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Welcome to the dailySpark, your healthy lifestyle blog. I'm Stepfanie Romine, the blog's editor and one of its contributors. Brought to you by, the other dailySpark experts and I are very excited to offer you fresh doses of fitness, nutrition and health news each day! Our bloggers and their areas of expertise are diverse, but you'll notice a common thread: you! This is your healthy lifestyle blog, so we want to hear from you. In comments or emails, we want to know what you think. What do you like so far? What do you want more of? Recipes, tips, Q and A's—you name it, we'll do it. To get the ball rolling, just leave a comment on this post with your suggestions!

Here is some of what we’re planning at the dailySpark:
  • Summaries of the health, fitness and nutrition news that matters to you
  • Quick tips to balance healthy living with your busy lifestyle
  • Motivational stories about real people who have lost weight and kept it off
  • Reviews of food and fitness products, including packaged foods and fitness equipment
  • Quick and painless ways to save calories and eat healthier
  • Expert answers and opinions on the latest health trends
  • Comments and reactions from others like you

Our bloggers and their areas of expertise are diverse, but you'll notice a common thread: you! This is your healthy lifestyle blog, so we want to hear from you. In comments or emails, we want to know what you think. What do you like so far? What do you want more of? Recipes, tips, Q and A's—you name it, we'll do it.
Suggest topics! Is there a healthy living topic we're not covering? Tell us about it. Spot a new product on your supermarket shelves? We'll review it.
Chime in! Do you have a tip or additional info on a topic? Share it. Want us to further explain something? Ask us.
Speak up! Do you like (or dislike) a certain post and want to see more (or less) like it? Tell us.
Leave your feedback in a comment on this post. See you tomorrow at the dailySpark!

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    I'm older than dirt, but wanted to lose some weight, so I thought -- AHA walk. I joined a walking center and after three visits wound up with sesamoiditis, painful inflammation around the ball of the foot and big toe. I'm dieting but still need to exercise and it's very frustrating. - 2/16/2012   10:32:32 AM
  • 167
    Thanks for asking our input - I like the blogs that reflect people's struggles and challenges as well as if not more than those that are from the succeeders. I like those that explain or inform about the body and how it works... not so into the recipe blogs. and I'd love to see an end to those underlined words that link to pop ups that are so distracting and annoying when they open up because one accidentally moves the cursor over them! - 3/10/2011   11:01:46 AM
  • 166
    Thank you for a great site! Yes, I would also like a calorie calculator. I enjoy the site and have found a lot to help me, a lot to educate me, BUT I don't always have internet access, and sadly, I will soon not be able to log in every day. If I could somehow fill in a form offline, and then a quick on-line session to record my fitness, my food intake and get my points - that would be GREAT. A big thanks to coach Nicole and all I have been able to learn from her. However, it would be nice to have a coach older than 50 to show us older ones (especially) cardio, tai chi, yoga, nordic walking , or any other fitness more suitable for older ones. Thank you for a great site. - 1/5/2011   4:31:33 AM
  • 165
    I love the trivia questions, and the sparkpoints. I would like to see unlimited sparkpoints for unlimited articles, blogs, "A-Z topics", etc. I would also like to see more contests for actual Sparkpeople merchandise, or even accumulating Sparkpoints for merchandise. Even as a Nurse, I still learn something new all the time. THANK YOU FOR YOUR WEBSITE!! 85 pound loss so far! - 12/14/2010   11:12:16 PM
  • 164
    I just found This blog and I do have a comment. I would love to see blogs from other Sparkers not just the blogs from professionals and Spark employees. Don't get me wrong- I love your blogs, and I've learned A LOT from Coach Nicole, Jen and all the rest of theSparkpeople team. I just would love to hear tips and supports from people like me who are going through the journey without a whole company to support them. I read a lot of blogs every day and some of the stuff that just "regular Joe and average Alices" are golden! I would love to see it going to everyone as a featured blog. Since I've been on The site for about a year now, I've lost 115 pounds and I am closing in on my maintenance level. (well, another 25 pounds or so) but I often find it hard to find new articles and blogs I haven't already read. I think hearing the best from some great writers who are "just" part of Sparkpeople would be fantastic! Thanks for listening.
    Mary - 9/20/2009   4:16:29 AM
  • 163
    I really like the partnership you have with Girlology. I know the males on Spark don't like it very much, but I always love reading those articles! :)

