How Sweet and Innocent are Those Girl Scout Cookies?


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My mom resurrected the Girl Scout program at my elementary school when I was a Daisy.

We moved and she was the co-leader of my Brownie troop.

I was a Junior, a Cadette and a Senior.

Though I wasn't the most active Girl Scout in later years, I proudly wore my sash and uniform for 13 years.

My mom was involved in Girl Scouts for 25 years, and my grandmother for about 20.

Needless to say, I like Girl Scout Cookies. We always had several boxes in the pantry and plenty more in the freezer. Because those cookies were always around, it wasn't a big deal when cookie time came around. Sure, I was excited to sell them. (And by sell, I mean call my family members and send the forms to work with my parents. I wasn't the most aggressive saleswoman.) But my appetite for them didn't grow.

Fast forward to college, and a life without Thin Mints, Samoas and Tagalongs.

When I came home for a weekend and found the familiar green box of my favorite cookies. I ate an entire sleeve of them in two days!

I will admit that wasn't the last time I ate an entire sleeve of Girl Scout cookies, but it's an event that hasn't happened lately. I can exercise self control around my beloved Thin Mints, and I keep them in the freezer for slower eating.

Wonder what kind of caloric damage those little cookies can do?

Turns out my Thin Mints aren't so bad. You get four in a serving, and each one is just 40 calories. Check out the rest of the cookies:

Per cookie breakdown
Trefoils:32 calories, 1.6 g fat

Thin Mints: 40 calories, 2 g fat

Dulce de Leche:40 calories, 2 g fat

Do-si-dos:55 calories, 2.5 g fat

Lemon Chalet Cremes: 59 calories, 2.3 g fat

Thank U Berry Munch:60 calories, 2.5 g fat

Tagalongs: 70 calories, 4.5 g fat

Samoas: 75 calories, 4 g fat

Find full nutrition info here.

What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Do you stock up on them? Ever eat an entire sleeve of them at once? How do you restrain yourself around them?

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  • 433
    I used to be a very aggressive sales person, wanting to have the honor of being the top salesperson! And I used to eat more than my share! Let's face it, each person has their one item that is tempting, mine happens to be cookies! Regardless of the type, I love them all. After being on SP since the end of 2007 it has taken me until recently to keep my enthusiasm down to a controllable level when it comes to cookies. Now I limit myself to one serving or may a bit over if it fits within my calorie range. - 4/14/2015   12:15:51 PM
    Ah, Thin Mints... I too thought the freezer for slower consumption, but then again you must try them frozen!!! Perhaps if they packaged them in 4 sleeves instead of two. - 2/29/2012   8:05:49 PM
  • 431
    I always buy at least one box because I was a Girl Scout. Last year I bought several and still have them...always Thin Mints, the lemon ones were really good, and the berry one. I would love to try the Shout Outs if I can find any this year. - 2/28/2012   7:23:22 PM
    What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie? 1st tagalongs(PB& chocolate) thin mints, samoas and shortbread. but dont buy does ugh!
    Do you stock up on them? No
    Ever eat an entire sleeve of them at once? NO, never ugh to much sweet at once
    How do you restrain yourself around them? knowing there I only eat 4 - 2/4/2011   9:15:23 AM
    GIRL SCOUT COOKIES HAVE CORN SYRUP& HYDROGENATED OILS.Some of the nastiest processed sugar,corn and oil your body could consume. and we are letting small kids eat this stuff!
    I hope enough people complain and get this changed.I thought this company was for the greater good not for greed! - 10/13/2010   8:29:58 PM
  • 428
    Thin Mints and Samoas used to be also but they don't taste the same anymore.
    Yes I have froze them, yes I have offed a whole sleeve and the only way to restrain myself is to not purchase them. This time around I had a lot of healthy snacks on me at work to avoid the temptation of the misc. boxes floating around the store. - 4/18/2010   12:10:26 AM
  • 427
    They are good, but I'm too frugal to spend money on them. The peanut butter ones were good. When I saw them selling them on the steps of the grocery store, I just walked past them and went on in. What is funny is how I wanted to be in Girl Scouts more than anything when I was growing up on the farm in the '50's and '60's and then my children had NO interest in going to Scouts at all, when it was right here in town. - 3/21/2010   12:26:23 AM
  • 426
    Thin mints are the only ones I like and I can't have them around at all....I would buy them from neighbors or co workers children and freeze them to try to slow me down but I love them straight out of the freezer and a sleeve at a time is too easy. Thankfully, I am no longer in temptations advantage of retiring to the North woods! - 3/16/2010   8:02:47 AM
  • 425
    Thin mints are my favorite. I have been good this year in only eating a serving about every other day instead of a whole box in a day. - 3/15/2010   6:44:33 PM
  • 424
    Someone had the nerve to bring in 4 boxes of Girl Scout cookies into the work kitchen where I get my water .. /sigh

