12 Sports Bras for All Shapes & Sizes Available on Amazon

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Although it doesn't get nearly as much fanfare as those cute yoga capris or that brightly patterned running tank, your sports bra is an essential part of your exercise ensemble. That single garment forms the foundation of your workout, impacting the way you move, feel and perform during a three-mile run, hot yoga class, strength training session or daily walk with your dog. Studies have shown that the type of bra worn has a direct impact on the way women run, and that most of us are wearing the wrong size bra for our body types.
Not all sports bras are created equal—for you. Whether your bust is perfectly petite or your cup runneth over, it's important to find the bra that's best suited to your size, shape and activity level. Don't have the time or patience to spend hours shopping for and trying on bras at the store? Amazon offers hundreds of sports bras in all sizes and styles, so you can order a few online and try them on in the comfort and privacy of home. To help you get a head start on the shopping,  we’ve narrowed down our favorite options for small, medium and large bust sizes.

Sports Bras for Small Busts

1. Moving Comfort Fineform A/B Bra ($49.95)

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This versatile sports bra lives up to its name, featuring a contoured unicup design for a flattering silhouette and flexible comfort. The adaptable straps, stretchy band and Spandex-enhanced fabric create a personalized fit.
2. Jockey Women's Melange Pop Push Up Seam-Free Sport Bra (starting at $14.87)

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Designed for medium-impact workouts, this polyester/nylon/Spandex-blend bra features removable push-up bra cups to enhance your shape.

3. Champion Women's Shaped T-Back Sport Bra (starting at $15.73)

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Available in sizes A through C, this racerback sports bra features seamless shaping cups that provide high support for A and B cups. The hundreds of rave reviews confirm its wide appeal.  
4. Moving Comfort Women's Fiona Bra ($41.90)

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Thousands of satisfied Amazon reviewers have discovered the comfort and support of the Fiona. The slim straps are adjustable and the padded band stays put, making this bra a great choice for women sizes A through C who need support for high-impact activities.

Sports Bras for Medium Busts

5. AKAMC Medium-Support Sports Bras (starting at $15.99)

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Made from a breathable blend of nylon and Spandex, this stretchy, lightweight bra provides ample support and coverage. It's a great choice for yoga, walking and biking. So comfortable, you'll want to wear it all day.

6. Victoria's Secret Incredible Strappy Back Sports Bra (starting at $39.99)

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The soft elastic band moves with you during exercise, and the concealed wire provides added support without sacrificing comfort. And can we talk about those super stylish back straps? Available in sizes B through DD.
7. Under Armour Women's Armour Bra Protégée (starting from $27.90)

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Forget about the daily struggle to get in and out of your sports bra—the Protégée's front-zipper closure makes it a breeze to get dressed for workouts. The molded cups enhance your shape while providing just the right level of support for medium-busted women.

8. The North Face Bounce-B-Gone Bra (starting at $30.05)

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Bye, bye, bounce! The smooth, compressive fabric provides just the right amount of stretch and support for everyday workouts, and the wide elastic band won't slide up as you sweat.

Sports Bras for Large Busts

9. Panache Underwire Sports Bra (starting at $32)

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Available in cup sizes DD and up, this underwire sports bra features ventilating mesh panels, adjustable convertible straps and a hook-and-eye back closure. Choose from a slew of stylish colors and patterns.

10. Moving Comfort Women's Plus Size Maia Bra (starting at $39.99)

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This underwire sports bra provides maximum control, full coverage and wider, gel-padded straps that won't dig into your skin. The stretchy microfiber fabric combines comfort and breathability.

11. Glamorise Women's No-Bounce Full-Support Sport Bra (starting at $21.87)

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You won't have to worry about cleavage playing peek-a-boo with this full-coverage, maximum-support bra. It's equipped with adjustable shoulder straps, a mesh front panel and hook-and-eye back closure.
12. Playtex Women's Play Outgoer Underwire Lightly Lined Sports Bra (starting at $18.05)

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The Playtex True Support System offers full cups, wide straps and taller sides, with a secure hook-and-eye closure, making sure everything stays exactly where you want it.
What's your favorite sports bra? Would you like to try any of these on for size?

