Hot Celebrity Moms: Motivating or Discouraging?


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Flip open the pages of your favorite celebrity magazine and chances are you'll find an article about how the newest celebrity mom lost her baby weight—very soon after giving birth, no less. Frustrating? Yes. Discouraging? Maybe. A recent poll asked moms what kind of impact “these tiny and toned celebrity moms” had on them. Thirty-one percent of moms felt angry about the “extra pressure on regular moms to look that way” and 24 percent simply felt depressed.

These aren’t just pictures of moms at the grocery store in jeans and sweatshirts either.

Denise Richards posed for Playboy, 5 months after the birth of her first daughter. Heidi Klum strutted down the catwalk in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, just 8 weeks after having her son.

It’s hard to look at those pictures and not compare yourself to them or wonder why you’re still struggling to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes 6 months after your little one arrived.

While part of me congratulates these women for getting back into shape quickly (which is hard work no matter who you are) and showing that a new mom can still be sexy, a bigger part of me wonders what kind of message this is really sending, and what kind of standard we’re expecting moms to live up to.

Consider that many of these women have nannies, personal trainers, personal chefs, and more. Again, I understand that it takes discipline to eat healthy and exercise regularly. But when you’re a new mom who’s sleep deprived and struggling to develop a new routine (trust me, I’ve been there!), the last thing you should be worrying about is how quickly you can get back into your string bikini. Here’s an interesting fact: Researchers at Harvard looked at 940 women and found that moms who slept five hours or less per day when their babies were 6 months old were three times as likely to carry extra weight six months later than moms who slept seven hours a day.

Rapid weight loss and/or extreme exercise are discouraged right after birth, especially if you’re breastfeeding. The healthy way to lose the weight is through a balanced diet and regular exercise, and to do it slowly. This increases the chances that you’ll keep the weight off and you’re less likely to have to deal with problems like sagging skin or a decreased milk supply (if you’re breastfeeding).

What do you think? Do these stories and images inspire you to work harder, or do they discourage you from feeling like you’ll ever live up to such a high standard?

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  • METTA4
    I'd say discouraging but they don't live in the "real" world so I guess I can't compare. I'd like to see them spend some time in my life (with my resources, job, time and money) and see how long they'd "survive". I bet it wouldn't be that long.............. - 3/7/2009   4:55:48 PM
  • 108
    the MOST discouraging thing I could do post-partum was watch one of those Entertainment "news" shows or read a celebrity/gossip/fashion mag. I knew, realistically, that I could never afford to hire all those assistants who could enable me to focus only on shrinking my expanded waistline and not my newborn, etc.

    and yet I despised the fact that there were people out there that can afford these things and they seemed to be throwing the ease of losing weight and regaining shape right back in the faces of people who couldn't.

    I Can't stand that most celebrimama's flaunt their implausibly slim and taut (some nearly naked) bodies in public or print. Don't they realize that what they're doing is just feeding the skinny-obsessed machine of eating disorders? i personally, am glad that I don't look like a malnourished pre-teen mere weeks after I gave birth to either of my kids.

