Healthy, Homemade Gifts: Vision Collage

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Here at SparkPeople, we're big fans of vision collages. What's a vision collage?

A vision collage is a collection of photos, magazine pages, words, or anything else that you can use to help visualize your goals.

Why would you give one as a gift?

Sometimes it's hard to visualize the future for yourself, and it's can be even harder to pick out the aspects of yourself that you like. Make a vision collage for someone else.

If your best friend is working hard to quit smoking, make her a collage with a photo of the two of you, motivational quotes, a list of activities she can do to distract herself from smoking, and maybe a mantra she can repeat to herself when she's having a tough day.

Hubby trying to find motivation to work out? Find a favorite photo of yourselves from your younger days and add a list of reasons why you love him no matter what.

When you know that someone else loves you and is rooting for you, it can make reaching your goal all that much easier.

Grab a few favorite photos, some old magazines, a couple of mementos and a nice piece of paper. Once your collage is finished, frame it.

It doesn't need to be large. My friend Jennie framed a collection of fortunes from cookies and put them in a tiny 2"x3" frame that she keeps by her bed.

Do you have a vision collage? Would you ever make one for someone else?

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The very first vision collage I made was for a friend...That came easier than making one for myself but gave me the feel and experience of it. Report
Coach Stepf wrote this lovely blog prior to my joining SparkPeople, so I learned of it only today, more than a year after its publication. She's offered a creative handmade gift idea that, in my circle of family and friends, would be valued more than any gift of monetary value. More than anything, a Vision Collage created by someone else bequeaths the recipient the gift of truly being "seen" - the hallmark of love. It is for this very reason that a personal Vision Collage holds so much power for the Sparker who creates his or her own.Thank you for capturing the essence of SparkPeople's Vision Collage, Coach Stepf, and flavoring it with you. Report
Great idea for children to do during a school break and let their minds explore on any level. give them pictures, newspapers or whatever they want to use. Report
I think this is a great gift idea. I also think that anything creative is "food" for the soul. Taking time to realize ones dreams is a gift to someone but also to your self. Report
ooo, sounds fun! Report
I have made these before and they are great motivators! Thanks for the idea of making them for others! I think it would be a treasured gift! Report
I have not made one physically lately... but I made a "virtual" one that I proudly display on my Sparkpage. I also made one for another sparker and she uses it as her background. Hmmmm, that gives me an idea regarding inexpensive sparkgifts to my friends on sp! Thanks! Report
I love thus idea. I am contemplating doing this as I forget sometimes why I am working so hard when I am the only one who knows what I want....I have a picture in my head but cannot find just the right picture to show my hubby what it is I am working on when he says "it doesn't matter what you look like on the outside." Great he loves me for me but I don't because I am not who I want to be....Make sense...I started looking for the pictures to keep me motivated today.... Report
Thank you for the wonderful idea. I need to do this as a gift to myself. I am a single mom of two young children and we just recently moved so I am looking for work. I don't do anything for myself and I was thinking this is fantastic gift I can give to myself and my children will benefit from it, through me. I have a hard time, because as lame as this may sound, I am really not completely sure what all of my dreams and goals are, cause I have soo many things I want to do or do better. However, I finally realize that I have to start somewhere. Thank you very much I really appreciate this idea. Here is to a brighter vision for 2009. Report
I like this idea. I do day care and am always open to ideas for the kids to make for parent gifts, and they could do so many different things with this. Thanks for the idea.
My husband could really use one of these right now on his desk at work! Thanks for the neat idea! Report
Great Idea- Report
I've been trying to come up w/ a way to get my husband to be more active w/ the equipment he spends money on - maybe I will try a motivational board & hang it in his office!! I never thought of doing that!! Report
This is something that I have been doing for the last few months. I have read in many books that this technique works in all aspects of life and I have found that it is true. The more I work on it the more positive I feel. And the more "good" things come my way:)

My hubby and I are going to one for each other to help us get re-motivated to lose more weight. It will work! Report
I really liked reading this. I got some great ideas. Especially about the fortune cookie. Report
I have been meaning to do this for a while. I'm not very crafty though, so it's something I've just been putting off. :( Report
I would make one for someone young and pretty, who could REALLY get to that goal, but I'd just put up pictures of SALLY FIELD for me. She's 62 and looks great. Report
I made one of these for my boyfriend (now my husband) while we were in college! I recently cut stuff out to make one for myself - a vision board of goals and dreams but I never got around to actually making it. You've inspired me! Report
I really need to do this but i want to put something togetehr that will REALLY motivate me...hmm...thinking Report
DailySpark is on fire today! I really like this idea, much better than some of the other gift suggestions given. Report
Great Idea! Report
What a great idea!! Some neat ideas on here too! Report
Thanx Spark folks! Report
I collect magnets on my fridge to help me keep on the right track Report
I don't really have what would be called a vision collage, but I have a few pictures posted in different places (bathroom, in my truck, refrigerator) to keep my mind on THE GOAL. Report
i've made vision collages about this weight loss journey. posted 2 of them on my spark people blog. :) Report
I think this is a great idea. I will make one by now and the end of the year so that Jan1,2009 I will be ready to go. Report
I'm going to make a collage for my Sweetheart- my husband, Clint. We are not having the normal 'presents under a tree' or gift exchanges this year now that we are unemployed. Sooo... since we don't have that luxury, I'm going to make him the BEST present I can!! Something to make him feel like he will FOREVER (we met in 1969) be my knight in shining armor... and I will FOREVER be his fair lady...