    Violet - 6/1/2009   1:23:57 AM
  • 162
    I'm not so fond of the testimonials - I appreciate the excellent work people are doing, but too many of them make SP a bit like the magazines... "she lost a gazillion pounds" -- what about folks who only lose a few pounds but are overcoming significant challenges just to do that? There are several excellent teams for people with disabilities who have determined alternative ways to make progress. More power to the big loss folks and more of those stories are fine... but stories only about them tend to disenfranchise the more normal losers and deemphasize the creativity. Also would love some more articles on combining financial well being with physical well being. See some of the thrift threads for that. - 5/31/2009   2:20:38 PM
  • 161
    I love SP!!! My favorite features are the testimonials, espacially from those who have lost their weight over a significant amount of time. I've been trying for 4 years and it's a very slow process for me personally. We are all different so when I hear of someone who has taken their time...or 'their body has taken it's time' but they've stuck with it and not given up I am inspired. I so often think this is never going to happen for me but I refuse to give up! I love the SP stories!
    I also like the reviews of products...the reality checks of 'plans', quick fixes, scam products..etc. Love the recipes and have saved many favorites.
    Maybe one da Ill be able to be one of your stories.... I plan on staying around here for a lifetime :-) - 5/31/2009   10:56:51 AM
  • 160
    Thanks for the site! I like the idea of being able to use Spark Points as free shipping in the store--at least once in a while. - 5/31/2009   9:18:48 AM
  • 159
    I would like to see the blogs by successful members, at all stages of their journeys. There seems to be a lot of "stuff" about the "end"...but what about the fast break, mid stream... middle... three quarters there... and then...the end... progress blogs... that would be welcomed.. I always love the blogs you post... so I was interested to see this request! Thanks - 5/31/2009   3:17:59 AM
  • 158
    I don't get real motivated by SparkPoints. However, if they could be turned into "free shipping" at your store, that would motivate me to earn more.
    I also like the idea about comparing calories taken in to calories burned. I also use that at a different site and it is very helpful to see the visual. - 5/29/2009   7:23:47 PM
  • 157
    I agree with the suggestion about having some topics on dealing with physical challenges and doing the exercises,. - 5/29/2009   4:51:31 PM
  • 156
    I'd like it if you had an area where it shows the blogs we haven't aready read or one that has check marks next to the ones we've done, like the polls do. I spend a lot of time looking for blogs and articles that I haven't already read. It's very time consuming for people that don't have cable. Maybe on the right hand side, where you show the ones we already read you could show new ones. If we wanted to see the ones we already read we could put them in our favorites. Thanks. As far as content goes, I like all the different areas of interest. - 5/24/2009   9:36:37 AM
  • 155
    I love the new product blogs with the taste tests, possible more explanation about calories taken in and exercised off, more fitness videos on line. more of an explanation of low, medium and high intensity exercises. - 5/22/2009   5:39:10 PM
  • MISKA2
    I like the only suggestions would be to make the points on the wheel 5 and let us get points for reading three blog posts not just let us read and get points for more than one article....other than that I love the site and am very glad I found it.

    Heck I was so pumped about finding the site my first day on here I convinced my mom to sign up also...she and I are each others support system...if one of us slacks off the other one kicks it up a notch to keep us going....this summer is going to be a real treat for us to get really going and do more outdoor stuff like hiking and walking the trails here. I love the advice and support given by my fellow sparkers...wish you could have spark events in major towns all other the states ( I know I would go to one if one was held near me).

    Thank you for your great site! Keep on doing what it is you do best. - 5/22/2009   4:28:33 PM
  • 153
    There are a lot of people on SparkPeople who have problems with their self esteem. Maybe some tips for them to feel better or even talking about the positive effects of trying therapy. - 5/12/2009   12:51:35 PM
    I would like some additional info on where to find things on SparkPeople. I don't know if the daily Spark is the appropriate place but it is one area that I do visit each & every day. I am not particularly computer literate so I have a difficult time maneuvering my way around. I really do enjoy this site! - 4/27/2009   9:52:11 AM
  • 151
    I am a RN and would be willing to research and write about some health perspectives/questions that participants have. I work with hospitalized adults. - 4/13/2009   9:49:24 PM
  • 150
    Wow! I would LOVE to know the answers to some of these questions posted here at this location with the questions. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN, Sparkpeople (the smartest site on the internet) - 2/16/2009   2:23:10 PM
  • 149
    I like the Food On The Run series, but would love for you to expand that to include chain restaurants that are Canadian - like Tim Horton's. - 2/3/2009   9:39:02 AM
  • 148
    I am limited on how many minutes I can sit in my pc chair right now, so this is where I come when I am logged into spark people until after my knee surgery - 2/3/2009   9:28:48 AM
  • 147
    This is great. I would like to see more motivation ideas and more recipes. I love to cook and enjoy this site very much. I'm getting a lot of support and that is good, because I really am determined to do it and lose the weight this time.


