CONTEST CLOSED: Better-for-You Chips for Your July 4 BBQ

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Fourth of July is fast approaching, and that means fireworks, sparklers--and cookouts! And what's a backyard barbecue without a few tasty sides?
In honor of our nation's birthday and in the spirit of eating more healthful foods, the folks at popchips reached out to us.

We tried their popped (not baked or fried, but popped!) chips last year and liked them. They wanted to make your backyard BBQ even more festive with a fun giveaway.

They're going to give 2 lucky readers a variety of the single-serving bags of these chips. This giveaway is worth more than $50--you'll get 48 bags to share at your party. (No need to worry about raiding the chip bowl too many times if you stick with just one bag per person!)

They're portion-controlled, 100 calories a pack and available in plenty of flavors.

More about popchips:
"the never fried (unhealthy), never baked (undelicious), popped potato chips are available to satisfy your cravings in a variety of delicious taste-bud popping flavors, including barbeque, salt & pepper, sea salt & vinegar and the newest ‘popstars,’ sour cream & onion and cheddar. Because these chips are popped, you actually get up to 30 percent more chips per serving and they have less than half the fat of fried chips, making them the ideal better-for-you snack this 4th of July. And with only 100 calories and 3 g of fat, popchips single serve offers a craving crushing 15+ chips per serving!"

The chips, which are available nationwide, are $1.29 for Single Serve bag and $2.99 for 3 ounce bag. (Find a store here.)

Because no chips are complete without dip, check out these 9 Slimmed-Down Dips. While you're at it, read about the Best and Worst Cookout Foods!

To enter the contest, simply comment below between now and next Friday, June 26, at 6 a.m. and tell us how you avoid overeating at parties! Or, if (like me) parties are a weakness for you, tell us what one of your goals is when you go to a party! As always, the rules apply. It's a short contest, so enter soon!

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I am a chip junkie and I have to force myself to eat "finger" veggies. Would be nice to try something that would knock back on the guilt after a party. Report
When I attend a party, I usually load up the veggies first and then the meat. I alway bring my water with me. Report
love to try Report
I'd like to try these chips, but I can't seem to find them where I live. Report
I have to try these to see if they're as good as they sound Report
I have got to try these! Report
Pick me... Pick me. ; ) Report
the BBQ pop chips are my FAVORITE! they are so good & have tons of flavor, they taste like regular potato chips.

