50 Good Reasons to Run

By , SparkPeople Blogger
I started running several years ago and could barely handle 10 minutes of it. But I kept at it—and I'm sure glad I did.  Three-and-a-half years, countless races, and thousands of miles later, "runner" is now a big part of my personal identity.  I run in rain, snow, sleet, wind. I run through every season and at every time of day. I run for doughnuts and even through muddy obstacles—for the fun of it. Some may think that's crazy, but other members of this special club understand. When you choose to join (we're always welcoming new members), you'll understand it, too.
To celebrate my fellow runners and the sport that has my heart, I created this list of all the reasons why I (love to) run.
  1. I run to leave my troubles behind.
  2. I run to move forward.
  3. I run to be alone.
  4. I run to be with others.
  5. I run to push myself to my limits.
  6. I run to test myself.
  7. I run to compete with others.
  8. I run to compete against myself.
  9. I run to think about everything.
  10. I run to think about nothing.
  11. I run to listen to my heart.
  12. I run to listen to my thoughts.
  13. I run to listen to my music.
  14. I run to listen to the quiet.
  15. I run to take in the scenery.
  16. I run to explore a new city.
  17. I run to work out wherever I am.
  18. I run to get from point A to B.
  19. I run to save on gas.
  20. I run to just get out and go.
  21. I run to break in my shoes.
  22. I run to buy new shoes.
  23. I run to salute the sun.
  24. I run to be in nature.
  25. I run to have a routine.
  26. I run to be spontaneous.
  27. I run to breathe.
  28. I run to relax.
  29. I run to energize.
  30. I run to reach new goals.
  31. I run to reach new heights.
  32. I run to reach new distances.
  33. I run to get sweaty.
  34. I run to become breathless.
  35. I run to get vitamin D.
  36. I run to manage my weight.
  37. I run to enjoy that dessert
  38. I run to be fit.
  39. I run to be healthy.
  40. I run to have great legs.
  41. I run to have great lungs.
  42. I run to be faster.
  43. I run to be stronger.
  44. I run to get better.
  45. I run to escape.
  46. I run to be present.
  47. I run to be mindful.
  48. I run to be a better athlete.
  49. I run to be a better person.
  50. I run to feel alive.
I run because I can. And as long as I can run, I will.

If you're interested in starting or continuing a running program, check out SparkPeople's Running Center for training plans, tips, and more!
Can you relate to these reasons? Why do YOU run? Will you run on National Running Day?

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BETABE 2/6/2021
One of the best spark article Ive ever read in 12 years...it resonates word for word. And the stretching routine for runners video that you made is the stretch I have been doing after each of my runs for the past 10 years! Thank you Coach Nicole Report
ROCKRS 1/1/2021
thanks Report
Thanks Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
If only my knees would cooperate. I’ll stick to walking. Report
I wish I could! I never pushed myself enough though. Report
They left off

Something large and dangerious is chasing you... Report
Totally great reasons but I will never be a runner. A very fast walker, yes! But never a runner! Report
thanks Report
You forgot "being chased by wild animals" and "being chased by horror movie killer". Because those are literally going to be the only time my fat butt is going to be running, LOL

Also, you can substitute "exercise" for "running" in pretty much all of those reasons. Running is not special or different than any other kind of exercise Report
I love all of these reasons! As a long distance runner myself, and a 3x Marathoner, they are all true!!
I also really love the benefit of a very low resting heart rate. My average resting rate is in the low 50's to sometimes 40's. It is so awesome! Report
I need to start running again. Report
Thanks Report
At my age the only reason I would have for running is that something bigger and meaner than is chasing me. And maybe not even than. Report
Thanks. I love running! Report
Wish Coach Nicole was back Report
Away from a grizzly bear. Report
I love each and every one of the reasons to run. Report
Love this article! Thanks! Report
Great article Report
Awesome Report
Thanks for sharing Report
I use the same motivations to exercise Report
I can't run. But I *can* walk, & I'll use these motivations to do it more. Report
I only run because it's the fastest way for me to burn calories at home. Report
Thank you Report
I love to run for the challenge. I'm 55 and just started a few years ago. Guess I have plenty of good running years left. Report
I never understood the whole running thing. Boring to me, but I know some people love it Report
I love running. This is such a good list. Thank you. Report
Dealing with a bad knee, I have to mix my running up with other activities but in the whole it has helped improve my overall fitness. Report
Thanks. I run to meditate. Report
I ran for a while. Loved it. Hard on the knees, though. Walking works for me now. Report
Running is NOT for everyone. Especially on a hard surface such as a road or sidewalk. Nor is breathing in lots of "fresh air" such as air in NYC and LA. At 78 years old I have learned that exercise in doors, on a treadmill, is much easier on the body. The slight cushioning is very desirable. I know two runners in their early 40's that are facing knee replacements. Not a happy thought. So give it some serious thought before you lace up those runners and head outdoors.
Funny how being DIAGNOSED with asthma seems to be a death sentence to runners at least in my experience - yeah I knew there was something not right but
i still pushed my self Report
I pick number 5 and 32 because I want to push myself to the limit until I have no energy left and wanting to reach a new distance that I have never done before. Report
A lot of good reasons to run. I have to learn to get there. Report
Great article Report
Thanks for sharing, Coach Nicole. Great tips! Report
I run to leave my troubles behind--I love it! Report
Interesting read! Report
Great article! Report
I need to start running again! Report
Good article Report
Good stuff. Report
Walking is my drug of choice, but this is great! Report
love this Report
Love all of these and I love to run, it relaxes me and that is where I solved all my issues. Report
I wanted to refer real research to the last poster, but as often happens when I read a comment about the danger of running because "they know someone who" her page is "offline and unavailable" This happens a lot. Actually, statistically, runners suffer fewer joint problems than non runners. Of course you have to run smart. Don't increase too far or too fast too quickly. Stretch afterwards etc. And if you hurt, STOP! Also each pound adds 4 to 10 pounds of pressure on your knees, so watching your weight a good idea too. One reason not to run is if you don't like it. There are plenty of other ways to get exercise. Unfortunately, you can get hurt in a lot of them, so workout smart whatever you choose to do. Report