Slim Down During the Holidays with These Smart Tips


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As a fitness instructor, this is the time of year that I dread. Attendance drops dramatically in my classes, and I notice a lot more empty spots in the gym parking lot than ever before. I know people are busy, but I also think that people give up, planning to get back on track next year.

What's too bad is that sticking it out not only has a multitude of benefits for your fitness level, weight management goals, and stress reduction, but also prevents you from starting over later. And as we all know, getting back on track after being OFF track for so long is never easy.

So here are some tips for you to stay focused this time of year—and maybe even ring in the New Year a little lighter.

Get Motivated to Move

25 Ways to Get Back on Track Today
Don't let a few slipups prevent you from reaching your goals. You can lose weight, eat healthy and exercise, and you don't have to wait until New Year's to do it. Don't give up on your goals.

Burn Off Holiday Calories
Don't worry if you went a little overboard last week. Our fun and easy exercise videos will help you burn extra calories on your time without setting foot in a gym! Fit in fitness.

Lose Weight Over the Holidays
Yes, weight loss and holiday celebrations can go together. Here are my top 20 tips to make it happen!

Need motivation to stick to it?
Commit to a new goal or challenge. Now is the perfect time to start a fun 4-week challenge to keep you focused and on track through the end of the year. Choose from fitness, healthy cooking, bootcamp and more!

Healthy Food Ideas

Make Roasted Turkey & Vegetable Soup with your leftover turkey.

Get back on track! Try 15-Minute Chili for extra filing power on a cold day!

Wondering how long those leftovers will last? Think safety first.

For more ideas for using your Turkey Day leftovers, check out these delicious recipes.

Are you committed to slimming down—or preventing weight gain—over the holidays? How do you plan to do it?

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