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ENELL! It's pricey but worth the investment for full figured women that need super support. Report
QUEENFROG 9/6/2020
I like the ones with that open in the front as well. I have limited shoulder mobility and I've actually had to cut myself out of the pull-on varieties. Stepping into them may help but, if you have large hips...doesn't work so well. Report
CKEYES1 7/25/2020
I like the front opening one Report
RACHAEL2020 7/19/2020
I like the sports bras where the padding in a sports bras does not gets tangled and you have to re-adjust, or the ones that are hard to put on. Report
KATHYJO56 6/28/2020
Some of these are pretty good, while others aren't Report
CECELW 5/14/2020
lots of choices for sports bras Report
RYCGIRL 5/8/2020
thx Report
NENEBFIT 3/9/2020
Thanks for giving some choices. Never found one that worked. Read thru the comments and got even more good ideas. I can do more research based on the helpful info. Report
MUSICNUT 2/16/2020
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
Any time I purchase a sports bra I end up taking it back. While I am large around the rib cage I am NOT that big in the cup size. If I find one that fits around my rib cage comfortably I could fit myself and a couple friends in the cups! Not everyone that is of medium cup size is small around the ribs. Report
Thank You...……... Report
I like the one that is breathable made from nylon and spandex. Report
Why is it that manufacturers assume if you are over a D cup your band with is 40 and above? Report
How much is spark making advertising Amazon? Report
Honestly believe there's a bra made that would hold these babies down. LOL Report
I'm going to save this article. I had the Panache once but I don't recall whether I liked it or not. I want to try one of these bras and then if I don't like it I can try one of the others. Report
I'm going to save this article. I had the Panache once but I don't recall whether I liked it or not. I want to try one of these bras and then if I don't like it I can try one of the others. Report
I won an expensive sports bra once, and I never win anything. I am still wearing it today. Report
I've tried many of these brands and none of them work for me. The straps aren't wide enough and pull down on my shoulders or the cups are lined and too big or get too warm. I'm still searching. I heard Lululemon had some good ones but they are always sold out of my size. Report
Buy mine at Walmart and they are allot cheaper than those and don't have to worry about them not fitting Report
Very difficult to find sports bras with straps that are long enough. That extra pressure on the shoulders is quite painful. Report
I wore Champion sports bras for many years, but now I cant find any that are 100% cotton any more. Not much available from other manufacturers either. I am having a hard time finding nearly as much in the way of 100 % cotton T-shirts and socks too. This isn't a problem for most people, but if you are in the group that reacts to synthetic fibers it is a big problem. Report
Thanks Report
I am going to have to say that my all time favorite sports bras have to be champion sports bra due to their high impact resistance I recommend these if you are looking for strong support www.herroom.com/champion,bras,sport