when i attend a party i grab a little bit of something that they have to eat. if i still crave a certain food i try to distract myself by enjoying the company of others & drinking lots of water. Report
I like to try I just grab a small bite of everything and don't go back for seconds. :) Report
I drink plenty of water, eat my fruits and veggies and eat a little something b4 i go out to a party or restaurant. i carry ice water with me every where i go. Report
I always have a large water in my hand!!! AND i just stay away from the chips! I used to eat lots of chips and everything else. Now I just don't hit the snacks - and especially the chips... and I always take a fruit or veggie tray now. Report
not having any beer or wine before or at the bbq like the old days Report
i ALWAYS eat something healthy before i go, like a HUGE salad Report
Whenever I go to a party or a bbq, I try to eat any fruit or vegetables (but without the dip!) first or anything healthy they might have first. Then I'll take a small dessert plate and allow myself to have a small spoonfull of anything else, I usually don't go over 4 or 5 spoonfulls. That way I still eat healthy and allow myself a treat, I don't feel deprived or guilty! Report
I usually eat b4 I leave home - fill up on what I have entered into my daily menu, then I'm not so hungry and tempted when I get to the party - so I can refrain on pigging out or even picking at things! Report
If something looks really good I have a small spoon of it or a thin slice. Just enough to get the flavor. I also use the smallest plate possible. Report
I try to allow myself a 'taste' of whatever looks good but i keep it at that! no filling my plate ten times! Report
Any event is a major obstacle for me, but it's all about priority - if I want pizza, no chips! I try to avoid pitfalls by filling up on veggies, fruit, protein and whole grains, or by bringing my own dish 'to share' and eating mostly that. Report
I usually will make something that I know I can have and not feel guilty about. Then if it is a cookout, I will bring my own Bocca burger, chicken, veggie hotdog or portabella to grill next to what is being served. And of course, try to stay AWAY from the food table so there is no grazing. Report
In the summertime I will fill my plate up with a garden salad and corn on the cob . and try to go for frilled chicken without bbq sauce. Then if put chips or cookies on the plate there's only room for a few. I also avoid beer. Report
I try to bring something to contribute that is a nutritious choice for all of us. Thankfully most of the people I hang out with are also committed to good nutrition so there are plenty of healthful choices around. I also remind myself that I can get MOST things any time I want them, so there's no reason to eat too much during one event. If there is something that is a rare treat, however, there is nothing wrong with enjoying that occasional treat. Report
I like chips. Report
I have never heard of these, they sound interesting, and plan to look further into them. Report
Parties, BBQ's, and campfires are a weakness for me. I usually try to limit myself to one burger or hot dog and some salad, and then allow myself to have one or two desserts. If a bag of chips come out, I usually will start eating them, and then feel gross. My plan for next time is to stay FAR AWAY from the potato chips! Maybe Pop Chips will help? Report
I like to eat BEFORE I go to a party and try to avoid the snack table. Report
I eat a small snack (such as a banana, apple or half a granola bar) before parties to take the edge off hunger and make indulgences less tempting. I also make sure I always have a glass of water in my hand - this keeps me full, makes sure I won't be offered high-calorie alcoholic beverages and also helps me reach my 8 glasses a day! Of course, I sometimes indulge in a treat or two but I always try to make sure it fits in with my plan for the day. Report
I usually eat healthy food before I go so I won't be tempted or I offer to bring a dish and make it something that is healthy and tasty! Report
I "save" calories earlier in the day, take a veggie tray and carry water in my big purse! I never buy chips unless the grandsons are coming and I buy a bag of each of their favorites. They take the bags home with them if there are any left. Report
To avoid over eating at parties I like to allow myself a small portion of the foods that are my weaknesses thus preventing overeating and preventing me from feeling deprived. Report
I eat something before hand to suppress my appetite. I also bring a light snack and 2 bottles of water (especially if there isn't a clean water source near by). I also make sure there is a salad or some other type of veggie platter to munch on. Report
I try to eat a healthy meal before getting there (but that hardly works). Once at the party I try and remove the opportunity by staying away from the food tables as much as possible. Report
I try to eat a little before I go to the party, and also to bring a vegetable dish if it's a potluck. Report
I do not go to parties that much. When I do, I don't go for the soda, I go for tea or water. I will get some fruit and some meat without bread. I put small portions on my plate and I avoid the dessert. This brand of chips sounds interesting and that it will taste great, a product I would love to try. Report
Parties are a weakness for me, but I try to eat before I go and if I do snack while I'm there I try to focus on the veggies or limit my consumption to one handful food and then go for an extra walk the next day. These popped chips sound yummy, I'd like to give them a try! Report
I eat before I go to parties otherwise I will definitely overeat! Report
I don't go to many parties but I try to not go hungry and then focus on other things than the food - talking to people or whatever. I make it a point to make only one trip to the food. Report
One of my strategies to avoid over-eating is to have a small meal before attending the party. I'm less likely to graze a buffet if I'm partially full. Report
The best way I can avoid over eating at parties is to stay away from the snack table. Sometimes I have someone else fix me a plate with a few things on it because they tend to not load it as high as I do, or as they do for themselves. I think when we fix a plate for someone else we do it in moderation. Report
I've tried a sample before in Berkeley and thought they were wonderful and light in flavor. Would love to have a bag! :) Report
These chips sound interesting. A bit pricy - most chips are and that makes them an easy 'no' when you also figure the calories! But I WOULD like to try these! Report
Sounds like a good alternative. I always want more. Report
This looks like a really good product Report
I don't go to many parties, but when I do here's how I play it. I go for 1 idem in each food group,so 1 protein serving, 1 grain carb item and 1 fruit/veggie item. It's a party, so I allow myself 1 small "sweet" that looks appealing, and if I'm still yearning for more I go for veggies. Fortunately for me, I love broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery and mushrooms raw. I'm not too partial to dips, actually. Water is always an easy choice too. My problem would be if there were a lot of chip type offerings, and no veggies....time to go home! Report
One of my main goals when going to any kind of party, but especially a BBQ, is to ensure that I take steps so I don't feel deprived. When I feel deprived is when I tend to go overboard, so if I want a scoop of that potatoe salad I will go for it, but I'll make it one scoop from a regular spoon. I'll have a piece of that cake, but I'll take a sliver of a slice and I try to make sure it's only one or two "unhealthy" foods. I still get to eat what I love, but I don't overdo it! Report
I try to eat more veggies and fruit than chips and dips, but it is really difficult for me. Especially if I don't know lots of people to talk to. Report
Many excellent ideas discussed here.
I also try to eat a little something healthy beforehand.
I have never seen Popchips and would really like to try them. Report
I eat a light snack before going to a party (an apple, banana) and drink water. I mingle first before going for the food. Report
parties are usually a weakness for me... I like to splurge when celebrating something! Report
Parties? Parties!?!? Who goes to parties? Just kidding but we really do not party much. But these sound good to try just for a snack soemtime. Report
I never go to a party starving, drink plenty of water (even if I have to bring my own), and remember that a little slice tastes just as good as a big slice!!! Report
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