    Jeanine100 - 2/2/2009   7:28:33 PM
  • 146
    I'm really enjoying many of the features on the blogs. I really appreciated the blog with photos of 300 and 500 calorie meals. I'd LOVE to see more of those, perhaps with a screen shot (w/o photo or with) we could print out to use?

    Also, for those of us trying to learn how to exercise on our own, meaning can't afford a gym or professional trainer, I'd really appreciate seeing some of the exercise offered on Spark in the strength training, broken down and studied individually. Such as what to feel in your body to know you're either doing it right or to realize you're not doing the movement properly and could potentially hurt yourself, or just not get the benefit of it.

    If there could also be some posts regarding how to determine if you're doing low, moderate or vigorous cardio, per the pre entered exercise choices, such as stationary bike, that would be very helpful. And more info about target heart rates, and guages as to when you're reaching various levels, such as one suggestion I read about being able to answer questions but not carry on a conversation...that would really help, too!

    Thanks again for all the wonderful info, Spark is really helping me to change my life. 70lbs down in the last 10 months or so, and more than half way to my goal! All by learning how to break this huge goal into little, daily steps, how to refine those goals, and how to determine healthy, realistic ways to acheive them. Thank you Spark! - 1/25/2009   10:47:35 PM
  • 145
    I love the new product blogs with the taste tests. - 1/20/2009   9:47:06 AM
  • 144
    The Daily Spark is great. I love the way it addresses a variety of issues from different perspectivies - emotional, nutritional, physical. Hats off to you for assembling it in a neat manner, and KUDOS to all contributors.

    One suggestion.
    Many people have physical limitations, but the videos are geared toward people without limitations -- leaving us to modify everything. It would be wonderful if the Daily Spark included blogs that address people who must overcome more obtacles than the 'average' person. If possible, I'd prefer these be presented by physical therapists, with links provided to videos of stretches and other exercises suitable for people with limitations of various sorts. - 1/19/2009   10:16:11 AM
  • MUTTI5
    I just found out about the peanut butter. wonder what company made the peanuts m. maybe I missed it in the article. - 1/19/2009   9:06:36 AM
  • 142
    I have learned so much about exercising, when it's best to exercise and what is best to eat before and after exercise to increase building muscle. I appreciate all the information that is shared. I like to see the reviews that you give after trying products yourselves. I really appreciate any tips that are offered. Thanks for the great job you've done and the knowledge you share. - 1/18/2009   8:04:22 PM
  • 141
    I loved the blog about the 300 calorie meal! It was great to see the pictures usually articles just tell you things to eat but never show any pictures and that really put it into prospective for me. - 1/18/2009   11:12:17 AM
  • 140
    I love the Daily Spark and in particular Coach Dean's postings. For me, more information concerning advanced lifting workouts would be of interest and I get the feeling from reading other people's posts that many people still haven't made a real lifestyle change, or are still following some fad or another when it comes to exercise or diet. It would be an eye opener for folks if you could feature more(I've read some and they are very good)of these crazy things that make outlandish promises of "quick and easy"/fast weight loss with no effort/time/real changes.

    I would just like to say that this site truly amazing and I'm ever so grateful for all the Spark experts for the good, healthy information they present daily.

    One idea to help with those logging their own workouts would be a way to bring up the program I enter, exactly as I entered it, and be able to either copy it or edit it to follow the changes. Searching "my favorites" is time consuming and sometimes deters me from logging. Same with the nutrition, I eat many of the same meals (ie breakfast-oatmeal each morning) and would like a way to just repeat that for each day.

    Thanks for everything Spark People! - 1/18/2009   10:27:14 AM
  • 139
    I would like to see you comment on the new book-Eat this-Not that, thanks Pat - 1/18/2009   10:09:44 AM
  • 138
    Would be nice if leave a comment was not all the way at the bottom once you log in. I really like the blogs about new products on shelves---but it would be nice,too , to review stuff that's been out there a while but not covered already here on blogs. Also, would like reviews of some of the older workout videos out there as well as newer ones. - 1/18/2009   8:58:20 AM
  • 137
    SPARK WHEEL CAN YOU MAKE THE SMALLEST POINT BE 5 AND UP. It is a bummer to do the wheel and only get a 1. - 1/18/2009   7:58:51 AM
    I'm hearing a lot lately about the PX90 it just a bunch of hype?

