We Ate It: Kraft Live Active Peanut Butter Chewy Granola Bar


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In the world of functional foods, probiotics are hot, hot, hot. And for good reason. These little guys are the helpful bacteria that live in your gut and fight the bad guys. Probiotics help reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and promote a healthy digestive system.
Where can you get them? In fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut and kimchi, and now, as it turns out, granola bars. Yes. Granola bars.
Kraft's new LiveActive Chewy Granola Bars, which they call "the first-ever, non-refrigerated bar containing both a live probiotic culture and fiber," are supposed to help your digestive tract as they quell your hunger.
They come in three flavors: Blueberry Almond, Chocolate Raspberry and Peanut Butter.
We tried the Peanut Butter flavor. We liked them, but honestly our tasters didn't notice any difference in their digestive systems. (Maybe that's the point?)

Here's what we thought (they were gobbled up so quickly I didn't get a photo of the actual bar):

Not all granola bars are created equal! This one's better.

This tasty snack provides a combination of good taste (salty and sweet), nice texture (not too chewy or too hard) and some nutritious value (3g of protein and 4g of fiber)!

A great peanut butter bar. I liked it. I'd eat it again.

Probi-what-ics? Didn't notice anything "different," but I liked them.
Have you tried these bars? Would you? How do you get your probiotics?

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    I have never heard of them, and not sure that I would try them. - 7/26/2010   2:28:49 PM
    I will have to look for these. I would like to try them. - 7/2/2009   4:28:52 PM
  • MILAM70
    I love these but can't find them anywhere anymore. HELP Does anyone know where I can find them again. - 5/23/2009   10:50:33 AM
  • 79
    I don't intentionally search out probiotic foods. I just like yogurt. I am a skeptic when it comes to the "functional" franken-foods. I prefer the natural way things are, not processed combinations from Big Brands. - 5/21/2009   5:19:58 PM
  • 78
    I like the Activia yogurt. I can add the fruit of my choice and they do work. Thanks for the review, though. Keep up the good work! - 5/5/2009   2:01:39 PM
  • 77
    I found these on the shelf as a clearance item so I bought it and was pleasantly suprised at how good they taste. Two thumbs up from me. - 4/20/2009   2:59:37 PM
  • 76
    I have not tried these bars; but I would try them. I normally don't go down that aisle at the market. I ate cheese and yogurt with probiotics sometimes. - 4/9/2009   3:51:10 PM
  • 75
    Conspicuously missing here....grams of sugar? If hydrogenated oils are listed in the ingredients, I'm not buying either. Thanks for the review and comments though! - 3/28/2009   8:39:07 AM
    If these bars contain partially hydrogenated oils, as one poster comments, they are indeed not heart healthy even if the label says zero grams trans fat, because as was pointed out, the law says that anything under .5 g trans fat can be listed as zero on the label, yet the amount of trans fat that is considered damaging to the body is actually very small, so if these were eaten in any quantity at all they would add trans fat to the diet while seeming to be a healthy snack with probiotics.

