Take Me Out To the Ballgame...for Some Fruit?


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Last weekend, my family decided to go to a baseball game. The game started at 1:00, and when I asked my husband what he wanted to do about lunch, he asked "Can't we just eat there?" Ugh. The idea of my daughter eating nachos or a hot dog for lunch was not very appealing. So I packed her a lunch that I knew she'd like, and she ate it on the way to the stadium. When we arrived, my husband asked what I wanted to eat. "Something that's not too terrible would be good," I replied. He ended up bringing me back a "veggie dog" which honestly, tasted more like rubber than anything else. But under the circumstances, it was probably the best he could come up with.

Although we didn't find much variety at the few stands we checked out in our stadium, other Major League baseball stadiums (like the Yankees and Mets) are offering a healthier option for their patrons- fresh fruit. Of course the fruit, like all other baseball park food, is expensive. But it's a nice alternative for those who aren't interested in a greasy burger and fries.

One complaint about the fruit stands is that they don't offer locally grown produce. But according to the company who runs the stands, that could change. The stands seem to be popular, too: The Yankees and Mets sell about 200 pounds of produce during each game.

In all fairness, my family didn't do an extensive search when looking for food at our local stadium. My husband browsed a few booths and tried to pick from limited options. So if our stadium offers healthy fare, we just weren't aware of it.

What do you do when you go places like a baseball game? Do you eat before you go? Choose something there? Pack a snack? Are there healthy options at the stadiums in your area?

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  • 41
    I usually eat before the game but when we stay for two games I end up chewing on peanuts or soft pretzel and I get a bottle of milk. I was never able to find veggie dogs in any stadium I have been too... :-/
    Also a shame they don't allow people to bring their own food... :-(( - 9/9/2009   8:54:04 AM
  • 40
    I do half and half. Sometimes I eat before I go and other times I eat at the game. It really depends on how much time I have. Sometimes I eat on the way to the game. - 9/9/2009   8:09:27 AM
  • 39
    I feel, put your money where you mouth is...if we want them to offer better choices, then we need to support it when they do. Money talks, if we buy the fruits and healthy choices, then they will make the choices in bigger supply. Go Tribe! - 9/9/2009   7:56:22 AM
  • 38
    Since you packed your daughter a lunch, I'm really surprised you didn't pack yourself one as well. - 9/9/2009   7:47:04 AM
  • 37
    We hardly ever go to a ball game, but in all honesty when we do go, I want a hotdog and a beer. I plan for those items. Then I drink water the rest of the game.

    In a few weeks, however, we will be going to Scottish Highland Games where there is an extremely limited healthy food choice. In fact as I'm typing this I can't even think of any food items there that I would consider healthy. We attend for only one day and do a lot of walking, but I'm sure it's not enough to burn the calories consumed. - 9/9/2009   7:45:08 AM
  • 36
    Don't know about the stadiums, but a number of convience stores have been carrying bananas and the ones back home had fresh local peaches. Great for a snack while driving! - 9/9/2009   7:36:24 AM
  • 35
    I keep 15 raw almonds in tiny ziploc bags all ready all the time. Stick a few in my bag along with Jack Links beef jerky, Splash Strawberry gum, and a piece of fruit and I'm ready to roll. I do this EVERY time I leave the house. Emergency snacks are necessary for me, as I don't like to get to the "hungry" stage where I eat anything. - 9/9/2009   7:16:48 AM
    I usually bring my own snacks. - 9/9/2009   6:00:14 AM
  • 33
    We don't often go - glad to hear about the healthier options, though. Hope it's not $5 an apple.... :-) - 9/9/2009   5:58:33 AM
  • 32

    Read up on the nutrition facts of movie theatre popcorn. I assume ballpark popcorn is very similar. I'd rather have a french fry! - 9/9/2009   5:33:43 AM
  • 31
    I think it is fabulous to read that they SELL OUT of ALL the produce during the game. That is a real teller. As for more healthy options....didn't they have any popcorn? That is certainly a better option that the french fries!!! - 9/9/2009   5:17:23 AM
  • 30
    I haven't been to a game since I started with SP. However, I think I would eat at the game. There is nothing like a brat or hotdog at a ball game or nachos or popcorn. If I ate before I went, I would still eat something at the game. So I would just save my calories for then and enjoy what I had more fully. I am surprised your child let you make her a sack lunch and you and your husband eat at the game. My kids would never let me get away with that. - 9/9/2009   1:18:24 AM
  • 29
    Timely posting of this blog, as I just went to a ball game tonight for the first time in my life. I did have two beers, a hot dog and popcorn, but figured that if it's taken me 48 years to get to a ball park then I could have some "traditional" ballpark food. If I was a season ticket holder it would be a very different story.

