Recipe Makeover: Garden Fresh Lasagna

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I love lasagna. Layers upon layer of pasta, meat, sauce and cheese—what's not to love? But in the summer and early fall when vegetables are at their peak, all that cheese seems overwhelming. Adding plenty of fresh vegetables (easily and perfectly sliced using OXO V-Blade Mandoline to your regular lasagna for a healthy, light summer supper.
For Garden Fresh Lasagna, I thinly sliced eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, onions and peppers and layered them with a creamy, protein-packed herbed tofu and just two layers of pasta noodles. A sprinkling of parmesan cheese offers an initial burst of flavor.
  • Use whole-wheat lasagna noodles for added fiber.
  • Omit any vegetables you don't like, and swap for what you've got in your fridge. Add spinach or any other green, additional fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, chopped and steamed broccoli or asparagus... the possibilities are endless.
  • Use lowfat ricotta cheese or cottage cheese instead of tofu.
  • Serve with grilled turkey Italian sausage and a green salad. (Vegetarian? Try Boca Italian Sausage.)
  • A mandoline (such as the V-Blade one by OXO) makes slicing vegetables lengthwise a breeze. If you don't have one, cutting vegetables into long, vertical slices can be difficult. Feel free to cut the vegetables horizontally (into discs).
  • Watching your carbs? Leave out the noodles entirely!

    So how does it stack up against your favorite Italian meal?

    Garden Fresh Lasagna
    212 calories 5.3 g fat 5 g fiber
    Traditional Lasagna
    330 calories 13 g fat

    Find the recipe here.

    Photos: taken by me, of the finished product, plus vegetables sliced using the mandoline!

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GEORGE815 6/17/2020
thanks Report
This looks good. I'll have to try it. Report
Looks good. Report
I'd seen this recipe in SparkRecipes before but never realize there was a backstory to it, in the form of this blog. I am just now reading this in 2017 and the web link above for the mandolin is no longer valid. Here's a random Amazon link (although the ones that pay SparkPeople, I guess they would need to update the link for that, or you can change your Smile designation to SparkPeople??)
RUTHMINUS30 - using eggplant is a wonderful way to cut out the noodles. There are a few great recipes for pastaless lasagna online. I had a dinner party where I had to figure out a main dish for vegetarians and ceiliacs and this did the trick. I had to cut mine into discs as it was way too hard to cut them lengthwise. Just remember to salt and 'sweat' them to get the bitter juices out before putting together your lasagna otherwise it will be terrible! Good luck :) Report
mmmm.... I think I need to get me a mandolin! Report
I love this idea! I've just purchased a food processor with a larger space for adding big sized veggies. I've been slicing big, fat turnips and will use those for my "noodles" as they are wonderfully sweet and stay firm rather than watery. Report
Sorry if this is a silly question... I've never eaten eggplant but I'd like to try to use it as the noodle replacement / layer seperator - as YUNKER mentioned... what is the best way to cut it for this? Thank you!!! Report
Can't wait to try . It looks great. Report
I actually used to make veggie lasagna pretty often. It's so easy!
When I was a strict vegetarian, I'd make it with spinach, broccoli, fresh sliced tomatoes, and sometimes some beans (it does change the overall flavor).
But it's great with ground turkey and/or turkey sausage and all those fresh veggies.
I usually omit the ricotta cheese.. once the veggies are cooked in, it is SO fresh and delicious and full of texture, you really don't need it.
I'm certainly going to make some more! Report
I think I will try this for sure! I will substitute cottage cheese for the tofu (thank you for suggesting this). I love adding more veggies to any dish that I cook. Report
Looks delicious! Report
This recipe sounds really good. Thanks. Report
I will try this one. Report
sounds good.. i'll try that.. you get your lasagna and have more of fresh veggies too.. Report
It sounds so good!!! I'll have to try it! Report
I love differnet kinds of vegetables. I will have to try this recipe out. Report
Sounds Yummy. I will have to fix it this weekend. Report
This gives me some good ideas. Thanks for the suggestion! Report
Sounds good. Report
Sounds pretty good. Report
will surely try it this weekend Report
Looks delicious! Report
Tofu HAS no taste, so it is not hard to eat. the texture is like Mozzerella, and it tends to absorb the flavors around it, so lasagna is a GREAT place to try tofu for the first time. You'll have a hard time finding it at all if you crumble it instead of dicing it and add some cheese to the recipe as well. Report
Sounds interesting... and like some of the reader's suggestions too!!! I'm sooooo hungry now!!! Report
I also have made a similar lasagna, but with rice pasta which is easier to digest and instead of cheese sometimes, I'll use a walnut, pecan and lentil sauce, making it thick enough that it almost tastes like cheese. Use lots of herbs and spices and veggies.
I haven't tried tofu for any recipes, because I am afraid that I may not like the taste! :)
Tina Report
We frequently have a variation of this where we use eggplant as the layer separators instead of noodles. We make a sauce that includes lots of veggie like zucchini, green beans, carrots, etc. and use low-fat ricotta. So the sauce, eggplant, and ricotta form the layers. We use romano cheese rather than parmesan because the flavor is much stronger and we like well seasoned/spiced foods. Report
Sounds good. The wife and I may have to try it some time. For those watching their carbs you can slice a couple of portobella mushrooms thinly like the veggies, then sautee them and they have a similar texture to noodles. Report
Awesome, Lasagna is one of my family favorites. Finding new and healthier ways to make it for them is fabulous too. Will be on my list to make really really soon. YUM YUM YUM Report
Wow! I never thought of using tofu in lasagna -- what a cool idea! I can't wait to try this!!! Report
I'm making lasagna next week for my daughter ... I'm gonna make 2 the old fashioned way ...and one with this recipe.....can't wait to taste it....thank you for the recipe Report
Sounds great, I'd use ricotta cheese instead, I hate tofu. Report
Using ricotta or cottage is an alternative for people who don't like tofu. I didn't want people to ignore the recipe if they didn't like tofu. Report
Why is this:
Use lowfat ricotta cheese or cottage cheese instead of tofu?

Is that because of taste, or is there a nutrition reason to use one vs. the other? Report
I can't wait to try this. I love all of the veggies from the garden. Thanks for the recipe. Report
Looks and sounds yummy! And being able to substitute veggies is a plus! I'll definitely try it. Thanks! Report
Looks Great! And I just love veggies and Lasagna too.
I'm definitely going to give this one a try. Thanks for sharing!
:o) Report
Have to give this a try :) Report
I love Garden Fresh Lasagna and with less calories you can't go wrong with this one. I also love the Spinach Lasagna I think that is my best one. We all need to eat more veggies.
Yum! I make something very similar with the herbed tofu, pureed spinach and sliced carrots. It' awesome. My sister thrown TVP in hers for a "meatier" veggie meal. Report