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Itís easy to think that a size 0 is the norm in Hollywood, when images of extremely thin celebrities fill the pages of every magazine. Iím so used to seeing such tiny women in the media, that when I see a celebrity with curves, I have to take a second look. My first thought is usually "Wow. She looks healthy. Thatís a nice change."

Of course there are some women who are naturally thin. But to me, so many women in the public eye look dangerously small and unhealthy. I canít imagine what kind of pressure they feel to look a certain way. I also canít imagine what itís like to look at pictures of these women and feel like thatís the standard Iíd have to meet to be happy. So Iím always pleasantly surprised to hear about successful, famous women who look healthy and are confident about it.

Although she did the interview several months ago, comments from actress Mariska Hargitay regarding her size have been in the news again recently. At 46 years old, she says that she is comfortable being a size 8 because sheís healthy. Regardless of what other people say, she is happy with who she is.

In their February issue, Hargitay told More magazine, "I think I'm a very attractive person, but I don't put myself in the realm of the beautyÖThat's not where I get my esteem. I'm a size 8, and I feel proud of that, because it's healthy. I've never felt compelled to be a skinny actress. Being a sex symbol is not my thing; it's not where I shine."

A size 8 still sounds small to me. When I saw recent pictures of her, Iíll be honest that I was surprised she was a size 8. I think thatís because Iím used to seeing celebrities who are so tiny. Sheíd look perfectly healthy walking down the street as an average person. But because Hargitay is a celebrity, some people consider her to be "curvy". When did a size 8 become curvy?

What do you think? Does Mariska Hargitay look healthy to you? Would you like to see female celebrities convey a healthier body image?

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  • 238
    Yes and yes... - 10/13/2010   2:14:47 PM
  • 237
    I don't read (nor encourage) fashion and celeb magazines for this *exact* reason. It's all fake and photoshoped. In other cultures than Hollywood's (it's not THE reference for everything anyways) curvier women are considered beautiful. It's all in the eye of the beholder. Talk to any nutritionist, doctor, trainer... Size 8 IS healthy and a beautiful goal to reach!

    YES&YES to both questions!

    Too bad the ones screaming fashion yell louder than the majority. - 10/13/2010   12:21:05 PM
    Size 8 is my Healthy Happy size too!! - 10/13/2010   12:13:01 PM
  • 235
    I would LOVE to be an 8 again! Haven't done that since high school! It's good to know that there is a celebrity out there that is conveying the message of health over beauty! - 10/13/2010   11:41:55 AM
  • 234
    Heck I'm trying to get back to my size 8! 8 is great! - 10/13/2010   7:51:52 AM
  • 233
    let me add my voice to the chorus: curvy and fat are not the same thing. Mariska Hargitay has her mother's hourglass figure, and it looks great on her. I do take the point that we're so used to teeny tiny women that I would have guessed a slightly larger size myself (still not fat, though!) But, whatever her size, she's obviously the right weight for her body shape and frame. So nice to see an actress without the bobblehead look. - 10/12/2010   10:23:25 PM
  • 232
    Mariska Hargitay looks great and more importantly she is a great actress and woman. It is good to hear her talk about being healthy and not obessing over her weight. Size 8 is good, not heavy; the fact she is at a healthy weight for her is more important than her dress size. Thanks Ms. Hargitay. - 10/12/2010   9:29:32 PM
  • 231
    Shoot, my GOAL is a size 8. I'd LOVE to look like she does!!! To be considered "curvy" at a size 8 definitely makes one realize the warped views of society and "beauty" today. - 10/12/2010   7:46:35 PM
    She looks healthy and beautiful, whatever her size. - 10/12/2010   5:55:32 PM
    I can tell by looking at this woman that there is no way she is a size 8. She is at least a 9/10 and she is a bombshell. She is a modern day Marilyn Monroe. You go girl! - 10/12/2010   4:32:55 PM
    Let's be more accurate here, shape and size are 2 different things. Any size can accompany a curvy body, and many body sizes can also be straight. When I was a size 2, I was still curvy because I had boobs and hips and a tiny waste that accentuated it all. It can be offensive to call someone curvy when you mean big. Let's not do that! Curvy does not mean big. - 10/12/2010   11:45:44 AM
  • 227
    Mariska Hargitay is Jayne Mansfield's daughter, and she has obviously inherited her mother's beautiful shape. I would guess that she is quite tall (5'8"?) to be a size 8. I think she looks gorgeous and I would love to look like her. I think she is very healthy-looking and I would prefer to hear more actresses like her talk about having a healthy body vs. just being thin. - 10/12/2010   10:30:15 AM
  • 226
    A size 8 IS healthy. I don't feel we should be surprised that this is a curvy, healthy size. Our society has been steadily growing over the decades and I feel that our perception of the healthy weight or size of a person is now skewed. We don't remember what we used to look like when we were truly healthy. I look at the photos of people living in the 1940's for example. From that generation you rarely saw an adult, and never a child, that was overweight. Women had curves, men were lean and still muscular and children were running around all over the place because there was nothing to keep them on the couch. They did not have 23 restaurants and numerous convenience stores and gas stations along a mile and a half stretch of road like we do now. They cooked and ate healthy balanced meals three times a day and ate them together at a table. My grandmother would tell stories of how women would try to imitate the movie stars way of dress, their hairstyles and make up. She never mentioned how they were so thin or too curvy. Now that is the first thing we see and talk about. We cut off the things we don't like or suck out the fat or rearrange our insides in order to achieve that perfect skinny self. When did our thinking change? Why do we let ourselves think and feel this way? - 10/12/2010   9:52:37 AM
  • 225
    She looks great as a size 8, I could never be a size 8 and look like that, but she has the frame for that size. For me a 12, or even 14 would be ideal. My husband wouldn't agree, but I have to make me happy. Curves are what women should have, stick figures belong on paper. - 10/12/2010   8:44:19 AM
  • 224
    Curvy does NOT equal fat. I wish people would stop using the one as a euphemism for the other; it is a slam against slender women who have actual womanly curves. "Curvy" means: nicely endowed with hips and boobs. That's all. "Curvy" woman can still have waists.

