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7 Homemade Girl Scout Cookie Recipes

By , SparkPeople Blogger
I was a Girl Scout all the way through high school graduation. My grandmother and mother were troop leaders, and my mom earned a 25 year award for her commitment to scouting. We love the Girl Scouts in my family.

One of my least favorite parts of scouting was also one of my favorites: the cookies! I detest selling things to this day, so I never won any cookie awards. But I sure did love eating them! Now that I have the metabolism of a 30-something woman rather than a kid, I'm not going to be downing sleeves of Thin Mints like I did back then, but I do still enjoy them.

I just moved to rural North Carolina, where I don't know any Girl Scouts, so there will be no cookies for me this year. I might instead whip up a batch of these Girl Scout clone recipes (with some healthy ingredient swaps, perhaps?). We've rounded up seven homemade Girl Scout cookie recipes!

Early Girl Scout Cookie Recipe (Trefoil swap)
Tagalongs Girl Scout Cookies
Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies
Homemade Thin Mints
Homemade Lemon Coolers
Fijis (Samoas)
Left-Behinds (Tagalongs)

If you have extra Girl Scout cookies (is there ever such a thing?), here are some recipes that use them as an ingredient:
Decadent Recipes that Use Girl Scout Cookies
Thin Mint Cupcakes
Girl Scout Cookie Tagalong Cake Bars
Girl Scout Samoas Waffles Recipe With Coconut Caramel Sauce
How do your favorite Girl Scout Cookies measure up?

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Thanks Report
KHALIA2 3/25/2020
So do I! I love them,especially the girl Scout ones!!!!!! Report
KHALIA2 3/25/2020
Taking my hair down, it is so thin , it seems like she put in a million braids! Report
RYCGIRL 1/21/2020
thx Report
DEE107 10/7/2019
thanks Report
MNABOY 9/23/2019
I don't need to be able to eat them year round! Report
I love the thin mint cookies. Report
Thank you so much for these ideas. Report
Great ideas. Report
Grandson loves gsc so this is good info Report
Great repartee on this subject. Aren't Girl Scouts and their cookies a slice of American pie, but it another baked way? Report
I enjoyed the article. I choose not to eat cookies, but I may make some as a gift for a cookie eater, or I may donate some to a bake sale. I don't enjoy the negative comments. One good dieting tip: Don't read articles that stress you. Report
I ALMOST escape the Girl Scouts this year - but got caught by one young lady on her last day of selling them. For those who choose not to indulge, I'm not sure if this is nationwide, but I was able to purchase and donate cookies to send to our troops. (I choose to indulge on occasion and purchased a few boxes, which promptly went into the freezer.) Report
I'm going to use the idea posted here to: donate outright to the little Girl Scouts, without having to take boxes of cookies home. @NOPLACESPECIAL, thank you for reposting @LAURANCE's idea. Report
maybe a better idea would be to link to healthier versions, rather than just vaguely suggest substitutions. i actually clicked on this article hoping to find a recipe similar to the vegan samoas my friend made last week. they were INCREDIBLE, and were comprised mostly of figs, cashews, and raw coconut.