    I'm glad that I look like a woman--with curves nonetheless. I'm glad that I am pursuing a healthy and fulfilled life, not a contractual life stricken by "you must weigh this much and no more--you must look this attractive at all times, no less--OR ELSE" syndrome. How pitiful it must be to survive and not thrive. Poor little rich girls... - 2/17/2009   11:21:31 AM
  • 107
    discouraging for sure. It's just not real life. - 2/17/2009   11:17:16 AM
  • 106
    I don't get motivated by celebrities for all the reasons mention above. But I get really inspired from moms who manage to lose the weight, no matter how much time after they give birth, without personal trainers or chefs. - 2/10/2009   3:24:11 AM
  • 105
    Jen's words offer great food for thought "...what kind of message this is really sending, and what kind of standard we’re expecting moms to live up to." All women of child-bearing age NEED to EXAMINE why the U.S. media is interested in promoting & selling magazines to the public with WORDS such as: celebrity, mom, giving birth, baby weight, breastfeeding, tiny, toned, sexy, string bikini. Jen balances our focus on the words ALL (moms AND dads) should REALLY be THINKING about: impact, sleep deprived, decreased milk supply, pre-pregnancy clothes, compare, extra pressure, struggling, frustrating, discouraging, worrying, angry, depressed. WHO ELSE HAS THE JOB OF CARRYING & BIRTHING OTHER THAN A WOMAN?? There's only one title for that job--mother. Let's rethink that POWER! Let's have pregnancy mean something HONORABLE (again)! Let's get our employer's insurance programs to PAY immediately after birth for "...nannies, personal trainers, personal chefs, and more." Every child deserves support & so should the mom -or- has being a parent changed that much? In the recent past, a mom was supported financially by her spouse or by some kind of citizen support. The celebrities aren't what they are if we don't pay attention--that's what media is for! There isn't enough media attention given to the woman (& man) who strive to be good moms (& dads)--because it's supposed to be the norm--so why are celebrities who raise kids so unusual? We use different categories for people and spend our money on the unusual--female celebrities who become moms SHOULD get back in shape immediately or the media will use their extra weight in a BAD way to sell their magazines. The job of celebrity is stressful at all times--people need to learn what they're getting into. The job of mom is stressful at all times also--women need to learn how they're lives and bodies will be changing. It can be fun to be a celebrity, but so can being a mom--I think both types of people wish the job could be less stressful! If more than 50% of the U.S. workforce is made up of women--why aren't there employer's insurance companies offering after-birth incentives like visiting nannies, personal trainers, personal dieticians, etc.? - 2/2/2009   12:44:16 PM
  • 104
    Magazines like that don't interest me and I see no connection between celebrities and 'real people'. Just as a typist must keep her typing error-free and up to speed, a female celebrity must keep her working 'tools' in top form. Her tools are her looks, her figure, her makeup, her clothing. The Bond actress mentioned in the article (via link) was exceptional before having a baby; she didn't transform from a short always-overweight woman into those proportions through mere diet and exercise. She is atypical and therefor not an example to whom anyone but a model or actress should be compared.

    Each of us is individual... as Nancy Howard just mentioned in her blog... and as such we need to set realistic goals and sound plans for reaching those goals. This makes sense to me!

    After all.... I'm 5'0" tall.... and though only a tad younger than Cher: I just don't think ANY amount of dieting and exercising would ever give me a figure comparable to her! I am.... just me. Overweight? Thin? Just me, in some shape or another depending on my progress! (And boy, am I working on improving myself to be the best I can ME!) - 1/25/2009   8:10:28 AM
  • 103
    For the average mother, which includes the working mother, these goals are not only unrealistic and discouraging they are also a cause for much post partum depression. I know, I have been there! All I have to say is remember the Tortoise and the Hare?? Take it slow and do it right! - 1/21/2009   11:17:17 PM
  • 102
    I agree that anyone can look this way - if you have a personal trainer, dietician, chef, nanny, and unlimited funds to provide yourself with these things. Shoot - my kids are 1 & 3 and I'm still trying to dump the weight! There just aren't enough hours in the day and $$ in the bank for me to be able to get it off as fast as these women. - 1/21/2009   5:46:10 PM
  • 101
    I think it is fabulous that these women can get right back into shape but gosh, they probably have a personal trainer and a person cooking their meals for them too! I think ANYONE could get back into shape right away if they had those types of things available 24/7! - 1/7/2009   2:41:40 PM
  • 100
    These stories are discouraging to the average mom. Excuse me for saying so, but I don't think some of these celebrity moms are very good moms at all! If you have kids and just dump them on other people all the time so you can do your own thing, why did you have kids in the first place?

    Being a good mom requires time, time you could spend on yourself exercising or pursuing career goals as these famous moms do, but I'd like to think most moms dedicate themselves to raising their children. That doesn't leave a lot of time for hour-long workouts and being able to afford a personal chef. But your kids are going to be better off for it. I don't care how much money they have and how many advantages their kids will have because they're rich, they aren't going to be truely happy people because by dumping them off on others all the time, those kids are going to feel worthless. Time is more important than things or money!