Sports Bras are pricey for big women, but THEY ARE WORTH IT. Anyone who doesn't want to spend the money for a good sports bra hasn't ever had one. I settled on a Glamorise (you need to go up a cup size, I wear DDD/F in daily wear, but a G in Glamorise sports bras) that hooks in front; it is such a relief not to have to worry about my huge melons knocking an eye out when I'm working hard! LOL I may try the no-bounce model listed, because it looks like it could be worn without a top over it when I'm working in the gym (if I get up the nerve! LOL). My current model is not one I'd be comfortable wearing without a tank or something over it. Get two if you can afford it - that way one can be in laundry or hanging to dry while the other one is in use. Report
Thanks for the info Report
Glamorise is the best for really full-figured women. I am a 42DD, but ordered a 44DDD aftr buying so many & returning them-so much S&H wasted! Report
Maybe I'm cheap but i can't see spending $4) on a sports bra. Its very difficult to find a bra in my size that fits comfortably, and finding a supportive spirts bra for 34DDD is nearly impossible. Some of these are really cute & i might try but i cant get past paying so much for something im going yo sweat in. Report
I wore the lg all cotton champion sports bra for years, but now I can no longer find any all cotton models of any brand locally. This is a problem because I react to synthetic fibers - along with a number of relatives. Is there still a way to find or order the heavy all cotton sports bras? Report
$30, $40, or even $50 for a BRA??! No thanks! I just bought two basic spandex/lycra "maximum support" racer-back sports bras from Wal-Mart. No fancy features or high-tech materials; $7 apiece. I noticed that they were available in a pretty wide range of sizes too. Report
Never ever found any decent bras that are comfortable to fit 38DDD bust. Report
Great article! I do not like underwire sports bras! Report
I have the Maia by Moving Comfort.(#10) I am a 38DD and I really love the way it fits. I wear mine everyday, even when I am not exercising, it is that comfortable. The best part was when I ordered on line, I was able to try it on and actually see how it fit into my lifestyle. Brooks Running has a 30 day free return policy, even if you have worn it. It goes on like a traditional bra (no struggling to pull a racer-back on and off) and it has a dual layer; molded cups to keep the girls in place and a a cove that come up like the traditional pull on sports bra, so no excessive cleavage. Report
I just wish they had closures that were realistic and comfortable. To be honest its like working out again trying to wrestle out of a sweaty sports bra without closures! Report
The best sports bra I have ever tried costs a bunch ($65) but I have yet to find anything that compares! Enell.com. It was recommended by Oprah years ago (2003) and I've been faithful ever since. I'm a DD-DDD and I have been able to work with these for all these years. Bonus: they are so well-made (the standard is anyway, the "lite" variety is a joke) they last for years, literally (I have a 4 yo pair that I still wear everyday). Highly recommended! Report
can we be serious for a minute here? all the bras for big busted women have underwire and/or hook closures. they sound like bras. not sports bras, bras. if i wanted to work out with underwire or hooks, i'd wear my everyday bra. i want a bra that's comfortable. i don't know how anybody can be comfortable with underwire and hooks! Report
I have one good sports bra (if I could think of name, I'd share...sorry!) and I treasure it! It makes me feel like superwoman and running would not be possible without it! But I've had my share of disappointing sports bras. I'm DD and finding good support is difficult. I love Victoria's Secret for regular bras...been wanting to try one of their sports bras...just a little pricey for me at the moment. Report
Just discover the Buband (https://buband.com) - keeps the girls from bouncing - totally different approach - for all sizes and easy to order online. Report
I wish I could trust these recommendations but it's hard to think they are unbiased when they are all affiliate links and someone is making money off of these recommendations. Report
I am larger busted too (36/38DD) so.finding a bra that supports is a challenge.. I work part time for the Y teaching 4 nights a week...3 nights are higher impact. Champion had a bra with separate cups with a racer back with hook closure that worked for me. The design was made by a man (because you had to hook it first then manipulate it over your head and breasts) but I had minimal bounce. Title 9 sells great bras---pricey but worth the expense. I too wish the demos showed curvier women or women with DD's and wear a size large shirt. Report
I'm just going to sigh. I just double up on wearing sports bras. In an ideal world I can afford both my everyday bras and sports bras... At my size it grows harder to find because not only am I large busted but I have a back to match and seeing neither size nor shape represented make me disinclined to shop properly Report
Can we just put an end to any and ALL things *underwired* - PLEASE? Yikes! :( Report
I was lol at the Laughing Tank (?!) as it sounds like me pounding the pavement!!!! Anyway, I find atm, sports bras are pretty good for all day wear. Report
I'm with many of the others: smaller breasts, xxxl (and dropping!) in most other areas! Annoyed by skinny models and too few choices. Report
I agree with most of the commits on how they are showing the bras. I would like one that is for women that do have small breast but not small around the other parts. It is so hard to find bras that fit for my size. Report
I don't buy underwires - ONCE was too many - chafing, rubbed raw in 45 minutes. Report
Just ONCE, I would love to read an article about sports bras, that actually showed a full figured woman wearing one!! We cant get an idea of how they will even fit or look on us when we see only smaller busted physically fit women modeling them. The Enell was always my go to sports bra. However lately I find the quality to be inferior. They dont hold out as long as they once did and I feel they arent made as well as the very early ones I bought. It is very difficult to find an everyday bra let alone a good sport bra for us gals with very large busts. Out of these bras listed in this article, there might be two I could wear if I really just didnt mind less support. Report
For the big busted girls, someone also mentioned Enell, which is fantastic for no bounce but also has major uniboob going on. But I have recently discovered I LOVE the Soma Sport Max Support bra. It's a work of art! Report
Very interesting, I just went out today to buy a few sports bra's. Report
Great article
www.healthyquake.com.com Report