    I have resisted so far. - 3/11/2010   10:42:53 AM
  • 423
    OMG I wanted to faint when I saw how many calories were in just one cookie! Well I have to admit, I used to scarf down a whole box in one sitting before! One of the many reasons why I am here today lol. This year I wanted to support my friends daughters who were selling them but I only got two boxes, and waited to even open them until we had a party at the house so I could pawn them off on everyone else lol. I ate 4 thin mints and probably the same amount if not more of those coconut ones over two days, which is a vast improvement but still no good. My ultimate weakness! I sadly told my friend I simply cannot buy them anymore for our house but would buy them for her if she wanted some extras lol. I honestly cannot control myself around them, I have a bad sugar addiction and cookies and cake are the two things I have yet to overcome so I stay away like they have the plague in them haha. Simply avoiding the situation seems to be the only way I can truly just stay somewhat good right now. - 3/10/2010   2:45:38 PM
    I would have liked to see the carb values for these delicious cookies! - 3/10/2010   12:17:40 PM
  • 421
    I love those samoas, but do my best to refrain from buying any. I know my self-control will go kaput so, I leave temptation alone. - 3/9/2010   10:49:25 AM
  • 420
    You got to love the THIN MINTS...I loved the story..I can remember when they were alot cheaper then they are now... But still love them - 2/27/2010   11:19:30 AM
    I love Samoas! I wait for the girls to sell them. I stack up for the rest of the year when the sells are over.I will eat a sleeve. I may eat a box! I will eat a big salad,drink 8oz. of water,and pray I dont eat to many,when I open the box. - 2/17/2010   12:36:59 PM
  • 418
    I was pleased to hear that my second favorite cookie (thin mint) wasn't too bad on the calories...then I scroll down to reveal my fav is actually the worst.
    Oh Samoas, why you do me so wrong?! :-)
    Haven't had a girl scout cookie in years, but when I do have a craving I reach for a few Grasshoppers! - 2/17/2010   10:26:20 AM
  • 417
    I SHOULDN'T HAVE READ THIS! NOW I WANT ONE! - 2/16/2010   6:44:29 PM
  • 416
    Thin Mints, for sure!!! I get one box and it goes straight in the freezer. I'll eat a couple a day until they are gone.
    Used to eat half the box at once but no more. - 2/16/2010   4:49:24 PM
    If a box is left unopened I am okay, but once that seal is broken I'm off to the races. And yes, I have eaten a whole sleeve in one sitting and if really honest, a whole box! YIKES!!! For many years I did not buy the cookies - I avoided the stores that had the girls out front and had no little ones knocking at my door.
    That has recently changed due to a young girl in my building - she is quit good at selling. I ordered a few boxes this year, yet to receive them, but with this nutritional information (I never bothered to look on the box before, I just shut my eyes and ate before) I will think twice before indulging like a rock star this year.
    - 2/16/2010   12:43:28 PM
    What a beautiful story. I had tears running down my face. The Olympics are so inspiring and carry so much tradition~~what a wonderful gift to have been a part of the pageantry!!
    Good for you for being brave enough to enter the competition! - 2/16/2010   10:58:18 AM
  • TJB_TX
    As much as I love the Samoas and the Tagalongs, I just can't buy them anymore because I cannot stop myself from eating the whole, yes entire, box in one sitting. I have done pretty well avoiding sweets and free Friday breakfasts at my office. They also sell them in front of my grocery store and I have to ignore their sweet little faces as I pass to avoid the tempation of those delicious cookies. Damn those stupid, delicious cookies! - 2/16/2010   9:01:53 AM
  • 412
    I love the Thin MInts and the peanut butter sandwich cookies (Do-Si-Dos?). I cannot keep these in my home as the would be gone in a day. I have had to walk past two girl scout cookie stands without stopping and as difficult as it has been, it isn't as difficult as I thought. I have no intention of gaining any of my weight back, so I have no intention of buying any cookies. Out of sight, out of mind! - 2/16/2010   8:34:42 AM
    Please don't take away my Thin Mints! - 2/16/2010   1:37:30 AM
  • LQUEST4754
    Bless the kids selling them. I won't have them in my house because they are a drain on my budget and emotional energy! - 2/15/2010   10:52:58 AM
    I like alot of them, but I just don't buy them anymore because I don't have the willpower to eat the serving size. - 2/14/2010   7:20:08 PM
  • 408
    ummm Samoa's rock!! But i can't buy them, no one else here eats them, and I eat the whole box too quickly to share anyways. Not a proud moment, but there are times, i open the box on the way home from work, and they are gone before I make it home.. 1/2 hour drive.. :\ - 2/14/2010   1:07:59 PM
  • 407
    It's sad how much junk is really in these. What's even sadder is how GS push the parents and children to sell these cookies. Each girl is requested, and I use that lightly, to sell 140 boxes and they aren't supposed to collect the money until they deliver which means Moms/Dads lose alot of money and gain lots of cookies. We actually pulled my daughter out of GS because of all the 'politics!' Enjoy your cookie while you think about that! - 2/14/2010   7:16:47 AM
  • 406
    Oh god! It is that time of year again! I don't care what color the box is, if it's a girl scout cookie, I'm in BIG trouble. Thank heaven's I live in an area where there aren't many scouts (the nearest troop is 20 miles away), but that also means that the Girl Scout Cookie ice cream will be along soon....Egad! I can only handle a spoon full at a time, but that's like 100 calories per bite!