    To all the average, normal, loving moms out there - just keep doing your best as a mom and taking care of yourself and that's all that can be asked of you! When you die, do you want people to remember how good you looked, or by what you did in your life? - 12/31/2008   8:41:26 AM
    I wish that a personal trainer would be covered by insurance post birth. I mean why shouldn't we all be HOT moms(if we want to of course)? I have had two kids and just know, 4 years after my first born am I "ready" to focus on me a bit and work out, so that I can feel good about my body again. By the way, anyone have any luck losing to extra skin on the belly with lots of excercise? I dont want a tummy tuck :( - 12/19/2008   5:41:56 PM
  • 98
    oh an thank goodness us normal people have a site like sparkspeople to help us out since we dont have a million dollers to spend like the celeb moms do. - 12/2/2008   5:12:13 PM
  • 97
    Celeb moms are under alot more pressure than me that is for darn sure. I say good for them, they have the trainers, the money and the time to devote to losing the baby weight fast. I was lucky to loose the baby weight, but now I have gained some back by not taking care of my self. Heidie Klum HAD to loose the pounds because her contract said she could not alter her body in any way. These girls cant gain a pound w/o someone jumping down their throats or critizizing them. I am glad I dont have that pressure. And I am loosing the weight they way most ppl do on this site, by excersise and eating well. Not by going to the gym and working out for 2 or 3 hrs everyday. We dont have those advantages, but I'll take my private life and not that of a celeb. - 12/2/2008   5:10:34 PM
  • 96
    I could care less, I lost 60 pounds using Sparkpeople after having my seocnd son, so I feel accomplished knowing I did it without the help of nannies, personal chef's, personal trainers and whatever miracle diet fad they took. - 11/29/2008   9:06:45 PM
  • 95
    I agree I would love to have someone help me lose weight. These celebrity women don't know what is real. - 11/15/2008   9:52:22 AM
  • 94
    I do not think it is realistic, and I agree that genetics plays a role in losing the weight after having a baby. The images make me feel worse even though I know I am making progress albeit ten YEARS after the baby was born. LOL
    Seriously, if I had the time and money, I would be in the gym more often meaning aerobics and weight machines. I use what I have available—the local school track and my 5 and 10-pound dumbells. - 11/15/2008   4:41:02 AM
  • 93
    I try not to compare myself to the celebrities, but I feel like everone else around me is, so the "regular mom" is just a skinny as the celebrities we see in the magazines. I see everyday moms pushing around strollers and they look like they were never pregnant and I end up comparing myself to them. But then again a lot of these moms I see live in Manhattan, land of "Sex and the City," so there is a different standard there too. It's frustrating. I'm still struggling with my weight and it's been two years already. All I can do is keep working at it with an eye towards being healthy for myself and my family and eventually something will happen. - 11/13/2008   10:32:02 AM
  • 92
    I just had my second child, a daughter, two months ago. I find it really discouraging to see these Hollywood moms spread across the pages of magazines and glorified for "losing the baby weight so fast" as they do. Well, if I had all the things they had, I would too lol. After I had my son, 4 years ago, I had to bust my butt to lose that weight and it took several months, not weeks, to get it off. So, yeah it's discouraging and completely unrealistic. Unless you are genetically predisposed to that body type and have millions of dollars, don't fall for the hype. - 11/11/2008   4:00:52 AM
  • 91
    Of course they lose all their baby weight right away - they have to. If a celebrity mom doesn't bounce right back to her bikini-strutting self within 2 months, her body is criticized in every form of media. I thank God I could be at home with my flabby belly instead of at the gym trying to look good for the photo shoot that was set up for exactly 8 weeks after a scheduled c-section. They can keep their personal chefs and trainers, I don't need the stress. - 11/10/2008   12:03:41 PM
    It's very discouraging. Alot of people don't have the "time" that a celebrity mom has. I, as an average American mom, can't afford daycare for my son much less a full time nanny as they do. They can come and go anytime they want or need and average moms can't. I also cannot afford to go to the gym, much less hire on a full time personal trainer that comes to me! They do!! They have the "time" and "money" to get that body! I don't! - 11/10/2008   9:56:59 AM
  • 89
    It would be nice if this could happen for the average person. Some average women who are not celebrities can achieve these same results because it is in their genes. But most, I don't think so. These women have nannies, personal trainers, chef's, motivational coaches, and looking hot is a part of their job. If they let themsleves go, they wouldn't have jobs. Some of it motivates me, just to work hard to get where I want. It definetly does not discourage me, because we are living in two entirely different worlds. I do what I can with what I have. I can't worry about what others are doing and how they are achieving their results. Everyone can't do the same thing. - 11/9/2008   9:09:11 AM
  • 88
    These celeb's have the money and the support system that NORMAL folks don't ( trainers, nanny's, chef's, etc) also they HAVE to do this for the job.