PS @LAURANCE i LOVE the idea of just giving the scouts a small donation instead of actually buying the cookies. everybody wins that way! Report
Sorry but I agree with those of you who say we shouldn't be bombarded day in and day out with how to make our old fatting habits healthier. Better choice at this point is learn to live without them. How about a top story on how to get the most out of this websites features. I've had meal planner turned on for weeks but I find it terribly cumbersome to edit and use. I need help learning to meal plan, not learning how to cheat. Report
Gosh! To all those people complaining about how this is inappropriate content fo this site, are you actually telling me that reading about this is going to actually make you right now, right this minute get up, go to your car, go to the store, go and buy the ingredients, come back, bake them and then eat them? Seriously? Report
This is really not going to help me lose weight. Why in the world would Spark People being sending a link to this kind of temptation out in mass email? Moderation? if i was capable of eating homemade cookies in moderation, i wouldnt have a weight problem. Even my thin friends tend to have regrets when cookies are involved. Better suggestion: Make a donation to the Girl Scouts and let them keep the cookies. I'm not even going to take my five points for reading this. Report
I appreciate these recipes to use our extra Girl Scout since both my girls are in Girl Scouts and I buy a ton of cookies to support them and if we run out of our favorites we can make them! Report
I just sold 22 cases of the chocolate mint GG cookies to help my granddaughter she also lives in the country so hard to sell door to door. We actually did that this year instead of just friends and people were so happy to see us it is part of the community and people enjoy the once or twice a year treat. In Ontario we have the chocolate mint ones in the fall/winter season and the original choc/vanilla package in the spring those are the only 2 options we have up here.
Recipes are good to try if you want something similar at the different times of the year. I agree with most people it is a fundraiser and with things the way it is now they need to raise money to help keep the GGs active. I know in my granddaughters area a couple of the groups have closed because of the lack of participation. Video games, computers and getting children involved in too many activities I am sure all play a factor in this. It is a great institution to get your children involved in. Cookies or not I know it costs up here over $100 a year to register to be a GG so without fundraising how much would it cost?????? Report
Girl Scout cookie sales are going on right now in western Ohio, from Toledo to Cincinnati. I bought cookies again this year as I have for oh, about 50 years. For some troops it's their only fund raiser. If they choose not to sell cookies then they are not allowed to have any other fund raisers. How else would they earn money and learn about business if they didn't have some kind of fund raisers? A cookie now and then is a good thing especially as a treat unless it is medically not advised. And yes, you can buy a box or case to support the Girl Scouts and then donate them to send to the troops, thus supporting them too. They aren't going to get overweight doing the work they do for all of us, and G.S. cookies are a taste of home. I suggest to the author that to pick on Girl Scout cookies might be a mistake. How is that a positive comment? If you want to make your own go for it, but support the Girl Scouts in your neighborhood!!! Be nice. I imagine Spark Guy would eat a Girl Scout cookie if he was offered one. He would just play a little more that day with his cute little boys! Report
you only get the cookies once a year, unless you buy a huge amount, once a year treat isn't going to hurt but this article hurts the Girl Scouts in their fundraising efforts. I agree with most of the posts, it doesn't belong on SparkPeople Report
Add me to the many, who believe this article does not belong here. It doesn't even start out saying, "these are not dietetic, and they include sugar, no calorie or content details given." So you read through this wondering how they can be OK, you start thinking of having them. Then SLAM. They aren't good for you, they don't help your health, and they can even harm those who must avoid sugar. Wrong wrong wrong. If you think this is OK here, you don't belong. Those of us who work so hard to avoid these things and live healthier don't deserve or need the cruel temptation put right in our faces when we come here for reenforcement. I also say shame on Sparkpeople. This comment has nothing to do with the integrity of Girl Scouts; I was one, too. Don't confuse the two subjects. This site is about healthy food and exercise. Anything else belongs elsewhere. Report
I support both the Boy and Girl Scouts, if they sell popcorn or cookies most of the money go to back to the groups. Yes! You can write your long letters about weight loss if you want.. You do not eat the entire sleeve of cookies? If you want to eat those nock offs go ahead, I want the real will be extra time in the gym. Report
But, how do the Girl Scouts earn money if you make your own? And how do you connect with young scouts in your community? If I have trouble eating Girl Scout cookies slowly, then I'll have trouble eating reduced-calorie Girl Scout cookies slowly. This is one place I disagree with Spark People and plan to continue to support a group that was a very important part of my life as a girl and young woman. Report
I like the peanut butter and oatmeal recipe, and yes the girls are right a great chance to try and revise some of them . They seem a bit out of my realm of foods, I do not like to eat them with butter and one cup is definitely no for me.. I will possibly try others if they are lacking butter. :D Report
Thanks, I love knock-off recipes and the challenge to substitute healthier ingredients. I've never been that crazy about GS cookies but the lemon coolers look interesting; might give those a try. Report
It took my daughter four weeks to sell the 200+ boxes of cookies I had sitting in the house, and I didn't eat one that whole time. My choice -- abstinence works better for me. We sold the cookies to a bunch of thin people, most of whom bought one box each. Looks like moderation works for them. Report
