What Do You Do with All That Halloween Candy?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
The kids (and you) have had about three days to overdose on the trick-or-treat candy.

Short of just pitching the surplus, what do you do with the sweets?

Sure, you don't want the kids' teeth to rot, but there's also your waistline to consider!

How do you resist the candy? Do you take the treats to the office? Swap money for candy? Stash it away?

Share your tips in the comments below. And, while you're at it, what's the one candy you just can't resist. Though I'm usually a dark chocolate lover, I love Kit Kats.

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No Halloween candy here, out in the country we never get trick or treaters Report
My husband took it all to work and left it in the breakroom. He said by lunch it was all gone! My kids never missed it, and we didn't either! Report
I bring it to work and I use the chocolate bits to make baking and bring that to the office as well! Report

For Halloween, I only buy candy I don't like - reduces the temptation!
All left over candy goes to my son in law who takes it to the shop & leaves it in the breakroom for the guys. Report
Taking it to the office is a good thing if you don't end up eating it there! Actually we had a coffee and donut social at my church Sunday so I took some of it there for kids (no one complained)! Report
We had the flu this year at our house and never bought candy. In the past i just give it away to the kids and when I run out it is gone. I think in the future I will just hand out nickels or dimes. No temptation for me with leftovers and the kids always like cash. My favorite temptation is licorice ( black ) and Peppermint Patties. Report
Don't you all remember when you were trick or treating? I HATED the houses that gave us "Healthy " stuff: apples, oranges, school supplies, or pennies. We would flock to the houses that had Mounds bars or Reeses cups. And the lady who made Caramel or Candy apples was always a favorite. Halloween is not a time to instill healthy eating rules on children. The day after, let YOUR children pick out 14 favorites, two for each day- it will last them a week. The rest can be sent to the soldiers or the local food bank. As for your purchases, my dad buys 6 bags of candy and only opens a bag when the previous bag is gone. Then on November 1st he returns all unopened bags. The stores don't mind, they just return it to the manufacturer. Remember to save your receipts! Report
I held my annual halloween party and mom still sent too much candy but a couple friends weren't able to make it and mom even sent them their fav candy; therefore, I made gift packs to take around to them which is great to get it out of the house AND visit with my friends:) Report
We bought $1 gifts from Michael's Craft Store. 1/2 for boys and 1/2 for the girls. Leftovers we use for stocking stuffers for grandbabies in December! Report
We have a local dentist in our town that buys it from kids for a set price per pound...alot of kids take him up on it every year. He advertises in our local paper and I'm sure he probably meets alot of new "little patients!" Report
I am going to take it to work...or throw it out...not sure which Report
I chose to buy halloween snack bags of pretzels this year. If I get any trick or treaters I am giving those out. Though in 10 years I haven't had any because I live so far out in the country. Report
What can I say I am a sucker for the sugar :-(. This year I am doing something different I will not be giving out candy so it will not be in the house. I am aiming for some other type of goodies like stickers, pencils, and etc. I don't have any children of my own so I don't have to worry about them bring it in the house...but co-workers at work are a different story because they have already been bring it into work. I have not given into temptation yet and hope that I can make it through next week. Wish me Luck!!! Report
The last group of kids to come before we turn out the lights, gets it all! Report
I know this is bad... but I take my leftover holiday candy to work and leave it in the break room. It gets out of my house and is not a threat to my hips! But my co-workers don't need it anymore than I do... Report
Believe it or not...candy is not a threat for me...I can binge on any food but I usually can leave candy alone. I have five children in my household; so holiday treats are always in the kitchen. Report
My daughters enjoy the trick or treating festivities but really don't eat the candy. They often give a lot of it to their class mates or the neighborhood friends. I would rather that we set a healthier standard so that the kids enjoy dressing up for halloween but they don't get heavy quantities of processed sugar when they knock on the neighbors' doors. Report
I share it with my family. Report
Halloween candy all stayed at the store......I used school supplies this last year. And in the past I would hand out indiv wrapped fruit roll ups (something I found at the food co-op, in bulk) Report
We send a lot of it overseas to the troops. Usually we get up a big collection from the neighborhood and send over big boxes of leftover or unwanted candy. Report
Only buy what you don't like! Report
freeze it! lol! Report
My husband and I were not home for Halloween so we didnt have to buy any this year, but he did get some for home and wasnt eating it so i brought it to work for my co-workers to eat instead of me. :) Report
I bought the little Teddy Grahams & Ritz Bits Halloween packs. The leftovers were perfect for snacks for my son on the go! Report
We don't really celebrate Halloween in New Zealand, so I guess we're lucky, we just have to worry about easter, and Christmas, and New Years, etc.....lol Report
This year I ate them one right after the other. If I don't put the first one in my mouth I am OK but the first chocolate bar and I am a goner. Next year I'm not buying anything. I bought the 120 pack at Costco we don't usually get many kids but this year I had 120 left didn't get one kid. LOL I did share with my husband, grandson and daughter. I still had the most I am sure. Report
I let my kids have it for about 2 weeks, they are not big candy fans so I don't have to worry about it. If it's not gone in that 2 weeks I simply just throw it away since I'm not a candy fan either. Report