    I find the people here at SPARK more inspiring. Only after joining here was I able to get started, make progress, AND stick with it ! - 11/5/2008   11:18:12 PM
  • 87
    Well I gained a ton of weight with both of my children, even though I was eating a VERY healthy diet and staying VERY active with exercise during the pregnancies. My body didn't react kindly to my Cesarean with my first child, and even though I had a vaginal with my second child, I still have GOBS of stretchmarks all over the place and loose skin that will NEVER (with the exception of a tummy tuck) look even close to normal.
    For me it was not simply a matter of working out or eating right in order to look "normal" again - it's the matter of the sagging skin and huge stretchmarks all over. :( - 11/3/2008   9:41:41 AM
  • 86
    I was in the best shape of my life when breast feeding my kids, 112lbs, buff, size 0, big boobs. It was the bomb! I think that just happens for some people, looks like that is what Trista's deal is, and with a lot of women who weren't big to begin with before pregnancy. It is genetic, just like anything else. For others, they work hard and deserve the praise. - 10/19/2008   11:13:14 AM
  • 85
    As stated in the article, we can't compare ourselves to celebs becasue they have personal trainer, personal chef, and nannies. Most of us have have jobs and other family responsibilities that prevent us from spending the majority of our time thinking about our body image. Sure we want to take care of ourselves and losing weight after a baby may take a little time. Don't try to do it overnight. So what a celeb did it in five or six weeks. Be proud of the steps you are taking to reach your goal and be realistic about those goals. - 10/19/2008   8:51:44 AM
  • 84
    Oh who cares about the celeb moms... it's been well stated above their careers depend on it... and yes all those additional resources... who couldn't eat well when all they had to do was eat it without the shopping, prep, etc! And, their industry capitalizes on the SEX(y) aspect and couldn't care less about the healthy aspect of it all. Absurd.

    I am so over the idea of being the hot mom... seriously, I want to be the healthy mom who is willing to try any activity with the kids/family... I am not looking outside myself for who/how I should be.... I need to find for myself where I am healthy and fit... and I'm working on it! - 10/19/2008   12:22:02 AM
    I could care less about "celebrity" moms and how they fit into their size 2 within six weeks of giving birth to twins or whatever. They don't live in the real world and they're not role models.

    Women who care for their families without the aid of nannies, personal chefs, etc and still find time to take care of theirselves by eating right and exercising without the aid of personal trainers are REAL role models, as far as I'm concerned. If I saw a magazine with an average-looking woman on the cover and a headline the read "She lost 100 pounds in 18 months...Mom of five shares her diet and exercise tips" I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Sadly, it'll never happen. - 10/18/2008   7:20:18 AM
  • 82
    It's not realistic, even a little bit. For starters, it is their JOB to look good & be 'in shape' so if they are not looking good, they don't work. When they DO work, they get paid a lot more than I make in 5 years, so having someone stay at home & take care of their kids for them & cook for them is not such an unreal thing. What they DO have time for is working out & getting that body to look as good as they do. I don't envy any celebrity one bit, to have that much pressure to look good all the time? No thanks! As soon as they have a little extra pudge in the belly the magazines are quick to assume they are pregnant! I hate to be asked if I was pregnant every time I put a bikini on!

