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C25K - Day 2

SparkPeople Has Changed My Life!!!

What Has Worked for Me So Far... 7 Lessons from the Battlefront

I Learned a Very Important Lesson Today...

You Can't Control Me!

17 Months and 108 lbs Later

My Year of Magic!

6 Months on Spark... and 30 Pounds Gone!

I Tucked in My Shirt! I TUCKED IT IN! Ohhh Yeah!!!

Living Weight versus Diet Weight

A review of some of this month's best member blogs. Which one is your favorite?

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    17 months and a 108# later. - What a story. After four years of being a Sparker, it always gets me how most people who join Sparks give up and quit. Many never post two things on their Sparkpage. I love when I see someone stay with it and get so much weight off. I'm not at my goal, but after four years, I'm a long way from the 214# I was when I joined. Had I not done this for the past four years, I'm SURE that today, I'd be about 254# or more. - 10/6/2011   10:22:20 PM
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    While I love hearing about people's successes, the blog in that list that I really liked was "Living Weight versus Diet Weight". So much of this journey is about the mind, our viewpoint, and how we perceive such things as our food habits and fitness habits. - 10/6/2011   12:47:04 PM

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