10 Gifts That Will Motivate Your Loved Ones to Lose

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We're big fan of losers. Dedicating yourself to weight loss day after day, week after week, month after month, can be quite intimidating if you're just getting started, though. Whether you're near the end of your weight-loss journey with your goal in sight or you're right in the middle, you know better than anyone that the first few weeks can be the most challenging. That's when you're figuring out what kind of workouts fit your lifestyle, which types of recipes you actually, really, really enjoy, mastering the balance of indulgence and control, and, ultimately, learning to accept a new normal once you shed all the bad habits that were holding you back.
This holiday season, why not inspire someone to take the leap and get healthy? The right gift—one that makes fitness fun and healthy eating seem achievable—could be just the encouraging push they need to make a lasting change. With New Year's Resolutions right around the corner, offering a loved one a gift that motivates and inspires them to take charge is a gift that speaks volumes.
For the Friend Who Proclaims "Diet Starts Monday" Every Tuesday
ChallengeBox, $79.99 for a Three-Month Membership

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If you have a family member who starts every new year with lofty goals and a journal full of inspirational quotes, only to fall off the wagon before the last Christmas decoration goes into storage, the ChallengeBox is a motivational masterpiece. After completing a fitness profile outlining goals, your well-intentioned loved one will start receiving a monthly box including personalized exercise gear, snacks and a fitness challenge so awesome they'll want to live in workout clothes between boxes.
For the Mom Who Just Signed Up for Her First Spin Studio
Adidas Squad III Duffel Bag in Skyler Shock, $45

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Your gift recipient will walk into the gym on January 1st with a little swagger in their step with this pretty bag casually tossed over their shoulder. Fashion meets function here, with a designated shoe tunnel and interior pockets for a phone and keys all hiding behind the attractive outer design.
For the Sister Who Hasn't Stepped Foot in a Grocery Store in Six Months
Anthropologie Grocery and Meal Planner, $16
Meal planning can be exhausting, to say the least. Putting forth the effort in finding a recipe that you won't get sick of after day three, doubling or tripling said recipe, purchasing everything on your list in one go along with the rest of the Sunday shoppers and finally getting around to cooking it is enough to have a girl throw in the towel. Anthropologie simplifies part of this process with a handy meal-planning calendar, where you can not only list out your seven-day recipe plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but also write out the ingredients you'll need on a clever perforated grocery list. Meal planning has never been so darn adorable.
For the Friend Who Keeps Stealing Discarded Tennis Balls from the Local Court
The Original Worm, $24-34

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Tennis and lacrosse balls are a miracle for rolling out sore muscles, but they can be painful on tender areas. Foam rollers are a dream, but don't exactly travel well. The Original Worm takes the best parts of a foam roller and the best parts of a lacrosse ball and merges them into one incredibly soothing reward for those tired muscles.
For Your Aunt Who Stressed for Weeks Trying to Find a Beautiful Yoga Mat
Contigo Purity Petal Water Bottle, $14.99

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This is a show-stopping water bottle that every trendy yogi will love to throw in their gym bag. Bring it to the Barre studio and you'll get several people asking where you found such a pretty and functional bottle. The leak-proof lid on this chic, BPA-free option is an added bonus for even the clumsiest yogis among us.
For the Friend Who Invited the Delivery Driver to Friendsgiving
Cooking Classes, Prices Vary

If you've got a friend who's on a first-name basis with the guy or gal who delivers from that Indian place down the street, offer them the gift of a cooking class to get them on track for 2017. Learning how to cook a few staple meals can play a huge role in weight loss, as the home cook has full control over both the ingredients used and portions served. Search local organizations or brands like Williams-Sonoma and Whole Foods to find a class you think a friend or family member might enjoy.
For Anyone Who Thinks Blisters and Running Go Hand-in-Hand
Balega Hidden Comfort Running Socks, Prices Vary

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Is it a sign of adulthood if you get excited when you unwrap a pair of socks? Then hand us a scotch and call us ma'am. Banish blisters from your friend's next workout with a few pairs of the comfy socks and you'll have your gift recipient wondering why they didn't upgrade sooner. Cushioning on the heel and a padded tab by the ankle ensure comfort from mile one to the finish line.
For Your Friend Who Is Terrified of Leg Day
"My Legs Are Hungover" Motivational Print, $4

Photo courtesy of Sincerely By Nicole

Finally! Someone has put into words what post-leg day feels like! If you love-to-hate squats, leg presses, lunges and calf raises, this print will at least leave you smiling through the pain. Somehow thinking about our legs going through a rough, margarita-filled night and suffering as a result just makes that sore feeling the tiniest bit more tolerable.
For the Uncle Who Has a Frequent Diner Card at the Burger Place by Work
Aladdin Classic Mason Salad Jar, $12.75

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Mason jar salads aren't going anywhere anytime soon and we're honestly relieved. This handy product takes Pinterest's favorite meal-planning hack and makes it even more appealing. Hidden inside the leak-proof lid is a little container for your homemade or store-bought dressing, ensuring that none of your lettuce gets oversaturated if it's sitting in the fridge for a few days. Bring on the not-at-all-sad chickpea-bell-pepper-cucumber-spinach desk salads.
For Your Brother Whose Gym Bag Might Be Growing Something
Mini Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags, $9.95

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Working hard at the gym is going to mean all kinds of stinky sweat—stinky shoes, sweaty headbands, stinky T-shirts, sweaty socks. To keep your bag from smelling like the elephant cages at the zoo, try popping one or two of these odor-eliminating sacks into your shoes or on top of your wet clothes after CrossFit. Not only will they absorb moisture and prevent mold or bacteria from growing, but the bags can be reused for two years. Truly, the gift that keeps on giving.
Which health and fitness gifts will you be sharing with your loved ones this year?

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