WATERMELON: Nature’s Sweet Summer Treat


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Watermelon is a staple on nearly every summer table, but did you know that it’s also a powerful and versatile health food: it has less than 50 calories per serving; it is an abundant source of vitamins C, A, and B6; plus, its 90% water, which makes it both refreshing and a natural source of hydration. Use the following ten recipes to spice up your cooking, get healthy, and wow your guests with this sweet summer treat.

Watermelon Strawberry Smoothie

Watermelon Blueberry Banana Split

Spicy Watermelon Marinade

Watermelon and Blueberry Salad with Spinach and Feta

Watermelon Smoothie

Watermelon Twist

Middle Eastern Watermelon Salad

Pickled Watermelon Rind

Watermelon Toasted Jalapeno and Shrimp Pico de Gallo

Grilled Spicy Watermelon

Watermelon Parfait

For more fun and healthy recipe ideas, visit Watermelon on SparkRecipes.com. Add your favorite watermelon recipe so that we can add it to our cookbook. For more information on the health benefits of watermelon view: Beat the Heat With A Watermelon Treat and Nutritional Facts: Seedless Watermelon.

What is your favorite way to enjoy watermelon? Which recipe will you prepare for your next summer gathering? 

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  • 20
    I hate watermellon! It is just toooo messy for me. Even as a kid I hated the mess and flies that it drew. I find it hard to believe Thoms1 and I grew up in the same household. - 8/9/2011   5:20:11 PM
  • 19
    I like my watermelon straight up. - 8/2/2011   10:04:18 AM
  • 18
    Yummy! - 7/24/2011   6:36:58 PM
  • 17
    Yum!Just had some this morning.It is a good way for me to get vitamins when I have Crohns Disease & don't feel like eating. - 7/24/2011   5:02:48 PM
  • 16
    I can't count how many watermelons I've consumed this summer. - 7/23/2011   12:19:54 PM
  • 15
    Thanks for the great recipe ideas! I am not sure that I can break myself of plain old watermelon straight off the rind...but I may give it a try! ;-) - 7/22/2011   9:35:14 AM
  • 14
    The nutritional information doesn't include lycopene of which watermelon is a good source. If you don't plan to use the melon right away, keep it whole at room temperature; the lycopene will continue to increase. Chilling the melon will prevent continued increase of lycopene. Of course, once cut, the melon needs to be refrigerated to prevent spoilage. - 7/21/2011   11:04:15 PM
    Love, love, love watermelon. Can't get enough of it in the summer. - 7/21/2011   9:39:39 AM
  • 12
    As a child I loved watermelon. When I was 12 my mother moved us to a small town in SC to live with my step-father. This town was the self proclaimed "watermelon capital of the world." EVERYTHING was watermelon, mailboxes, flags, bowls, art projects at school...if it could be painted or decorated the town did so. I suffered watermelon burnout. Everytime I see or smell them I am reminded of the horrible year I lived in that tiny town. Luckily, my mom seeing the poor education system and rampant racism (I'd always had friends of mixed races, it made no sense to me), moved us back to my hometown after only a year. Well, it's been over 15 years...so I decided to try watermelon again a few weeks ago...it was sweet but the texture was "icky" to me...I'd much rather enjoy a perfectly ripe peach...and peach/strawberry smoothies are amazing! - 7/21/2011   8:37:01 AM
  • 11
    Love the H2O Melon... The Summers Bounty of fresh Fruity & Veg...
    Ahhhhhhhh, good Stuff ! - 7/21/2011   5:35:39 AM
  • MARCIE1455
    I'm going to buy one tomorrow! Sounds good YUMM!!! - 7/21/2011   2:25:27 AM
  • 9
    I have always wanted to try pickled watermelon rind. I eat part of the rind as I don't like to waste food (maybe thats why I am on this site :( ). I though watermelon had potassium in it . - 7/21/2011   12:15:08 AM
  • 8
    I love watermelon and saw a recipe in the costco magazine for watermelon salsa. sounds great. I like it lightly sprinkled with salt. - 7/20/2011   11:46:47 PM
  • 7
    I love watermelon best cold and sweet from the fridge! - 7/20/2011   2:47:10 PM
  • 6
    I like plain ole watermelon.....I cut it into cubes and eat a bowl of it -
    yummmmM! - 7/20/2011   11:44:58 AM
  • 5
    I used to make pickled watermelon rind..... it was Mom's favorite! Will have to make some this summer, even though she's no longer here to enjoy it. - 7/20/2011   11:05:05 AM
  • 4
    Naked ! LOL !! ;) chilled watermelon is one of my favorite ways to eat watermelon.

    I haven't had it in a very long time, but I remember trying a wonderful watermelon sorbet. That was fabulous. - 7/20/2011   10:30:06 AM
  • 3
    They all sound yummy I am going to start with the Watermellon Stawberry Smoothie. Thank you for sharing these recipes. - 7/20/2011   8:35:32 AM
  • 2
    I just love watermelon period. No need to make fancy preperations! - 7/20/2011   8:02:21 AM
  • 1
    Yum! Fun to find some new ideas for watermellon. We've always enjoyed watermellon smoothies. Very refreshing. It was also interesting to see the nutritional facts of watermellon. Thanks! - 7/20/2011   7:51:40 AM

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