    Ok, send BF to store for next month! Thanks again for the warning! - 2/14/2010   12:06:21 AM
  • 405
    One sleeve???? Try one box per night!!!!! Of course it was the highest calorie and fat cookie that was my fav!!! I would actually buy them, hide them, then eat them.....very sad, I know. But all that has changed now. I don't even buy them, because I know I have absolutely no self control when it comes to girl scout cookies. Maybe someday I will be strong enough to allow my children to experience girl scout cookies, but for now...the ban holds!!!! - 2/13/2010   9:42:10 PM
    EILEENV3, I hate to break this to you, but there is no such thing as one Samoa. Just listen to the name. It's a variation on "Some More." Your best bet is to designate them to the troops. I love that idea. I didn't know that this was an option, but if someone comes to our door, I will buy some for the military. Thank you! - 2/13/2010   4:36:57 PM
  • 403
    Besides having calories issues, I have sugar issues. So to support my granddaughter and others selling Girl Scout cookies, I pay to have them sent to our troups overseas. I love that the Girl Scouts has that option.
    But if I didn't have issues, I would get the Thin Mints. I haven't tried the Samoas. But after hearing all the comments, if I have a chance, I will try one. - 2/13/2010   1:31:01 PM
  • 402
    I support girl scouting by buying cookies, but other than keeping a couple for the family, I plan to send what I bought overseas to military families : ) - 2/13/2010   1:12:50 PM
  • 401
    Those Samoas are soooooo addictive. - 2/13/2010   6:03:40 AM
  • 400
    I too was a Girl Scout, but last year, I decided to donate money rather than buy have the temptation. After seeing the calories, I'm thinking I might pick up a box or two and place them in the freezer as well. My faves - Peanut Butter Patties, Coconut Delights & Shortbread - I guess I'm dating myself by not knowing the current names :) - 2/12/2010   7:33:29 AM
  • 399
    I love those cookies, but they are dangerous. Those peanut butter patties are wonderful! I just don't buy them anymore to keep myself good. - 2/12/2010   12:32:38 AM
  • 398
    I used to be terrible and eat an entire box of Samoas in a sitting. I love Samoas and every year there are always several coworkers who actually have boxes of cookies in their cubicle for sale all the time. Now I just buy cookies and donate them to the troops. - 2/11/2010   12:35:28 PM
    Unlike the writer of this blog....I was a girl scout cookie pusher! LOL! I would wake up early in the morning on the first official day to sell those cookies to everybody in the neigborhood. I sold over 500 boxes of cookies for 5 years in a row. I even got a special award. Now, I buy girl scout cookies, but I don't usually eat them. To be honest, I forget that they are there sometimes. I guess after all those years of selling them and being around them, I'm totally burned out on them. My favorites when I was young were the Tagalongs. Now I can barely eat one. I hate the samoas....and now they are my favorite. I ate a shortbread cookie the other day and feel in love with them again. I haven't eaten a whole sleeve. If I have it was a long time ago. - 2/11/2010   8:03:17 AM
    Girl Scouts with their cookies! Those Pushers (as my huband calls them lovingly of course)!
    My favorites are the Chocolate Peanut Butter Patty (don't think that is the right name but that is what I call them) and the Peanut Butter Sandwiches.