Bring them to work (school) and share with the instructors and students. They are gone in no time. Report
Bring them to work (school) and share with the instructors and students. They are gone in no time. Report
Bring them to work (school) and share with the instructors and students. They are gone in no time. Report
Keep track of the number of trick or treaters you have each year and only buy what you need. don't buy that box of 80 treats just cause its cheaper if you only have 20 kids come to your house. Report
Since we don't believe in Celebrating Halloween, we don't buy candy for the neighborhood kids, but I do take advantage of the sales, and buy candy for my office staff. I don't get into the candy jar, which I am very proud of myself for that, but it keeps me in the good graces of the rest of the finance department that I work in. They are all major Chocoholics!!!! Report
I try to resist, but sometimes I just give in and eat the stuff. I keep telling myself to just throw it away, but it just sits there, untossed, uneaten. Report
LOL - I still dress up and Trick-or-Treat!!! It's sooo fun!!! And I participate in all the Halloween Carnival games (I usually pick toys/stickers for my prize rather than the candy though LOL)... but, as for the rest of that bucket, it's in my fridge and I give myself one pice/bag (M&M's etc.) per day - they are all the small "mini" or "Fun sized" candies, so I count it as one of my snacks - and it's my treat & if I raid the bucket, then I have to add to my workout to burn it off.... But, that means that I have to remember exactly which candy I ate - so by making myself track everything, I've found that a good deterant to binging. ^.^ - It's amazing how just one extra candy bar can really reak havock on your daily #'s. LOL Report
My dad stole all our Halloween candy when we were kids (three of us). Our neighborhood was the kind where we ended up with 6 paper grocery bags FULL of candy. I think he hid it up in the attic and he'd eat it until the next Halloween... when he got a fresh stash. These days I pawn the candy off on my dad or my boyfriend's best friend. Report
My kids trade theirs in for something. Daughter got a book and son got a new train. They get to pick out their favorites though. It's usually limited to about 10 pieces each. Report
Candy is a huge weekness for my husband and not to mention how bad it is for the kids teeth- but since they started trick or treating my husband and I agreed that we will rid our house of candy after 3 days. We have done this in a variety of ways- the food pantry, his office, the trash, but recently my daughter has been seeing an orthodontist and his office takes the candy- ships it to the service men/woman and this kids get an electric toothbrush and a raffle ticket for an ipod.
Win/ win situation I think. Report
For us, it's time to go ahead and make all the kids CHRISTMAS GOODIE BAGS!!! Gets rid of ALOT of candy real quick. What's left, hubby takes to work and passes out to everyone. DONE. All but a few pieces left for EXTRA TREATS for the kids, it's gone!!! Report
I put all the extra candy in a zip lock bag. Wrote "TAKE ME HOME" on the bag and had my husband take it to his office break room. He said it was gone by lunchtime the day after Halloween. Report
Our kids are grown and gone so no incoming candy. When I woke the day after, my husband had already taken the left over candy to his office - so it wouldn't be around tempting us. Report
Our kids are grown and gone so no incoming candy. When I woke the day after, my husband had already taken the left over candy to his office - so it wouldn't be around tempting us. Report
my fiance and i just moved to a new block in our neighborhood, and bought alot of candy because we thought that we would get alot of trick-or-treaters like we normally do....we got NONE!! so all that candy is still sitting in a bowl on our coffee table. i try not t touch it at all, but if i do, i only eat the mini 3 musketeers. Report
My son's birthday is 2 weeks after Halloween, so the day after Halloween we pack up the candy and store it in the garage until his birthday party, when we split it up in to the treat bags for his friends and give it all away! Report
I take the left over to the local food pantry for the needy in the community. They are always in need for something and that adds a treat to some families groceries that they might not otherwise get. Report
How about sugarfree candy?
It works some taste just like the real thing. That is what i keep at home now. All other candy i took to work and put out candy bowl. All it took was one week to disappear. Co-workers, guest, and Delivery drivers.This is what i am going to do from now on. Report
I have a huge candy jar on my desk. Because I'm not a big fan of chocolate, it's easy for me to avoid it. My co-workers love to visit my office (I wonder why :-).

I bought more candy this year, thinking i would have more kids but it didn't turn out that way. So when my daughter's friend's came by I gave it away also to my family. Report
I eat it! Yes, that's right! Eat it whenever the mood strikes (which is quite often). I am a candy addict. But when it's gone, it's gone. I don't buy more. So I figure whats one week out of the year. I just exercise a little more. Report
Because Halloween was on a Friday this year, we got more kids than usual. Normally we're lucky to get 10 Trick or Treaters, so this year I was ready for up to 25. We gave away 24 of the 25 treat bags, and the only leftover candy was the candy that my 2 year old collected around 1 block of houses. Mommy and Daddy had their fill one night, each promising that we would not eat more than 1 of any one kind, and then everything else was removed of its packaging and put in a clear jar as potty training incentive treats! She's never been better on the potty! Report
I was really fortunate not to have to buy candy, we just trick or treated over my relatives house, so no real leftover candy. What my son got trick or treating was very little-we only hit like 20 houses...my son and husband went to town on what was in the bag and I figured one little treat per day wont kill me or mess up my whole day. They were bite size candies. As long as you keep your portion control in check you will be ok. Report
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