10 Full Body Gym Exercises for the Beginner

By , SparkPeople Blogger

Last week's fitness blog featured strength training exercises a beginner could do at home. This week's blog features those exercises that allow you to do a full-body workout routine in the gym.

If you feel you do not have time to incorporate all the various exercises into your busy schedule, according to the American Council on Exercise, "significant fitness and strength gains can be made in just two strength training sessions per week when you target all muscle groups."

Below are ten strength training exercises to do at the gym.

Please be sure to do a nice warm-up and cool-down before and after doing these exercises.

Note that if you have a history of joint problems or health issues you will want to get medical clearance before performing any of these activities.


Seated Machine Bench Press


Alternating Seated Cable Row


Shoulder Press


Arm Curl Machine


Seated Tricep Extension

Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Glutes

Leg Press Machine


Lying Leg Curls


High-cable leg reverse extension


Seated Calf Raises


Abdominal Crunch Machine

Do you find these fitness workouts helpful? What workouts would you like to see?