    Probiotics can be eaten in many natural and delicious products that do not contain trans fat, so to me these wouldn't be a healthy choice. - 3/27/2009   12:39:05 AM
  • 73
    I haven't seen this in the stores, but I am going to look for them. They sound like a really good idea. Thanks for sharing. - 3/12/2009   8:50:04 AM
  • DEBBIE26111
    I have never tried them or heard of them, I don't know how they would keep the good stuff for you good, Keifer is refergerated,as yoghurt. ??? Will see if I good a coupon and a sale then maybe try them. - 3/10/2009   8:42:56 AM
  • 71
    I just bought a box the other day. Glad you posted your feedback about them. I can't wait to try them. - 2/5/2009   4:01:28 PM
  • 70
    These sound good but I refuse to try them because they contain Partially Hydroginated Oils. So does the LiveActive Cereal (trail mix). And though the label states no transfat, the oil itself tells you otherwise. The FDA only requires anything over .5g of transfat per serving to be ont he labels therefore if you eat more than one serving (either in one sitting or if it's a food you eat frequently\daily) you could be loading yourself with trans fats while thinking you're doing something healthy for yourself. Sorry for the 'schpiel' but there is a history of heart disease in my family so I'm very aware of these things. - 2/4/2009   3:48:57 PM
    I haven't tryed this kind of granola bars. I do enjoy the Fiber One bars though. As far as calories they appear about the same and fat content. But does Fiber One have the same probiotics in them? - 1/25/2009   8:36:21 AM
  • 68
    I really like these as a "sometimes" food - great as a PMS cravings buster. - 1/17/2009   7:57:38 AM
  • 67
    I love these bars! Peanut butter is huge on my cravings list, so anytime I can find a healthIER option, I am all for it. I also tried the Fiber One version and thought these were a lot better (I thought the FiberOne bars were too dry/chewy)... - 12/4/2008   9:21:49 PM
  • 66
    I have tried these and they are GREAT! I gave one to a friend who is very thin and she loves them too. - 11/18/2008   1:27:17 PM
    Today I tried the Blueberry. It was absolutely delicious! Very flavorful. I will definitely buy these again, I think I'll try the Peanut Butter next. As far as people saying it didn't make them feel any different, it takes more than one bar to make you notice a change. - 11/5/2008   6:28:34 PM
  • 64
    Look like a copy of fiber one bars - 10/19/2008   12:29:03 PM
    I just bought my first box of these, and I thought they are a wonderful snack, and with the protein in them they make me feel fuller between meals. Plus, there was a coupon right on the box for 1.00 off so that was even better! I definitely recommend this product. - 10/1/2008   3:17:58 AM
    They sound very good, and I would eat them as the occassional treat if I like them--I don't often get a craving for sweets but sometimes. I do eat a lot of non-fat yogurt, mainly pain, both Greek (which I love) and regular. I get plenty of fiber and have to watch I don't get more protein than I need. Not that I have a problem with protein, but since I started to track my nutrients, I realized it was easy for me to get plenty. Thanks for the information.