    I think for those of us in the real world, who have to work full time jobs, come home clean the house & cook dinner, these expectations are not even close to realistic. Anyone who has a child will know the time that goes into caring for that child leaves little for anything else so ladies, take your time, don't let these celebrities bully you into an unreal expectation! - 10/17/2008   3:50:04 PM
  • 81
    i do not compare myself with celeb,but i think its determination and body structure,i had my lovely baby gilr,six months ago,it take my 12 wks to got my body back,though an not yet done with my target wieght.HAA.HAAA.
    CHIMDINDU.. - 10/17/2008   2:29:25 PM
  • 80
    If I could afford a personal trainer and a cook I would lose the weight that fast too. - 10/8/2008   12:00:40 PM
  • 79
    I think the key thing to remember is that they get their shape BACK. If they're being touted as toned and fit now, it rather implies they were that shape to begin with. And as someone has pointed out already for every celebrity held up as 'role model' for getting back into shape so quick there's another being ridiculed for not being able to do it. We all come in different shapes and sizes and we have different lifestyles and resources. I think the whole practice of glorifying or denigrating any one person's body shape is enormously destructive. - 9/27/2008   10:19:01 PM
  • 78
    I agree with everyone else, it's not realistic for the average woman with/without a job, children, children's sports or activities to get them to, a home to care for , meals to prepare, bills to worry about, just all the things that we are responsible for, and to be able to workout for hours. I don't get paid to look or "be" a certain way. I work full time plus overtime, never get enough sleep, have 2 children, a dog and a cat, a husband,..... and trying to fit workouts in is hard sometimes. No one can come and cut the grass, clean the house, bring over groceries, do the laundry, take care of the kids, or offer to pay me to endorse a product after recieving "free" samples, or pay for me to go to the gym with a personal trainer. I don't begrudge anyone who can look like a model, good for them! It is just not a reality for me, but I keep trying, and hey, if I decide I want to "indulge", I know I don't have to worry about the photo shoot in the morning!!!! - 9/26/2008   7:37:20 AM
  • 77
    6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years? who cares as long as the mom is healthy enough to properly care for her child. It took me 9 years to lose my baby weight, and with all that I've learned during my journey, I wouldn't change it for anything. - 9/24/2008   11:12:54 AM
  • 76
    I think celebs have pressure on them to look a certain way and it's part of their career choice. They have to be very aware of their body size because they preform in front of a camera. That's not a fair comparison for the average person. I think if you control your weight gain, in a healthy way, while you are pregnant, taking it off after you have your baby will be easier. It's all about being healthy pregnant or not. I lost my pregnancy weight in six weeks. But I didn't lose it in a healthy way - I stressed it off and went through a divorce shortly after. I did make an effort to exercise and become fit at the same time though. - 9/23/2008   10:36:33 AM
  • 75
    I agree with what everyone has said so far, again if we had their money we would all have PT's and chefs, and nannies 911, I do not even look at those magazines, just give me my MF for Her and I am fine, and like someone else posted Spray paint goes a long way...We have to look within ourselves first see our own beauty, cuz we all have something we like about our body and start working on that and we all be happy...quote "beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I am beholding." unknown.. - 9/18/2008   8:26:01 AM
  • 74
    I agree that if us "regular" moms had all the help the celebrities have, we could also be able to lose the baby weight. But their lives revolve around they way they look. I'm concerned about my weight and appearance, but also enjoy being just a mom with a regular life. But it is very frustrating on those days when I look in the mirror and I'm just not happy with the way I look. I try not to be so hard on myself, but when these "skinny" moms are plastered everywhere, it's hard not to judge yourself. - 9/4/2008   9:47:15 AM
  • 73
    I know for me (haven't had to get up with a baby in years) that I always want to eat more when I'm tired. I doubt these women have to get up at night. Someone probably does that for them. They are also paid big bucks to get that body back. I'd do it for a million bucks too if I had someone to shop, cook, clean, do yard work, laundry...... - 8/31/2008   8:50:32 PM
  • 72
    I agree with all of you ladies, we could all achieve the same body with all of the help celebrities have. Personally, I would rather spend my time with my new baby girl taking walks and making healthy food. I would not feel good about dumping her on a nanny so I could could workout 4 hours a day or depriving my body of essential nutrients required to breastfeed. - 8/29/2008   4:55:01 PM
  • 71
    Unfortunately celebrities tend to have luxuries we do not have which to an extent makes it easier for them to get back in shape after having a baby. If I had someone cooking for me or could afford a personal trainer to work with me a couple days a week I'm sure I'd be in much better shape.

    Yes, I applaud new mothers who get back in shape quickly. For us "normal" people though it takes a lot of work to get back to where we were before. - 8/27/2008   7:59:22 AM
  • 70
    discourging - Photo touch ups this is not reality - 8/26/2008   2:30:48 PM
  • 69
    1. Pregnancy should be a time to take care of yourself- "eating for 2" should mean you are TWICE as careful about what you eat, not eating twice as much. If the average person eats well and gains the recommended amout of weight, it will take less time to come off.

