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12 Signs You're in a Relationship with Your Gym

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Does your significant other joke that you’d prefer two-a-day workouts to dinner for two? Would you rather go spinning than shopping? Does most of your socializing take place while sweating or stretching?
While most people have to talk themselves into exercising, you could be among the few who put fitness first (and middle, and last…) on their priority list. When you have committed to an exercise plan and start seeing real results, it can be difficult to strike a healthy workout/life balance. If any of these signs sound familiar, you might be in a committed relationship—with your gym.

1. You'd rather have "weight night" than "date night." It's not that you don't enjoy spending time with your sweetie—it's just that you prefer to sweat first.

2. The main numbers in your brain these days are the weights you last bench pressed or dead lifted. Sure, your anniversary and partner's birthday are important, too…but it's hard not to get excited when those lifting PRs are growing by the day.

3. When your kids draw pictures of their parents, your spouse is holding flowers and you're holding dumbbells. Look at it this way: You're setting a healthy example for your little ones.


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4. You'd rather listen to your favorite workout playlist than your wedding song. There's a time and a place for Marvin Gaye, and it's not on the treadmill. (Eminem, anyone?)

5. The words "ring" and "band" make you think of exercise equipment instead of jewelry. When it comes to gifts, your sweetie has learned that you'd much prefer fitness gear to flowers.


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6. You spent more on your last pair of athletic shoes than on your last gift for your significant other. Just think of how much more pleasant you are after a workout—isn't that a gift in itself?

7. You plan your social outings around your fitness schedule. Happy hour on Tuesday? Not when yoga class makes you even happier.

8. Your closet contains more exercise clothes than date night outfits. There's nothing wrong with wearing yoga pants to the movies, right?


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9. You know your gym's class schedule by heart. You'll get your partner's calendar down pat one of these days…

10. You sometimes invent extra "errands" to explain your late arrival at home. After all, what sane person stays at the gym for three hours?


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11. You can't make it through a 10 p.m. movie without nodding off, but have no problem waking up at 5 a.m. for the gym. Brad Pitt might be nice to look at, but he's got nothing on post-workout euphoria.


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12. On rest days, your significant other knows to tread lightly. Your patience wears thinner every hour you're away from the gym.