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Editor's note: This is a sponsored post from Welch's. It was written by the SparkPeople staff. 

If you're concerned about your weight, one of the easiest ways to save calories is to avoid drinking empty calories. We encourage SparkPeople members to limit the soda and replace it with lower-calorie, nutrition-packed beverages. 100% fruit juices are nutritious and delicious alternatives to sodas when you want something sweet. And, for those looking for a refreshing way to enjoy the flavor of juice—specifically grape juice—but with fewer calories than 100% juice, then you'll want to try Welch's Light Concord Grape Juice Beverage.

What they say: Enjoy Welch's bold fruit taste with 45 quality calories per serving.
  • 1/3 of the calories in Welch’s 100% Grape Juice.*
  • 100% daily value of the antioxidant vitamin C.
  • Sweetened with SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener.
  • Also available in Light White Grape
*45 calories/serving in this product vs. 140 calories/serving in Welch’s 100% Grape Juice.

First, we compared Welch's Light Concord Grape Juice Beverage to other sweet drinks.

Beverages Calories (8 fl oz/1 cup) Carbs (g)
Welch’s Light Concord Grape Juice Beverage 45 12
Orange soda 119 31
Cola 104 27

Then we tried it...
What our staff members said:
  • "I tried this in the afternoon as part of a snack with some baked tortilla chips. The taste was very fruity and refreshing and natural. Also sometimes when I drink juice drinks they are a bit acidic or heavy on my stomach, I didn’t have this with Welch’s light grape juice beverage."
  • "Thought this was tasty! I could definitely see using this in my smoothies in lieu of some of the higher calorie alternatives I generally use."
  • "I was pleased with the Welch’s Light. It has a very strong grape flavor; it didn’t skimp on flavor! Very tasty!"
  • "I really liked it.  I had a glass and liked it so much I poured a second glass.  If it were regular grape juice I don't think I'd have ever done that because I'd be more concerned about the calories.  I also liked that it didn't seem as sweet as regular juice.  Sometimes regular juice is too sweet for me.  I liked this better."

For recipes and other great information on Welch's Light, click here.

What is your favorite accompaniment to a glass of Welch's Light?

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USMAWIFE 6/1/2017
I add club soda to my juices to water them down Report
I'm disappointed that so many of the posts are about avoiding diet sodas and how bad they are for you, and you'd take a sponsored message from a drink using Splenda claiming to help a good diet.

I'd much rather get 100% grape juice and cut it with sparkling water to make a 1/3 calorie sparkling grape drink. Report
I tend to stay away from artificial sweeteners, being a cancer survivor. I say drink water with some real lemon in it.
My Motto: IF IT SAYS DIET..............WALK BY IT!!!!
IF IT SAYS DIET..........DON'T BUY IT!!!!!
Eat whole foods like we grew up on and watch portions........like when I grew up and no one was fat. Report
I have to be more careful with my health some, so avoid artificial sweeteners on the advice of my doctor. If I have to have a soda, I opt for the sugared ones, and drink less. I'd like to see is companies making food and beverages less sweet, with less sugar. I don't think diet foods need to be as sweet as they are, particularly salad dressings and juices. Report
Thanks for the info Report
Thanks for including the label in the article. That is one less label to read when faced with the many choices and decisions in the local grocery. Report
Good to know especially since it has always been one of my favorite brands of grape juice!! Report
Good to know Report
Agree with JIBBIE49. If I'm going to drink juice, I'd rather water down the regular. My #1 preference is eating the fruit itself. Report
I haven't tried Welch's Light.. yet! I don't drink a lot of juice; however, I go in spurts on sodas so I'd like to kick the soda habit altogether. Grape juice always seems like a big treat to me! I prefer grape juice over orange or apple juice. Report
I make sure to read the label, since most juice now has as the first ingredient APPLE. When I drink juice I use 1/2 cup grape juice and 3 1/2 cups water, so it is like the expensive Fruit2o Drinks. Report
I don't mind the ads, they keep the site free. I'd mind a fee much more than an article I have the option not to read. I get both sides. Juice in general is a little too processed and carb loaded, but for others who have a strong taste for sweeter beverages, juice is a happy compromise. I think the overall point is to be aware of what you're putting into your body, and to be making choices that help you make progress on your goals. Report
Oh, I don't know. There's ads for all kinds of stuff. One of Spark People's premises is that we can have ANTHING we want, and some people might be truly interested in a juice with less calories. Some of us have no problem with artificial sweeteners. The elevator stops on many floors; we can get off whenever we want to. Given a choice between "regular" juice or this "light" juice, I would choose the "light". Report
lol - so much reaction to this simple article, and I have to add my own thoughts. I have an extreme allergy to MSG, and so have educated myself on it so I can fully avoid it in every food or drink. There are about 40 different code names for MSG, and this drink has one of the most used of those code names. See if you can guess! Report
I never drink juice...and if I did, this would be too processed for me... Report
I never buy light juices. You get twice as much by buying the real thing and watering it down yourself. You get to control how "light" you make it, plus no artificial sweetners. Report
SP's own dietitian recommends only one glass of juice per day. Strange that wasn't mentioned in a blog sponsored by a juice company. :p

That said, I don't see anything wrong with responsible sponsorship. The product is a good choice for some people. Report
"If you're concerned about your weight, one of the easiest ways to save calories is to avoid drinking empty calories."

Then why advertise juice, lower calorie (watered down) or not? I occasionally buy OJ for weekend breakfasts, but I wouldn't recommend anyone who's watching their weight to drink juice of any kind. Report
fair enough, NILBOGGER Report
I had to check this article out to see if someone complained about it being a sponsored ad, and I was not disappointed. This is how Sparkpeople stays free, people. Report
Not interested in food with chemicals in it. Welches makes lots of good 100% juices. I'll stick to them. Report
Way too many carbs for me.
I find it interesting that the next blog talks about being aware of what you're eating....
I try to avoid artificial sweeteners. I like real juice, 100%. I can water it down or add a small splash of club soda to it if I want a sparkling drink. Report
I gave up Pop/Soda last year. I think I had one pop this last year. I don't have Welch's, but I do have Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry 100% vitamin C Report
I wish these ads were treated like they are on facebook, where you can hide the ones you will never use. I don't eat artificial sweeteners. They caused me to get sick for 2 years. Therefore I don't eat anything "diet" or "light." Report
too much "stuff" in there. just get the real stuff and water it down if you're worried about calories or sugar. i use about 1/4 cup juice and 3/4 cup water and it's a wonderful thing. Report
I always water down my juice - even light juices. (And I do love white grape juice - yum!)

Glad to see the comment about NOT adding the food to one's tracker! That was kind of crazy! Report
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