The Benefits of Going Blue: 9 Blueberry Recipes

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There's no more perfect time of year than right now to start cooking with blueberries. This Native American gem is flavorful and loaded with outstanding nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins. A recent study from a Harvard School of Public Health found that eating three or more servings per week can reduce a woman’s risk of heart attack by as much as 33%. Research is also finding that eating blueberries helps with mental wellness and can improve your memory too. Even when they're not in season, I keep them in my freezer and pop them into my hot cereal or right into the Vitamix blender for smoothies. The next time you are at the market, grab a basket of blueberries and enjoy how these recipes will help you become a healthier and happier you. 

Blueberry Flax Seed Muffins

These healthful muffins freeze well! Low-fat buttermilk and applesauce help lower the fat in these, and the whole-wheat flour and flax seed add fiber.

CALORIES: 138.8  |  FAT: 1.5g  |  PROTEIN: 3.6g  |  CARBS: 33.9g  |  FIBER: 2.6g

Garden Salad with Beets & Blueberries

Colorful and delicious, this salad is satisfying both in taste and appearance.

CALORIES: 210.8  |  FAT: 7g  |  PROTEIN: 22.3g  |  CARBS: 16g  |  FIBER: 4.4g

Breakfast Quinoa with Blueberries

Enjoy this gluten-free high-protein alternative to oatmeal.

CALORIES: 280.4  |  FAT: 3g  |  PROTEIN: 10.5g  |  CARBS: 51.1g  |  FIBER: 4g

Light Lemon Blueberry Donuts

At 300 calories a pop, donuts are an easy way to wreck a healthy breakfast. Not my baked ones. They're bursting with fruit and flavor--not fat!

CALORIES: 104.9  |  FAT: 1.9g  |  PROTEIN: 2.4g  |  CARBS: 21g  |  FIBER: 2.2g

Banana Blueberry Smoothies from Daisy Brand® 

A quick and easy snack filled with healthy goodness!

CALORIES: 191.8  |  FAT: 2.2g  |  PROTEIN: 12.6g  |  CARBS: 34.1g  |  FIBER: 2.4

Peach Blueberry Parfaits from Daisy Brand®

A healthy way to start the day.

CALORIES: 350  |  FAT: 6g  |  PROTEIN: 19g  |  CARBS: 60g  |  FIBER: 5

Curried Chicken Salad w/Blueberries & Pecans

A makeover to the traditional chicken salad recipes.

CALORIES: 172.7  |  FAT: 11g  |  PROTEIN: 13.9g  |  CARBS: 4.6g  |  FIBER: 1.2g

Blueberries and Cream Cupcakes 

CALORIES: 181.2  |  FAT: 13.4g  |  PROTEIN: 2.4g  |  CARBS: 10.2g  |  FIBER: 1.8g

Blueberry Bread Pudding

Makes for a great way to start or end the day. Enjoy this recipe for dessert or breakfast.

Coach Dean's Blue Oatmeal

Fuel your day with this hearty, healthy breakfast.

CALORIES: 214.2  |  FAT: 5.7g  |  PROTEIN: 6.9g  |  CARBS: 38.4g  |  FIBER: 7.5g

Are you a fan of blueberries? What is your favorite way to enjoy them?

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