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One of the most fun aspects of my job is when I get to Spread the Spark during radio, television or newspaper interviews. It's so fun to talk to members of the media and share my passion for healthy living and all things SparkPeople with a new audience. While I have appeared live on the local news a few times, most radio interviews I do take place over the phone. But a few weeks ago, "SparkPeople Dave" and I had a chance to visit an actual Cincinnati radio studio for an hour-long talk show. We discussed the history of SparkPeople, some fun new things that are coming up (you'll have to listen to find out what they are!), and some helpful tips about staying fit on vacation and making the best food choices at your next summer cookout.

We had so much fun on the "What’s Hot with Molly, Kelly and Caitlin" radio show and did a fair share of joking around (none of us take ourselves THAT seriously!) that I thought you'd enjoy listening to the podcast of the show, too.

Play or download the radio podcast here.

Thanks for Molly, Kelly and Caitlin, the force behind both the "What's Hot" show and the Cooking with Caitlin brand who shared a couple of their great summer recipes with dailySpark last year. We had a lot of fun Spreading the Spark and getting to know these fabulous ladies. I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast!

Molly, Caitlin, SparkPeople Dave and Coach Nicole after the show

What are your best tips for staying healthy on vacation and at summer cookouts? Tell us below!

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    First of all, Nicole and Dave, you guys look great on radio! lol. I would like permission to send this to some Spark members who may not be active (on teams). They would get a real boost from this! You do learn alot, as (I believe) Kellie said! Great Job! Hugs Laurie - 8/12/2010   8:25:54 AM
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    GREAT THANKS - 8/11/2010   12:47:22 PM
    A great resource for healthy travel (on vacation or on business), is http://www.thehealthyroadwarrior.co
    . They talk about sleep, healthy eating tips, stress and exercise. Check it out! - 8/11/2010   12:06:15 PM
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    I got tired of listening to the first part & since I found no way of fast forwarding it, I didn't keep listening until Dave & Nicole came on. Sorry, Dave & Nicole! - 8/11/2010   11:17:38 AM
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    Thank you so much for sharing, Coach Nicole you look great. - 8/11/2010   9:21:28 AM
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    Thanks for sharing, Jibbie49! That'll ease the holiday pressure. - 8/11/2010   9:05:52 AM
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    I'm reading the "BECK Diet Solution" which isn't a "diet" but Judith Beck, PhD teaches how to THINK like a THIN person. Her ideas about how to deal with vacations is to allow 15% more than normal, but to PLAN what you will have. We have a SparkTeam for support. - 8/11/2010   7:59:08 AM
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    Almost as much fun as "WKRP in Cincinnati," though Coach Nicole probably doesn't remember it. Nicole, you look great! - 8/11/2010   7:05:35 AM

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