the night before; and I have to wake up earlier than normal after a night of restless tossing and turning.

This morning, I took a few deep breaths to calm down. I visualized myself doing well, and I even repeated positive affirmations (in my head) before I went on. It may seem silly, but saying, "I'm confident. I'm capable. I know what I'm talking about. There's nothing to be nervous about," really helped me get through it. Despite being scared on the inside, I made it through my 3-minute segment just as I had visualized it happening.

Like many scary, risky, or difficult things we all encounter in our lives, the experience was also a great opportunityónot just professionally, but as a way to Spread the Spark to others who need it. I'm glad I did it.

What would your life be like if you never stretched yourself, or if you avoided every uncomfortable situation? When was the last time you did something scary-but-worthwhile (like visit the doctor, train for a race, or ask for a raise)?

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Awesome job! Report
It's been a long time, not because I don't try but because I've learned not to be scared. The last time I remember being nervous about something, did it anyway, and had a positive experience was while I was being married... but I wanted that so badly the fear of being the center of attention wasn't a big deal.

Before that, when I was scared and tried anyway I failed miserably and repeatedly. When thinking about those times I realized I 1) didn't actually fail, things just didn't worked out the way I wanted, and b) I was too nervous and it showed. Thus I learned the difference between rational fear (of, say, facing a hungry tiger) and irrational fear (asking a woman on a date or going on a job interview). After that things got much better. Report
see you CAN do it! Report
Way to go! Report
Great job! Report
It was fantastic! Congrats!!

Coach Nicole, you were great along with Jenny on this video. I sat here listening and grinning from ear to ear because you were so pleasant and cute on this video. I don't know how anyone could criticize you unless they are very jealous. You certainly are top-notch in anything you do. Report
Great job Jenny and Nicole! Even though I have some equipment to use here at home watching the clip kinda makes me wanna buy the starter kit. Keep up the great work and keep Spreading the Spark!! Report
You two were GREAT on the TV spot, Nicole & Jenny! I finally got a chance to watch the video. Thanks for continuing to "spread the Spark"! Report
Wow! You did a great job! What was the effect on sales of the starter kit, especially in the Cincinnatti area?

By the way, you might find this weird, but I kind of feel like I'm talking to a celebrity right now... =) I LOVE your videos, and I think you're super-cute! Report
Way to go! I passed the link on to my mom... maybe seeing the video she will join now... Report
Way to spread the spark coach! Yeahhh!!!! Report
Way to go Coach Nicole and Jen way to Spread the Spark!!!!

Peace Report
You guys did great. Nicole, you did not let your stagefright show. Report
Great segment - how totally inspiring! You're sure to get many new members - I bet the bootcamp team grows by leaps and bounds now. Report
I have always been really shy and recently with working out, losing weight and taking classes at my local gym it has given me more confidence to talk to the people in my class that I probably before would have never spoken to. I also just recently got a personal trainer, which I HATE lifting weights and doing any kind of structured excercising, but I knew to get me where I need to be I need a little push and as sore as I may be today I got through my first session and am kind of looking forward to the next.

Congratulations for conquering your fear Nicole! Report
Nicole! That was FABULOUS!!!!!! Report
Good going Nicole and Jenny we will add many more to our group thanks to you two Report
I love Coach Nicole! She did a great job! Report
Saw it, Loved it. So glad to say I knew Her before she became famous. :) Report
Great job, Nicole! You didn't look a bit nervous. Way to go! :) Report
Congrats Coach Nicole and Jenny for being on Fox. All of us need to help spread the word. Go SparkPeople!! Report
What an INCREDIBLE way to spread the spark! GO COACH NICOLE! Report
Great job, Coach Nicole.
That would have made me nervous too. Report
Great Job Nicole! You looked and sounded great ! Jenny too! Love the haircut - very sharp! Report
Nicole you looked beautiful.....and made me proud to be part of Spark People.

Kitt Report
good job!! Report
You did a GREAT job Coach!
What an awesome way to spread the spark, you were a knowledgeable, confident representative of Spark people. You need to come to various cities OR better yet - get a spot on one of the national morning shows! Or even Oprah!
Way to go!
Frances Report
You both were great! I wouldn't have been able to do it, that's for sure. I gt a lump in my throat just holding teleconferences. Getting through speech class was rough; getting my journalism degree really made me more confident - especially when facing your editor! Conducting the interviews were always fun, but having an editor that made "Mr. Grant" on the Mary Tyler Moore show look like Santa was very challenging! What have I done recently that was challenging but beneficial? Making my annual oncologist appointment. Report
Way to spread the Spark!!! Report
You looked beautiful and confident as always Nichole! Way to knock 'em dead! :) Report
Nice job! Hmm.. something scary, but worthwhile that I did..? Probably started training for a half marathon. I've trained before, but this time I'm running with a partner who's done full marathons.. so it's challenging. I just tell myself that I'm no different than she is, and we're both training at the same pace, and each day I push myself a little more so I can walk away knowing I gave it my all! Report
Great job Nicole and Jen. Way to spread the spark! Report
You know Nicole, I can understand that you would have been nervous about going on tv and all, but if you only knew how much we all enjoy your SP Fitness videos you would be a lot LESS scared!