    BTW the Red Sox crushed the Orioles 10-0. :-) - 9/8/2009   11:14:57 PM
  • 28
    We normally stop off at Subway or Jack in the Box on the way to the Oakland A's games. We'll bring in lunch and water. $3 for a bottle of water? - 9/8/2009   11:10:31 PM
  • 27
    Thank you for sharing. It is always challenging to eat health foods when attending a ball game. I try to eat before I go to avoid all the unhealth foods. - 9/8/2009   10:59:36 PM
  • 26
    Petition the baseball commission to either make alternative options or allow fans bring in their own snacks.
    It will go hand in hand with the comments of the media of a Fat America and the Gov. of NY wanting to tax high calorie soft drinks etc.
    So why are they exempt? - 9/8/2009   10:34:48 PM
  • 25
    Good job bringing your own snacks. I've been to two Yankee games this year. Apparently there are laws about posting calorie counts in New York, and this includes Yankee Stadium as well. The counts are so high that I was reluctant to eat anything. Fruit would have looked good! - 9/8/2009   10:12:46 PM
  • 24
    I've snuck in whole grain crackers and water. - 9/8/2009   9:59:31 PM
  • 23
    Baseball can be such a long drawn out game, so eating is just a form of breaking the monotomy. It's something to do when you get up to go to the bathroom...something to do before the game, or at the seventh inning stretch. Make the games shorter and more folks would eat less...but hey, like the movies, they probably make more on the food and beer than on the ticket to get in. - 9/8/2009   9:44:25 PM
  • 22
    We eat before we go and pack, we too are like you with the kids. We hate those offerings but have some healthy snacks in my wifes bag. - 9/8/2009   9:27:48 PM
    I always pack my food and I either eat it on the way, or I sneak it in and eat it there. 1) I'm not eating the trash they serve there, and 2) I'm not paying the price they're asking. Period.
    This goes for sporting events, movies, trains, and pretty much anywhere else that food is overpriced and terrible for you.

    As long as that's the case, that's my choice. - 9/8/2009   9:21:49 PM
    Fenway has several stands with healthy choices sitting amongst a sea of fat, fried,greasy food. - 9/8/2009   7:52:48 PM
  • 19
    My hubby and I have season tickets at a St. Louis Cardinals AA affiliation team and there are a few good picks there. They have a grilled chicken sandwich that I save up calories for and I will add a Coors Light to that. I always plan the day around the ballgame's dining fare and it works every time. Play ball! - 9/8/2009   6:53:51 PM
  • 18
    I would love it if more public places started offering healthy options, such as fruit! - 9/8/2009   6:49:02 PM
  • 17
    Yea, an event so focused on athletic excellence should deliver more -- I'll never forget the shudder I felt reading about "all you can eat" seats http://www.komonews.com/economy/bri

    At some higher level seats last May I was able to get a fruit bowl with fresh, beautiful fruit for around $5. However, I was very disappointed to learn that the 9th row seats over first base didn't allow me access to the same great option. These seats I actually preferred. However, one of the stands did offer a caesar salad - which I had them delete the fried fish (Ivar's). Go Mariners! - 9/8/2009   6:44:54 PM
  • 16
    We don't go to many baseball games around here! Who wants to watch the Pirates lose yet again? Anyway, a hot dog, nachos and a beer once a year won't kill you. If you do go to a lot of games, it's nice that there is something healthy to choose. - 9/8/2009   6:31:40 PM
    We go to very few games, but our local ball club usually starts at 7:05, so we make sure we eat dinner before. Then, maybe a diet coke for my husband and I and some peanuts for our son and we're good. We're too cheap to eat there and are always amazed at the people who spend more time going to and from the concessions than actually watching the game! - 9/8/2009   6:12:35 PM
  • 14
    I go to a LOT of baseball games (I have the 27-game ticket package for the Angels), and I don't much like the food there. So I always pack a lunch/dinner that is LOTS better than what is available at the stadium. (At Angel Stadium you can bring in your own food and bottled water.)