    I don't think that lovely "size 8" (whatever that means in today's vanity sized world) Mariska looks "fat" in the least; she has a nice, womanly hourglass figure with an obvious waist. Also please note that she's wearing WHITE - the "color of doom" for someone trying to minimize extra pounds - and she looks fabulous in it. - 10/12/2010   4:01:27 AM
  • 223
    when did curvy become fat? just because a woman has hips and breasts -- you seem to think it is negative. I am sorry to see this idea perpetuated on Spark. I expect better from the people paid to blog here. You are doing more harm than good by using curvy as a euphemism for fat -- size 8 does represent curves -- not fat but curves. why is that a bad thing. Women are not 10 year old boys and so should have curves. I am very disappointed with spark for this blog - 10/12/2010   1:34:11 AM
  • 222
    I aways wonder if the "Powers To Be" in Hollywood really want women to look like teenage boys and why.
    Size 8 I don't consider curvy. I was expecting to see someone in a size 12 at the least. The pic looks good. - 10/12/2010   12:21:24 AM
  • 221
    I think it is terribly, terribly sad that she feels she must qualify herself as being happy at a size 8 as if she was heavy! Size 8 as curvy or heavy? I found this to be a disturbing blog. I am healthy and feel confident at a szie 14.... Am I to be frowned upon? - 10/12/2010   12:00:41 AM
  • 220
    Most recently in 1966 when the popularity of a model called only "Twiggy" introduced a new level of thin to popular culture. - 10/11/2010   10:46:26 PM
  • 219
    First, I think Mariska Hargitay looks fabulous whatever size she is. And who comes up with these sizes anyway? Depending on the brand or "designer" I can wear a 12 or a 2. Let's wear what fits and what makes us feel good! - 10/11/2010   8:35:06 PM
  • 218
    I love Mariska Hargitay... her acting, her ethics, her lifestyle... she is the picture of health. I was a young teenager when Twiggy was thrust upon us as the model of body perfection and I was a healthy size 13-15, cheerleading captain and a very active young woman. My body image was shattered because I was not Twiggy. Even my family mocked me. Ms. Hargitay's radiance encourages me to shed those old tapes and love who I am. - 10/11/2010   7:45:24 PM
  • 217
    I think Mariska looks fantastic. I'm always happy to see famous women stand up for the "normal" sizes. And say what you want about Kim Kardashian, but there is a someone who has some serious curves in Hollywood and looks great. - 10/11/2010   7:21:55 PM
  • 216
    She's beautiful. It's so nice to see a celebrity who's naturally beautiful instead of all the actresses who starve themselves or throw up to keep themselves super skinny. Those gals are all too skinny anyway....what's a woman without a few curves?? - 10/11/2010   7:18:11 PM
  • 215
    Yes. she looks healthy and size 8 is probably smaller than average. Would love to be back at a size 8 myself. I wonder how tall she is. 8 is nice at 5'2" at 5'8" it is a completely different look. - 10/11/2010   6:11:44 PM
  • 214
    It's too bad that at a size 8, and with a body like that, we don't consider her body curvy or thin, according this article at least. Curvy and thin are not mutually exclusive, and a size 8 doesn't mean you're neither of those things. We are all beautiful at any size - it's about health and happiness, right? - 10/11/2010   2:30:00 PM
  • 213
    No matter what size she is she is beautiful and looks healthy. - 10/11/2010   2:10:24 PM
    I think she's amazing. She does some great work through her foundation and I wonder if the work she does on and off screen somehow connect with this self-awareness. Whatever the reason may be, I think she's great. I saw her on the red carpet in that dress pictured above and I thought she looked gorgeous. - 10/11/2010   2:00:54 PM
  • 211
