The Silkiest Icing You'll Ever Eat


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Before you read any farther, let me start by writing this: Icing is by no means healthy. It is not nutritious, and it is not a food any of us should eat on a regular basis. It's sugar and butter, and not much more.

That said, boy is it delicious when I eat it on special occasions. For the boys' birthdays, holidays, and for bake sales at school, I make this icing. It's not a true buttercream, which includes eggs and a sugar syrup, but this one is easy and silky smooth.

If you're going to eat cake with icing, eat the real deal. Boxed cake mixes have come a long way, but canned frosting is full of trans fats, and artificial ingredients. They can't hold a candle to homemade versions.

What's the secret to great icing?

I learned from a wedding cake decorator years ago that the best way to make icing is in a food processor. Mixers incorporate too much air. By using the food processor your icing will be silky smooth. (You can use a mixer, but it won't be as smooth.)

Those who know me well will say that I am not a snob--except for when it comes to icing. I want the real stuff! To me cakes are ruined with fake whippy icings made with shortening.

Ever wonder why grocery store cakes use whippy icings? Cost! It is a lot cheaper to prepare whippy icings using emulsified shortenings than butter, but the taste is incomparable. Shortening-based icings will leave a greasy film in your mouth. Yuck!

For natural colored icing, use pureed and strained berries.

Get the recipe for my Silky Smooth White Icing.

This recipe makes 2 cups, which yields 32 one-tablespoon servings. That generous dollop of icing will set you back about 80 calories and just 3 g fat.

Are you a cake or an icing person? What's your favorite kind of cake? What about icing? Do you make your own?

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