You're great, you're a "natural" on camera. Your voice is pleasant, inviting, motivating, you look healthy & pretty, everything flows just right.

We love you Nicole and sure appreciate all the great information you share with us at SparkPeople.
Well you didnít look nervous to me. Seems like next time you could just pop in a copy of the segment and skip the whole visualization part of your prep routine completelyÖ

Personally I hate cameras when they are pointed at me, especially TV camerasÖ Iíve gone to great lengths to avoid those. You really have a skill thereÖ

As for the questions at had, maybe most people arenít touching on them because that would push them too much outside of their own comfort zone.

I know itís a tough one for me to answer. Iíve struggled all my life with a tendency to shy from notice and play things safe, and there is no doubt that itís hurt me over the years.

In school, I used to sit at the back of the class not so I could goof off, or sleep, but just so no one would notice me.

In some ways Iíve changed a lot over the years but those old familiar feelings can be quick to reassert themselves sometimes, especially when Iím blue or otherwise stressed.

What would my life be like if I never stretched myself or avoided every uncomfortable situation? I have no idea, because the truth is that I have let my life be incredibly limited because I couldnít or wouldnít push myself outside of my comfort zone. Of course itís also safe to say that during some parts of my life staying well within that comfort zone was probably rational, maybe even necessary. A person can only take so muchÖ

Since then Iíve learned to be more assertive and especially to not give in so often to all my social phobias. You learn to just start doing more, and practice builds skills and experience, which leads to better skills and more experience. Through years of living and working, and especially of helping my Grandmother deal with her health care, and some involvement in local politics and civic life, Iíve learned more about how to engage, and even confront people when necessaryÖ even when they are more powerful, more experienced, more credentialed or more educated.

What Iíve learned is that more often than notÖ my most powerful adversary is myself.
Nicole and Jenny, great job and wonderful role models for Spark People. You both look so calm and in control, you'd never think you were nervous. Report
You go girl!! You both were confident, professional and down-to-earth, for people who are not familiar with you or the website. That commentator was very nice and was really helping you plug the kit and the site!! Maybe HE will join!! The more, the merrier!!
You did great, as usual!! Nothing worthwhile is ever easy!! Report
Great job!

Last time I faced my fear? Yesterday when I went for a jog. It's hard to overcome the fear that someone driving past me is thinking "why does she think she can jog, cause she can't" I have to give myself major pep talks each and every time. I hope that one day it'll get easier! :) Report
WooooHooooo! Nicole :) You were great! One would never know you were nervous, lost sleep the night before, etc. unless you told us. Only point of suggestion for change would be to be free and be yourself as you were in more than 3/4 of the video. At the beginning, you spoke well and even smiled but, if a psychologist or body language experts were to analyze and take note: One of your arms was behind your back clutching your elbow ~ possibly nervousness, anxiety at the beginning until your own self took over naturally? Let me tell you, you were perrrrrrrrrfect!! I loved the way you spoke without a single error or seaching of words or stammering. Congratulations!! Way to go Nicole:) Great way to spread the spark.

Hugs! Report
I constantly and consistently push myself out of my comfort zone. My most recent push was to form a band and start singing in front of an audience. It is so much fun. I recommend everyone take themselves out of their comfort zone at least once. Report
Great , really movtivational!!! My WANT is to have all of Nicoles workouts available on a DVD . My computer screen in my office is small, and the area is hard to work out in! How about it Nicole? Report
I really appreciated that you mentioned your apprehension and nervousness but that you handled it. Getting over challenging experiences only makes us stronger.

You both did a great job. You looked fabulous and sounded great. Report
GREAT JOB!! Report
Good job! You didn't appear to be nervous. Report
You were nervous!?!?!?! I would NEVER have known! You both did really well and hopefully reached a few new folks! Report
You go girl. You looked fabulous. As far as that person who said you needed to change they are "just plain crazy", You didnot look nervous as a matter of fact you were totally professional. Report
Great interview! You did a terrific job of spreading the spark! Go you!! Report
Coach Nicole, you were absolutely wonderful on camera. You looked fabulous, and you did a great job explaining SparkPeople. There must have been people looking up before you even finished. That newscaster was great also; he mentioned several times to make sure everybody got it. Congratulations on a job well done! Report
You look and sounded great! Another great Spark spreading moment. Report
That was awesome, good job! Report
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