    My favorite combo is a veggie wrap (whole wheat tortilla spread with flavored cream cheese, layered with fresh spinach, cucumber, tomato, and bell pepper and rolled up) and fruit salad. Much better than greasy Chinese food or cold pizza! - 9/8/2009   6:02:06 PM
  • 13
    I don't frequent many ball games. So when I do go, I like to enjoy the full experience and plan for a hot dog and a beer. I'm serious about one of each. It's too costly, calories and dollars, to consume much more than that. - 9/8/2009   5:50:35 PM
  • 12
    This is a step in the right direction but what really gets me are the amusement parks. Pricey food, mostly unhealthy, and you aren't allowed to bring in anything from outside. - 9/8/2009   5:24:45 PM
    I usually try and choose the best or healthiest foods they have to offer. If nothing is available, I'll eat the hamburger or hotdog. - 9/8/2009   4:51:42 PM
  • 10
    I think its a bit sad how we associate entertainment with food sometimes (a hot dog at the baseball game, popcorn at the movies, a funnel cake at a festival). But, sometimes these comforts are worth a little splurge. But, its amazing how much so many of us would prefer fresh fruit were it available. I wouldn't even mind so much the high prices for a truly healthy choice. I was recently pleasantly surprised while at a garden in Europe that the most popular cart item was fresh strawberries. Not even ones lathered in sugar or whipped cream, just good old plain delicious strawberries. - 9/8/2009   4:17:23 PM
  • 9
    Luckily, my kids are still at the age where taking a picnic is a big treat. Hopefully, that attitude will stick with them. I try to pack something, or budget for the day. Not only do the choices hurt my daily allowance for calories, they kill my pocketbook! - 9/8/2009   4:13:18 PM
  • 8
    I try and eat before I go to an outing like this - but it never fails...I always end up seeing something that I want!! But I do like the idea of offering a healthier option, like fruit, at these types of events! I also wish they would do the same at the movie theaters - popcorn, candy, and soft pretzels are good - but I would gladly pick the healthier option given the choice!! :o) - 9/8/2009   4:02:22 PM
  • 7
    I pack my own. I don't like the cost of food at those places, and they hardly ever have anything I would want to eat.

    Now my husband......that is another story. - 9/8/2009   3:56:25 PM
  • 6
    On our recent family trip to the zoo, we ended up packing a lunch to be eaten in the car on the way and took water for all of us. Granted, we still ended up snacking a little on the concession choices, but not as much as we would have. Plus it definitly saved us some money! - 9/8/2009   3:33:05 PM
    My problem isn't the food.. it's the beer! - 9/8/2009   3:15:47 PM
  • 4
    That is good news that fruit is becoming available!

    I usually try to go with the "best defense is a good offense" strategy and make sure everyone has something to eat before we get to the game. Sharing a bag of peanuts during the game is our usual treat. - 9/8/2009   3:14:32 PM
  • 3
    I pack snacks! - 9/8/2009   3:12:46 PM
  • 2
    I really like that you made your daughter a lunch! I usually try to eat before I go anywhere like that, and I would like to say it's mainly for the health factor, but it's for the money factor just as much. My boyfriend and I even ate turkey sandwiches before we went to a barbecue festival one time (we went for a band that was there). Anyway, it usually works, and even if I do eat something while there, I won't pig out because I am not starving. While I am there, water is my other saving grace. If I am sipping on water it will help me from snacking and help keep hunger away. - 9/8/2009   2:59:37 PM
  • 1
    I usually eat before I go or don't eat at all and consumer the majority of my daily calories there. I don't drink anything but water so consuming about 500-800 cals at a game is just like a lunch and snack for me. I think you made some great choices though, especially in regards to your kid. - 9/8/2009   2:49:09 PM

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