Build Your Perfect Workout Wardrobe on Any Budget

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Just as it's important to mix up your workouts, it's also good to freshen up your workout wardrobe every so often. Invest in the right staples and you'll be able to mix and match items that are equally appropriate for yoga or spin class." Plus, with three different price point options, you can choose to splurge on socks and save on shorts, or swap in a colorful, budget-friendly T-shirt to go along with your favorite-but-worth-every-penny black leggings. Now the only thing you'll have to worry about is proper plank form. 


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C9byChampion ($14.99),  Adidas ($19.99), Lucy ($45),

A staple of just about every workout, the t-shirt sure has come a long way from the cotton Garfield screen print of your youth. Most athletic shirts worth their weight are made of wicking material, which means they'll keep you cool when your body temperature rises.

Tank Tops 

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Tough Cookie Clothing ($15.50), Kohl's ($34), Alo ($46)

Whether you have two tickets for the gun show, loathe chafing or want to workout in comfort, there sure are no shortage of workout tanks on the market, and in a range of prices sure to fit any budget.


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90 Degree by Reflex
 ($18.99), Kohl's ($29.99) Athleta ($79)

Leggings win the gold medal for workout wardrobe staples. Short or tall, big or small, shiny, matte, stretchy, slouchy, bootcut or mesh, leggings come in nearly every color combination, print and price point imaginable.


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Old Navy ($16.50) MotoRun ($29.99), Victoria's Secret ($59.50)

Most workout jackets are lightweight, easy to take off and on for layering and great for going from gym to grocery. Half zip, full zip or pullover, owning a jacket you love can mean the difference between a meh workout and a great one.
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Kenz Laurenz ($9.98), itFit ($15), Nike ($20)

Nearly everyone can use help keeping stray hair out of their eyes and in place during a serious sweat sesh, and these three options get the job done. From basic to bold, slip one of these colorful bands on and head out the door—your hair will thank you. 

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G7 Explorer ($9.99), Under Armour ($24.99), Lululemon ($58)

Featuring sweat-wicking technology or the ability to keep you safe on nighttime runs with reflection protection, hats are a great way to keep your head warm, your hair back and the sweat away from your body so you can stay dry and cool, no matter your activity.
Long-Sleeved Shirts

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Xersion ($9.99) , Matymats ($21.95), Lululemon ($88)

A long-sleeved workout tee is great for wearing alone when the temperature is just a tiny bit cooler during the change of seasons or as a layering piece for colder-but-not-quite-yet-winter days. Some even extend beyond the wrist for keeping your hands warm as well as  your arms.

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Old Navy ($4.97), Champion ($10.69), Reebok ($30)

No matter the weather outside, put on your favorite workout shorts and soon you'll be thinking of warm summer days where the only sounds you hear are the birds chirping, children laughing at the pool and the "whoosh, whoosh" of your shorts as your legs pass furiously by each other.


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Asics ($9.77), Balega ($12), Feetures! ($16)

Ask anyone who's gotten blisters from running in ill-fitting cotton socks and they'll tell you that what you put on under your shoes are just as important as the shoes themselves. For runners, walkers, stair climbers and everyone in between, these high-performing socks come in the price range just for you.

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Balanced Tech ($13.99), Lululemon ($18), Patagonia ($24)

Let's face it, no one likes to Zumba (or do anything really) with a wedgie. And if you think you have to Spin in a thong to avoid granny panty lines, think again. Today's no-show, sweat-wicking undies are a modern miracle for this common workout woe. Can we just get an "amen"?

Sports Bras

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Old Navy ($15), Glamorise ($25.89), Under Armour ($39.99)

We saved the best for last—no workout is complete without the super support of a good sports bra. Not too tight, not too loose, sometimes you can feel like Goldilocks looking for one that has just the right fit. One of these should do the trick.

Do you have any high-performing workout staples that you love? Share them in the comments!

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My workouts are yard work or walk at the track- my workout clothes will always be jeans and a t-shirt- Report
Is my favorite for there prints and very soft fabric Report
Why is it, that whenever you get above a 34B, all sports bras only come with t-backs or racing backs. Not all of us like one thing down the center of the back. Report
I love the spf30 wicking shirts. They are a staple in my summer wardrobe! Report
You can get awesome workout clothes for less at--Walmart! And gently used or even with the tags still on at Ebay. Report
This article is the reason I was so frustrated and got so discouraged. I thought weight loss was for people whom were obese as well. I am almost 300 lb (like many other people on this site) and had a very difficult time finding spandex or workout pants my size. What boggles my mind is that these fitness clothes are only for smaller to average sized women. I just didn't expect to see it on site specifically geared for fitness and health with a majority of the groups comprising of men and women well over a size 1x and 2x. Report
Thanks for the tips on where to get these at the best prices! I've found a workout towel at BB & B that hangs great around your neck, can be used to wipe off equipment, has two zipper compartments to hold things like locker keys, mp3 player with ear buds, etc. Made of terrycloth, it washes beautifully!! Report
Anything for guys this year? Report
Like the clothes Report
Workout clothing is no longer considered a splurge. It has become something I research and shop around for as I wear it five days a week to sweat! Really nice pieces are available at reasonable prices. I too shop Costco, I have also found awesome bargains at Marshals and TJ Maxx. My favorite high impact sports bra is from Old pays to shop around and invest in quality gear. Report
Some of my workout staples include the following: Athleta (Relay tights, Straight Up pant) and bargains from Costco (pants, jackets, tops). I especially appreciate the fact that Athleta has some items available for those of us that are tall. Report
Time to get out there and shop! Report