    Yes I can eat almost an entire sleeve of them but we don't have anymore of my favorites so it isn't as hard for me to stay away from them now.
    Thank Goodness the girls aren't coming to my door anymore! Just can't say no to them! - 2/10/2010   8:20:57 PM
  • 395
    Thanks for the cal counts on Girl Scout cookies - my husband ordered from everybody at work - 8 boxes coming home!! Thin Mints are my favorite - to keep eating them under control - stick them in the freezer! They freeze well and if you put them in snack bags in serving sizes - real ones, not an entire sleeve of them! - 2/10/2010   4:52:40 PM
  • 394
    Samoas are my weakness! I did so good bypassing all the Girl scout cookie sign up sheets and I'm going to stay strong when the actual cookies start piling in. I just have to think about all the other things I could eat in place of the cookies. - 2/10/2010   12:12:06 PM
  • 393
    trefoils and thin mints all the way!! but i don't buy them anymore BECAUSE it is way too easy to eat a whole sleeve. - 2/10/2010   11:50:41 AM
    My favorite is the thin mints. I ate 2 servings(8 cookies), and felt sick from all the sugar, so that's what helps not to eat an entire sleeve. - 2/10/2010   11:04:17 AM
  • 391
    Thin Mints rock! - 2/10/2010   10:44:47 AM
  • 390
    Thin Mints are my downfall! My dh buys them at work and before Spark People, I could down a whole sleeve without even blinking! Now, when he brings them home, they go right into the freezer. Out of sight, out of mind. I have a few when he opens them and he helps me to keep it to a few, instead of the whole sleeve, like before. I love Spark People! - 2/10/2010   10:12:16 AM
  • 389
    Thin Mints! They freeze so well, too, that you can keep them for a long time. They are so refreshing in the summer time! I love the idea of donating them to the troops--I will check that out! - 2/10/2010   9:41:36 AM
  • 388
    Of course my favorite are the highest calorie cookie, samoa's! LOL I also like the lemon but preferred the lemon cookies better when we were growing up. They changed them. - 2/9/2010   8:51:59 PM
  • 387
    I am a GS leader and ended up buying 27 boxes of GS cookies. LOL They will go into the freezer as there was quite a few people who asked for cookies after the order went in so I know I have plenty for others to buy. I also like the Thanks a Lots for the kids for Smore's. Even though they will be in my house, I have much more self control over myself and know that I can say NO. :) - 2/9/2010   2:30:00 PM
  • 386
    My two faves have always been the Samoa's and Thin Mints. However, we don't have a big presence of sellers around me, so we probably only buy them once every other year. - 2/9/2010   1:42:14 PM
  • 385
    A person I work with has a daughter that sells them. In her troop, they offer a "Gift of Sharing." Basically, you buy the cookies and then they're donated to a local organization--like a children's hospital or Ronald McDonald House--the troop gets to choose. I like to buy them from her because I get to support the Girl Scouts, I don't have 10 boxes sitting around my house--that, give enough time, I will eat, and someone who's having a really hard time gets to enjoy the cookies. - 2/9/2010   1:12:34 PM
  • 384
    I only bought 2 boxes this year.. my neice is selling them but other then that I won't buy anymore. I don't think they will all be eaten in a week but probably over a month or so. - 2/9/2010   12:15:38 PM

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