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Thanks for making the first month of SparkPeople Radio such a successful one! If you've been listening regularly, thank you! (And please share your feedback with us.) If you haven't tuned in yet, what are you waiting for?

This radio show is available anytime, anywhere, and you can listen to all the episodes whenever you want. No matter where you live, you can always tune in to SparkPeople Radio! We launch a new episode each Tuesday--and you get SparkPoints for tuning in. (Find details at the end of this blog or at

Here's what we've been talking about on SparkPeople Radio in the last few weeks:
Working out: together or alone?
Is it better to work out alone or with a friend? Real-life best friends Lily and Karen debate the merits of both, and they share the results of a SparkPeople poll.

Bob and Anne Dawson:
Part 1: A health scare prompted Bob and Anne Dawson to turn their lives around. Today this Pennsylvania couple loves running and living the SparkPeople way. Find out how they stay healthy and happy!

Part 2: Bob and Anne have met so many friends through SparkPeople, and they're organizing a weekend of events in Cincinnati this May. Find out how you can meet up with other SparkPeople members (and our experts)!

Healthier Holidays
The holidays are the most joyous time of year, but they're also the busiest. Find out how to stay on track when you're short on time for working out and surrounded by all that good food.

Best Fitness Apps
Lily and Karen share with you the top five apps for tracking your healthy living habits on the go. A "can't-miss" segment for all you reformed tech addicts.

A Two-Part Interview with Shelli
Part 1: Meet Shelli, a super creative member who created a hilarious SparkPeople-themed parody of "Red Solo Cup." Listen to her song and her interview!

Part 2: Shelli and SparkGuy chat about all their shenanigans while filming the SparkCoach videos!

Alcohol and Weight Loss
Lily and Karen spill the beans on the stunning results of a recent survey of just how many calories we American consume from alcohol. You might think twice before sipping after they tell you how many pounds even one drink a day can add in a year!
80s Music Flashback
Break out the neon and the leotards! Lily and Karen loved the 80s- especially the music! Find out whether their favorite songs made SparkPeople’s top 100 list, and listen to snippets from the best of the list.

There's more, including interviews with SparkPeople members Dani and Nell! Visit SparkPeople Radio now to listen to these segments, full episodes and more!
How to Listen:
  • Visit the SparkPeople Radio homepage and click "Listen Now" (we have four episodes on the site now and another will go up next week)
  • Click the "Listen on the Go" button to download entire episodes or individual segments.
  • You can even save these segments to listen whenever you need a pick-me-up!
  • And, of course, you'll get SparkPoints for listening: 3 points per day!

Don't worry about missing an episode. We will continue to host a FULL library of our shows! You can access them at any time: Bookmark this link or visit
About the Show
We have paired with some of the best in the business--this is a partnership with ERN (Entertainment Radio Network), where we are working with veteran TV and radio host Alan Taylor and the former head of ABC Radio, John McConnell, who launched ESPN radio! Plus, we have brought on two fantastic hosts who are also SparkPeople members.

Best friends, authors and empowerment experts Lily Hills (above, right) and Karen Hudson (above, left) are the energetic and inspiring hosts of SparkPeople Radio—and SparkPeople members. This lively duo delivers a weekly mental tune-up as they bring you an hour of SparkPeople Radio that is enlightening, empowering, and entertaining. Learn more about Lily and Karen (those links go to their SparkPages, so leave them some comments!). They are fun!
Have questions about the show? Check out our FAQs.

Attention Apple users: You need to listen via iTunes, as our player is not supported by iPhone/iPad systems

Share your feedback here or email me: stepfanie (at) sparkpeople (dot) com. Subject line: radio feedback

Which segments are your favorites? What do you want to hear more of on the show? Anything we should cut back on? Want to be interviewed on the show or ask a question of our experts on the show?

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