    I am 5' 6". In a previous life (lol) I had dieted down from a size 20 to a size 9. I still thought I was too fat - and many years later have gained it all back plus more (but that is for another comment) My comment is this., I thought I still needed to loose weight at 128 - 130 lbs though my mother kept telling me I was getting too thin. I recently came across a picture of me at that weight and realized I WAS painfully thin! I looked horrible! My arms and legs had no shape and I had no breasts! I remember when that pic was taken and at the time I thought I was "lookin hot" which is why I let someone take my pic. My point is - i was BIGGER than a size 8 and had few curves left! She looks Awesome! We need to stop judging ouselves against other women and just BE HEALTHY. - 10/11/2010   1:19:09 PM
  • 210
    I think Mariska is breathtaking. Honestly I never considered her size so I was surprised to read that she is a size 8. I've been so brainwashed by the media that I always assume actresses are much thinner than I am. My goal is actually somewhere between an 8-10 and I'm getting close so this definitely encouraged me. - 10/11/2010   1:14:29 PM
  • 209
    Size 8 can be curvy. I'm offended by the sheer amount of people who think that one cannot be thinner and curvy and healthy. Size 8 is a perfectly healthy size for most people and is not really abnormally thin. Keep in mind that Marilyn Monroe's size 8-10, by today's standards, would be a 4-6 with all the vanity sizing. And she was also a very curvaceous woman. - 10/11/2010   12:36:18 PM
  • 208
    Hollywood is ridicules when it comes to what they believe is healthy. A size 8 is not "curvy" they are just used to seeing people who are fake, plastic and unhealthily thin that they have forgotten how true healthy women are suppose to look. - 10/11/2010   11:35:28 AM
  • 207
    For those thinking how small they used to think a 6/8 was, remember - it was! There has been a change over the years. I was recently looking at old dress patterns and the sizing charts on the back would have me two full sizes larger for the same measurements. Vanity sizing indeed. - 10/11/2010   11:10:26 AM
  • 206
    Stars need to be more curvy, Jennifer Love Hewitt looks much better with her curves, she,s lost too much weight. Vanna White is too skinny. Mariska is still very slim for her height, but she looks good. These stars are giving a very bad example to young girls. - 10/11/2010   11:08:24 AM
  • 205
    I love Mariska Hargitay, she is one of my favorite actresses. Her mother, Jayne Mansfield, was one of the "bombshells' of her day, and was known for her curvier, healthier image and I think those are the kind of images we need todayIt is surprising to find that a size 8 is curvy, but I think Mariska looks extremely happy and healthy. Good for her :) - 10/11/2010   11:03:49 AM
  • 204
    I think as a society we are teaching our daughters the wrong thing about body immage. I grew up with the likes of Twiggy, Cheryl Teigs to name a few. When my daughter was in high school and her friends found out in gum class by looking at the size on her clothes that she wore a 10 they all told her she needed to lose weight. At 5"10" and 150 pounds I found her freinds telling her she needed to be a size 4 stupid.
    I personally would like to see model be a size 10,12 or a little larger. As a woman in plus size clothing showing me an outfit on some one who wears a size 8 or smaller does not show how that would look on someone my size.
    As a society they keep saying everyone is bigger but maybe it is because they keep showing the unrealistic images of these women/children who wear size 0 telling us this is what we should look like. They need to show us more real women. - 10/11/2010   10:39:47 AM
  • 203
    I love Mariska and I think she's BEAUTIFUL!! A size 8 is still a little small for me but for her it's GREAT AND HEALTHY!!! - 10/11/2010   10:25:49 AM
  • 202