    Also, a new product I recently saw in the store, bought and tried is the Litehouse Reduced Sugar Caramel Dip. It has 100 calories, .5 grams of fat, 7 grams of fiber , BUT it has 29 carbs........14 of which are sugar. Not so low in my opinon. I guess it was "reduced", but what are the FDA guidelines on "reduced". Is it a certain percentage of the original? - 1/17/2009   1:36:33 PM
  • 135
    What great comments! I agree with most of the posts so far with some modifications in the meal and fitness tracking areas. I agree with the walking category is low rated in the list of things to do. I would like to know exactly what is the correct amount of calories burned for climbing up stairs and walking. Thanks for all the info available so far. Keep up the good work in improving the site. - 1/9/2009   2:04:42 PM
  • 134
    Allow users to copy a meal/food item to another day/meal. Right now, it's only from a meal to the same meal on a different day. I might have that Subway sandwich for lunch one day and dinner another. Also, allow to copy line items rather than the whole meal. - 1/9/2009   1:28:44 PM
  • 133
    I would love to see a daily comparison of calories in vs calories out. I would also really LOVE it if when I put food in the nutrition tracker it calculated my fruit and veggie servings automatically. Thank you for all you do. - 1/9/2009   12:27:50 PM
    I love Spark and the support and help it has given me. Since you asked :) this is what I would like to see:

    1. More healthy recipes! Less - "low fat cookies" - etc. A lot of the recipes on spark are high in salt and calories, and not really low fat.
    2. The calorie counter- Could the calories and fat be more accurate, and could all the food be listed in alpha order? It would make it easier!
    3. Unlimited points for reading. I love to learn and it makes me a sad sad sparker when I have reached my points for the day- after reading the blogs here!
    4. The exercise tracker is difficult, (for me,) when it comes to walking. It's hard to track accurately and sometimes, what I do is not on there.
    5. Posting on forums- give some leaders power to delete some posts- not for censorship reasons. But to avoid double postings and too many different things for the same topics.

    Thank you for all the work you do. You have changed my life!
    Patty - 1/9/2009   10:43:22 AM
    Yep, nutrition info for many foods Spark has listed is way, wayyyyyy off. For instance, I added a recipe for Baked Maple Butternut Squash and the sodium content in 4 cups of the squash is listed as almost 2,000 mg! The correct sodium content in 4 cups fresh cubed butternut squash is only 24 mg! PLEASE CORRECT YOUR NUTRITION INFO FOR THE FOODS YOU HAVE LISTED AND ENTERED! - 12/5/2008   1:13:38 PM
    I love searching SparkRecipes for ideas, but I am often left disappointed by the recipes being posted & the recipes SparkPeople chooses as featured recipes. Most of them are WAY too high in sodium, sugar, & often fat. Many are in no way healthy or to be considered diet worthy. I also noticed the nutrition information on the recipe calculator is often way off when it calculates sodium, protein, & fat in a recipe. - 12/5/2008   8:59:57 AM
  • 129
    I have back problem so I do modified yoga. I think that alot of people could benefit from yoga n information about it. - 12/5/2008   1:02:00 AM
  • 128
    I'm wondering if you guys have ever covered the T-Tapp exercise program. It is like nothing I have ever seen or experienced before. It's very effective with minimal time, but you do have to educate yourself about it and concentrate on doing the moves with good form. The results are phenomenal. I'd love to see a blog about that! - 12/4/2008   5:51:04 PM
  • 127
    The only thing I would like is that the wii fit exercises be added to the fitness tracker, I always have to come up with something but I want to be accurate. - 12/4/2008   4:29:16 PM
  • MWOODS0921
    I love the site and love the demo's for exercising in the office Thanks - 11/5/2008   2:48:33 PM
  • CAROL54904
    Is there a way to have a basic tool to look up counts of various foods:
    Apple - 1 med = 75 cal
    Applesauce - 1 cup = 90 calories
    Just a basic alphabetical list would help a lot.

    Thanks for everything you do!!! - 11/4/2008   10:17:56 AM
  • 124
    Thank you for the site! - 11/2/2008   2:19:21 PM
  • 123
    Recipes are always good. I would also like to see more product reviews: food and exercise (yoga, pilates, tai chi, etc.) dvds.
    The Daily Spark has been a great resource; I check it a couple times a week and read everything. Like others, I wish we could receive points for everything we read, when we read it. That really is my only complaint.
    Please keep up the wonderful work.
    Kath - 10/22/2008   9:50:34 AM
  • 122
    I love this site ---- It is so helpful and interesting.
    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.
    - 10/9/2008   7:46:22 PM
  • 121
    I'd like more food reviews:) - 10/6/2008   10:21:30 AM
    Since you sometimes have three new blogs in a day, I think that there ought to be points for reading three blogs, not two. - 10/6/2008   8:23:56 AM
    I would like to see more recipes on cooking from scratch. Too many recipes are "open a can of _____ and combine with more cans of ____". Maybe some home canning recipes, or maybe a home canning section?
    Vicky - 9/26/2008   10:31:56 AM

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