    2. Celebrities live in a freaky weird world where you schedule your c-section and your tummy tuck for the same day. They have nutritionists, stylists, personal trainers, plastic surgeons and personal chefs whose only job is to make sure the celebrity looks great. ANYONE with those resources could do the same. - 8/26/2008   12:56:03 PM
  • 68
    The whole thing irritates me because women have bought into the lie that they have to be some "HOT MAMA" once they are a mama. WHO are we trying to impress????? MEN do NOT have the same pressures!!! For some reason we think boob jobs. liposuction, botox, and other body enhancements will make us feel better about ourselves. WHO HAS tricked us into thinking we have to look a certain way???? AND why do we believe that looking a certain way will make us feel better? It's a bunch of crap that the Media and men have put on women. - 8/25/2008   4:32:38 PM
    One of the reasons I don't want a baby yet is that I'd ruin what I achieved in 2 yrs: my weight loss. of course celebs have trainers, nannies and it's their job to look for the rest of us there's the frustration .... it downright SUCKS to seem them tiny so soon after giving birth when you are contemplating the idea of looking like a thanks . babies can wait, right now i prefer to live my life wt my sexy husband! - 8/25/2008   9:21:27 AM
    Personally I could care less about celebrities. When I watch any news on TV now stories about celebrities waste half my time. They don't affect my life and none of them should be considered role models because look at how some of them have already corrupted the youth.
    I know that some celeb moms are just built to look as thin after having a baby as they did before, but some when you look at preggo pics and they are HUGE and then teeny afterwards (with no stretchmarks I might add), you know they've had work done and are not following Dr orders.
    I was not allowed to even lift a clothesbasket full of clean/dirty clothes for at least 3 weeks.
    My aunt who had twins 3 months after I had my baby is already back at pre preggo weight (he babies are 5 months old) but that's how her body is, but I'm still fighting to lose baby weight from my son 10 years ago.
    Most of it are our gene's but some of it is obviously tampered with. (Makes you wonder just how truthful they're really being.) - 8/24/2008   11:33:13 PM
    I agree with Pamela's comment. To quote, "I say good for these new moms! It shows me that they took care of themselves well before,during, and after their pregnancy and that made it that much easier to lose the remaining "baby" weight in a relatively short amount of time. Obviously, what a woman's doctor says goes but, there really isn't any reason for a healthy normal weight woman to gain anymore than 20-30lbs when pregnant. Pregnancy should not be time to eat whatever you want in whatever quantity and not exercise. Being pregnant is a time to fully commit to a healthy lifestyle for the sake of the baby. Even if a woman is on bed rest due to complications it doesn't mean she has to make poor food choices. "

    I am one who gained a LOT of weight during each of my 3 pregnancies, and sure enough, I brought it upon myself. If a woman has the foresight (whether a "normal" person or a celeb who knows she will be minutely scrutinized) to avoid the unnecessary additional weight gain, then good for her!*

    *the caveat is that I assume the baby's health is not at risk. If this case, of course I do not condone the mother's concern for her physical appearance over the health of the child, but that is not the impression I got from reading this blog.
    - 8/24/2008   11:11:22 PM
  • 64
  • 63
    I don't envy celebs in the least. The pressure they have on them to be perfect must be horrible. When I had bulemia and was "thin" for me, keeping up with my perfectionism made me miserable. I should have been enjoying my smaller body, not starving it to reach some model image. - 8/24/2008   1:29:26 PM
  • 62
    Again, who cares about what celebrities do or don't do? They have no clue about real life and reality. What and how their lives are lived is irrelevant to the rest of us who don't live in their insane worlds. - 8/24/2008   11:48:05 AM
  • 61
    According to my doctor, the reason these women have scheduled c-section deliveries before the baby reaches full term is 1) so their bodies don't get stretched to full-term size and 2) because they have tummy tucks at the same time as they have the c-section. Setting aside that they are putting their children at serious health risk by not allowing them to develop to full term, it is quite disingenuous to pretend that they had a normal pregnancy and delivery and got into shape all on their own without surgery.

    I understand that the job requirements for these women are quite different than mine are, and they may indeed need to go to these lengths to remain employed. That is fine - many people have to make difficult choices for their livlihoods. What I object to is the false image that is created when people pretend the celebrity pregnancies and recovery are anything other than what they are. - 8/24/2008   9:13:28 AM
  • 60
    I say good for these new moms! It shows me that they took care of themselves well before,during, and after their pregnancy and that made it that much easier to lose the remaining "baby" weight in a relatively short amount of time. Obviously, what a woman's doctor says goes but, there really isn't any reason for a healthy normal weight woman to gain anymore than 20-30lbs when pregnant. Pregnancy should not be time to eat whatever you want in whatever quantity and not exercise. Being pregnant is a time to fully commit to a healthy lifestyle for the sake of the baby. Even if a woman is on bed rest due to complications it doesn't mean she has to make poor food choices.

    When I had my son I gained 20lbs and after I had him I only had 8lbs to lose. My pregnancy was probably one of the healthiest times in my life. I was so careful of what I ate and I was going to college at the time and was walking miles a day on campus. If I were to be blessed with another child in the next year or so you can be sure I will be that stringent with diet and exercise again - especially since I'll be an "older" mom!
    - 8/24/2008   8:51:46 AM

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