    Another query: Trader Joe's sells a Prebiotic Dietary Supplement. I'm assuming it has the same benefit added to other foods. Just curious. Any comments?
    - 9/24/2008   9:51:01 PM
  • 61
    It would be nice to see the actual ingredients! - 9/22/2008   10:46:47 PM
  • 60
    My local grocery has these in a store brand already. I grabbed a couple of boxes this weekend. - 9/22/2008   11:05:07 AM
    I hope they are better than their cereal -- tried the one with cranberries in it and it tasted like cardboard! - 9/21/2008   3:28:24 PM
  • 58
    I will check them out when they are available at my grocery store. If they're as good as you say, then they will be a nice break from yogurt. - 9/21/2008   1:15:07 PM
  • 57
    I may try them, but I want to check out everything on the box if I can find them in my store. I usually eat Kashi or Cascadian Farms granola bars. - 9/21/2008   12:06:38 PM
    I'll try them if I can find them. - 9/21/2008   11:04:39 AM
  • 55
    Gonna look for these cant wait to try them ! - 9/21/2008   12:07:51 AM
  • 54
    I tried the chocolate raspberry and I loved it!! I bought it b/c I had a coupon. To me it tastes like something "sinful" in this flavor and even though they are more than I like to spend on granola bars, I think I will buy them as my secret little treat..!! - 9/20/2008   1:33:25 PM
  • 53
    I love peanut butter but I don't like peanut butter used as a ingredient. Looks interesting though. - 9/20/2008   1:33:19 PM
  • 52
    I haven't tried these, haven't seen them and I do very little processed food of any kind not even bars. - 9/20/2008   9:44:42 AM
  • 51
    These sound like they are awesome. I'm a health food nut that is deployed so I don't get to see anything that's healthy unless it's sent to me. I'm sure I would love these. I take a daily pro-biotic pill to help aid in my digestion along with other wellness supplements. I'll have my family look for these next time they send me a package. - 9/20/2008   8:16:57 AM
  • 50
    Haven't heard of them, but if I see them in the store, I'll try them. Other than that, I don't get any probiotics because I don't like yogurt. - 9/20/2008   2:14:35 AM
  • 49
    Will look for them tommorow - 9/20/2008   1:14:37 AM
  • 48
    These just showed up in my store so I'll be getting them with my next shopping trip. - 9/19/2008   9:35:08 PM
  • 47
    I appreciate the review and would definitely try these. They could be good on days when I don't get my light yogurt. However, I would like for them to have more than 4g of fiber. - 9/19/2008   9:28:08 PM
  • 46
    I haven't tried this one but I appreciate the review. I have tried both the Chocolate Raspberry and Blueberry Almond bars--both good. I also buy the Crystal Light Live Active drink mix singles (both flavors) and the Kraft Live Active Colby & Monterrey Jack cheese sticks. I like the taste, especially like the fiber and they both advertise having the Probiotic advantage. The cheese sticks also say they have the live culture.
    I have also bought the Post Live Active Mixed Berry Crunch cereal--also good. I eat these items anyway, so I feel like I should buy the best version that I can for my health. I would recommend any of them. I love yogurt too but this gives me variety. - 9/19/2008   8:45:20 PM
  • 45
    They sound great! My hubby and son LOVE PB - 9/19/2008   7:44:41 PM
    Probably may try them. First the cost and then maybe find a coupon. - 9/19/2008   7:34:46 PM
  • 43
    I have taken acidophilous for years so I know about probiotics. Such a useful little bug! Good blog full of good information! Thanks, Stephanie~ - 9/19/2008   7:16:01 PM
  • SLM102195
    I usually have one of the live active cottage cheese containers each day for a snack. Instead of a snack, I poured the cottage cheese over a freshly picked tomato and some tuna fish. It was a very tasty lunch with something different. - 9/19/2008   4:46:37 PM
  • 41
    I try to have yogurt once a day for the probiotics. I am fond of the Fiber One bars - well the Kroger brand copies. The fiber really helps fill me up and it is a great mom on the run snack. I looked at these bars but the are a lot more expensive than my Kroger copy-cats. If they go on a great sale I will check them out! - 9/19/2008   3:04:38 PM
  • 40
    I had to come back & leave another comment/recommendation: the nonfat cottage cheese I ate as part of my lunch includes live acidophilus & bifidus (probiotic) cultures! I just noticed. It's the Cabot Vermont brand, which I buy at Trader Joe's. 70 calories per half-cup, 0 fat, 5g carbs, 13g protein -- hard to beat that! - 9/19/2008   2:55:03 PM
  • 39
    These are yumO - 9/19/2008   1:44:29 PM
  • 38
    I generally avoid processed/packaged convenience foods like granola bars. Good ol' yogurt (out of a large container, or homemade) is more my style. - 9/19/2008   12:26:49 PM
  • 37
    I will be on the lookout for the Blueberry Almond. I might even try the Chocolate Raspberry. ;-) - 9/19/2008   11:59:25 AM
    Not quite sure if I would try the peanut butter kind but I would definitely try if they make it without the peaut butter. For the life of me I cant stomach peanut butter. I am a firm believe of probiotics. I have been taking probiotics supplements for the last 10 years since I have to pop up some hardcore antibiotics (not the penecilin kind, I'm allergic) regularly because of a chronic problem I have and they are really bad to my good bacteria. So with each new set of antibiotics, comes the digestive issues and more feminine issues that requires other treatment on top of my antibiotics. The quantity of yougurt I would need to eat to prevent and fight those problems would be impossible to eat. Since in probiotics supplements they are in much larger quantities it does make sense. You will notice your probiotics next time you have to fight an infection and need antibiotics you will fare much better at that time. I think that we are now adding it to food is a great idea. - 9/19/2008   10:50:17 AM
    I'd also like to know sugar content: how much and what types. - 9/19/2008   9:51:29 AM
  • 34
    I haven't tried these, and they might be good granola bars. But I think the probiotics thing is just a fad and another way for manufacturers to fool us into buying more of their products. I doubt they are as effective as yogurt. - 9/19/2008   9:45:33 AM
  • 33
    Well that is something. Probiotics are showing up all over. My only thing for this product is I also need to read the label of ingredients. My favorite FIBER bar is by Fiber ONE, but the other day a friend asked if there was any Palm OIL in the bar, and I looked , and YES, well she said she heard that that was a VERY BAD thing in that it makes you FAT! EEEEKKK..... Hope this does NOT have Palm oil!!! - 9/19/2008   9:35:30 AM

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