    Honestly, I think it is disturbing that there is this trend towards the average woman getting larger and the celebrity ideal getting smaller. I remember when i was a kid and a size 6/8 WAS considered skinny!! How is it now that the ideal has shrunk to a size 0/2?? That is insane to me. To be considered skinny/beautiful you have to have a clothing size that implies that you literally DON'T EXIST!! I think she is gorgeous, and I think she is healthy, and I think that society has a serious mental issue that we have elevated the pre-pubescent body shape (no hips, no curves, no fat) to the ideal for a grown woman. - 10/11/2010   9:53:08 AM
    Mariska Hargitay is beautiful, she's actually one of my go to girls for motivational pictures. and yes to the other question as well - 10/11/2010   9:50:56 AM
  • 200
    She is a beautiful woman. I'm impressed by her comment that being a sex symbol is not her thing since her mother is Jayne Mansfield. - 10/11/2010   9:15:57 AM
  • 199
    She's stunning; Yes and Yes to questions. - 10/11/2010   8:59:45 AM
    What is a size "0" anyway????? Does the fashion industry expect us to be a size that implies that you don't exist at all?? For the last 30 years I've been engaged in a career that has tried to break the stereotypes of what a woman's body should look like at any one point in time. Nothing has really helped. We continue to cowtow to the fashion industry that dictates what we're supposed to look like. When will it stop???? Women are literally starving themselves to death! And it starts in grade school! All the fashion industry does by portraying stick thin models is promote eating disorders. - 10/11/2010   7:02:33 AM
  • LQUEST4754
    I love her attitude. Keep in mind that in most parts of the country size 8 is very tiny. I decided to comment because one of the most beautiful actresses I see currently is Queen Latifah. She is nowhere near size 8 and outshines most. - 10/11/2010   5:59:45 AM
  • BEEBEE75
    The blog sounds like a size 8 is heavy????? Wow, to be a size 8. That makes us plus size look even worse than it is. Reminds me of a woman I knew who weighed 98 lbs and was always complaining how fat she was. It was hard to keep my mouth shut. Messed up people in this world and it isn't always the plus sized ones. - 10/11/2010   3:16:45 AM
    She definitely looks healthy, wholesome, and drop dead gorgeous! - 10/11/2010   3:03:57 AM
  • 194
    Women should have some curves! She looks wonderful and I wish more women in her position would be comfortable being healthy and stop trying to be a skeleton. - 10/11/2010   2:49:21 AM
  • 193
    Yes she looks healthy. I am shooting for size 8 Cant wait! - 10/11/2010   1:06:02 AM
  • JAY75REY
    I wish I were a size eight. I'm an oldie and a shorty at 5-3, and have large bones, and at a size 8 I look pretty tiny. I'm shooting for a size 8 as a goal.
    Mariska looks great and yes I wish other actresses would look more normal. But they are in the world of unreality so I don't expect it.
    I do like the beauties of earlier ages because they look more womanly, and they'd be my role models if I was looking for someone to emulate. I just want to be me.
    P.s. check out the fabulous Mexican beauty Maria Felix of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, and then Salma Hayek of today. - 10/10/2010   11:55:55 PM
  • 191
    She looks great!, Makes me feel good because I'm also an 8, down from being a 14 two years ago. There is such a thing as too skinny. I feel healthy and I think I look healthy too. - 10/10/2010   11:15:33 PM
  • 190
    She looks great...and to answer the question, a size 8 became curvy, when women size 8 or smaller let others convince them that they are fat.

    Any time I hear one of my skinny friends telling she is fat, I just want to drag them to therapy. - 10/10/2010   11:13:57 PM
  • 189
    I love Mariska Hargitay and I have always thought she was beautiful and even now I think she is more beautiful. I think she looks wonderful being a size 8. And to answer the questions Yes and Yes. - 10/10/2010   10:55:39 PM

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