OMG People please! I have made my own "thin mints" for years, I can hardly afford the price of GS Cookies and when I REALLY want them is not generally when they are for sale. With six of us I find improvision a necessity. That said, my family is not on any special diets. I am diabetic and have to watch how much I eat of anything, its all bout SELF CONTROL! Whether you purchase, donate or make your own that is what it comes down to. Nothing inappropriate about this post, the recipies nor the opinions of our fellow sparks...whatever cookies you choose (if any) enjoy them and enjoy life, we have too many other things to gripe about and food is to be enjoyed within reason. Power to the sparks! :) Report
Where are the counts for calories, etc? Or do I want to know? lol! Report
Was a GS leader and involved for about 20 years. Cookies are a legend. One box of samoas are going to make you obese?????Oh please....Or do like one lady did---Don t buy but give a donation!!!!! Report
I just came to this article so I could LOL at the comments! Report
First, as a long time former Girl Scout, (up to age 31!!) I fully suport the Girl Scout organization. We buy cookies and my husband and son eat most of them. I am learning to eat in moderation. Second, maybe SparkPeople should have lessons on reading food lables. After looking at these recipes, you are better off eating the Girl Scout versions!! Sure, there are no preservatives in the homemade versions, but there are more calories, fat and salt! Sorry SP, i am going with the box this time!! Report
Yum! Report
As a mother of a Girl Scout Cadette and troop leader/advisor, my house is filled with Girl Scout cookies right now. It used to be that I will eat an entire box of Samoas without much thought just a cup of coffee or cold milk. Today I can say I eat them, along with every type of food, within moderation. I am so looking forward to my first bite in 2013 of a Girl Scout cookie (gave them up for Lent). Report
I always buy girl scout cookies. I support the girl scouts and buy American. My son, who is in the service, loves the chocolate covered peanut butter cookies. I have sent them to Afghanistan on several occasions and this year will be sending them to Bahrain. It is such a wonderful treat for him, totally American, and he really appreciates this gift from home. Report
I support Girl Scouts, both as a former Scout and the mother of a Brownie. But I so wish that GS didn't push sugar to raise money. And I wish that SP would stop running blogs and recipes promoting sugar consumption.
Sugar is a toxic drug and we are all addicted. I tried to post a link to an article here, but SP won't let me. Send me a Sparkmail if you want to learn more.
I was under the mistaken impression that Sparkpeople was a site about fitness and healthy eating and was supposed to be a support system for people struggling with weight issues. Of course, that means this site has many, many members who are struggling with food addictions of various degrees, some quite severe. Granted not all Sparkpeople have such a problem, and if you are among the fortunate ones, then thank God for such a blessing. However, those who do struggle are our brothers and sisters who are laden with the hardest row to hoe and are most in need of Sparklers' compassion and support. Maybe those who think this article is OK, and don't understand or care about those who must struggle the hardest, need to grow a heart and try offering some support to those with the most difficult addictions and weight problems, instead of finding it funny to tease and tempt the hurting. Whatever benefits Ms. Romine is gaining out of posting this blog, is it worth the cost of shoving even one of these, the most vulnerable and hurting of Spark Members, off the wagon? For those who think I need to lighten up, I assure you food addiction and morbid obesity are not "light" problems--they are life and death issues for the precious people who suffer and their loved ones. Report
I need these now. Report
I don't buy Girl Scout Cookies because I don't need to gain the weight from eating cookies. So when I passed the Girl Scout table I whipped out a five dollar bill and said, "Here's a donation to the Girl Scouts! We're busy losing weight, so no cookies for us!" Report
Oh c'mon people! This blog is not inappropriate. Sparkpeople doesn't teach abstinence. Sparkpeople is all about moderation. Report
I'm inclined to agree with the folks who say inappropriate. I'm sure there must be plenty of Girl Scout cookie recipes on other sites for those who must have them. "Decadent recipes that use Girl Scout cookies"? SparkPeople, this one doesn't belong here. Report
I'm to frugal to waste money on GS cookies. Walked by the table today going into the grocery store. Report
I saw the Girls Scouts at Walmart today selling cookies, so it's funny to me that I came across this article. I was SOOO tempted, but I am committed to eating very well (at least for the next 2 weeks). Report
Coach Stephanie- WELCOME to rural NC- I live in Jacksonville, NC and will be trying out the recipes since I try to avoid buying the cookies but the family has a sweet tooth so it being a healthier version will make up for the snacking.
My favs were : Samoas and Tagalongs Report
I love Girl Scout Cookies but I need to leave them alone. This article only makes me want them even more. Report
No matter how carefully you word it, I think this blog is inappropriate for Sparkpeople, which is supposed to be about healthy lifestyles. Really how different is sugar and food addiction from alcohol addiction? Can you imagine articles about wine and beer home-brewing on an AA website? What about about how to build a still in your backyard? How about if the Betty Ford Center posts an article on how to build your own home meth lab? Absurd? No more so than an article about how to bake totally unhealthy cookies on Sparkpeople. Report
I always liked the trefoils. I wish the Girl Scouts would bring them back Report
If you can't be around GS cookies--don't go to these recipes! I was a leader for many years, was the "head cookie" person in our area and raised 3 Gold Award Scouts. I don't miss selling them--or eating so many--but I did buy 4 boxes to support the girls. Report
I think the whole point of your blog was to point out recipes that were similar to the Girl Scout cookies and not to encourage members of SP to go out and eat a bunch of fattening Girl Scout cookies. Some people don't get the point no matter how you try to word something. Great blog!