WOW! #7, LISAK, I love, love, LOVE, your idea with the 3-ring binder!! My Gemini Ascendant (Astrology) makes me almost a DOUBLE inside, LOL! so there's MILLIONS X's MILLIONS of thoughts flying all over the place- way too many visuals for one little poster, or ONLY 1 page of ideas...

#11, ROGERSON44, I know EXACTLY what you mean!! LOL!! The whole raised eyebrow and all!! LOL!! I can simply mention something to one of them and get the, "???!???," LOL!!

#14, RRSANCHEZ65, love BOTH the healing scriptures and encouraging words! I think a really REALLY big (HUGE) board would be fun!

#16, RUTHS_FAITH, what a FABULOUS idea to 'do' this for your grown kids- to show them the value they have to you... THANK YOU sooo much for sharing that idea with me!! I want to 'do' this for my grown children too! Since Christmas is almost here, and the New Year upon us, I may have to 'do' this for Valentine gifts.

#21, PATTY140, you're right!! It doesn't have to be (it shouldn't be, anyway) negative, and it could be the BEST gift ever!! How we 'see' someone else in our OWN eyes may be way more beautiful then they could ever imagine of themselves... and if it isn't, then they will gain the insight to know how they have inspired the visuals another selects to represent them! It's like... getting to walk in another's perspective for a change! I have six children too!!

#22, LEELYNN2, A clipboard! What a ingenious idea!! Thanks for sharing!! Report
I would love to do one for my brother to quit smoking (again). He is getting really tired of me bugging him but he won't quit. I know he understands why (he's also diabetic) he shouldn't be smoking, but he just can't or won't stop. He gave up cigarettes, but now smokes little cigars that he says he doesn't "inhale". I am tired of being the big sister and trying to bully him. Report
There was a tradition at a camp that I worked at where your Mentor from camp made you a clip board with a vision collage on it both sides. It is my favorite memento from camp and I still use it regularly. I love that clipboard that a group of counselors made for me. Report
I think this is a great idea, who better than to take the time to motivate than your best friend! It doesn't have to be obnoxious, it can be all the great things and fun times you've had and a vision of a new goal, a mini vacation for the gals? A new room redo? There are tons of things that can motivate us to be healthy physically or mentally. :) Just new memories to look forward to, that's what friends are for.
lol Now to find the time... :) Report
What a great idea Report
I had a small collage of older (much slimmer) pictures of myself on my flat screen monitor - until it went on the blink earlier this year. I switched out monitors & kept the collage on the old monitor. I think I'll start a new collage maybe it will help reignite my spark.

(no - I probably wouldn't make a collage for anyone else - it would be too difficult to identify what would motivate them) Report
I love collages.... I have a motivational scrapbook of my weight loss journey. I need to make my visual collage... its been on my to do list. I will start on it tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder! Happy holidays
I like the fortune cookie idea. I save the fortunes, but I never know what to do with them. Report
I don't see them as platitudes. Often they are truths.

I have a friend who has suffered from an eating disorder. In the places she has been to seek healing, she has had to do collages. They have had real value. My problem is ME! I have a fear of putting down things about me. I need to do this. Whether we keep it in sight, or put it away, the greatest value is in doing the collage, in exploring self, desires, goals.

I will do this for myself, I might also do it for my grown kids, to show them the value they have to me. Report
I love this idea! Thanks very much for the suggestion. Report
Great idea to do a big one on a board, don't know as I'd give one for a gift unless I truly knew what that person's goals and dreams were, then it would be a good idea to keep them focused, or if they had a sickness and you wanted to fill it with healing scriptures, or encouraging words, then it would be a great idea for a gift. I done a few pages in my journal, but like the big board idea better. Report
I am doing something similar. I'm reusing cd's that are no good and putting pictures on them and putting ribbon on them so the people I'm making them for can hang them up wherever they want. It is to keep a smile on their faces in tough times. I love Vision Colages and have been doing them my entire life, yes even in public school! Report
I had to do this for a college course I took a few years ago. It was the most fun and I got an A on it! Report
I think making collages is a great idea. Giving them as a gift is another story. A collage is something that is quite personal, and what gives me hope and inspiration might not do the same for my friend. I have found even in my family that the things that lift my spirits and get me out of a bad mood might be things that cause my family to look at me, one eyebrow lifted, and say...."Whaaaaaa........??" LOL Report
I made a vision board by using foam board and trimmed it with some sewing trim. I like the foam board because you can cut it into shapes and it doesn't warp as easily as poster board. Report
My daughter and I just made one for her teacher. She actaully painted things on it they have done so far this year. Report
I do and mine is a picture of me entering a swimming pool at age 21 in a bikini in a mini frame on my friedge. It is very motivating to me and I often glance at it. Guests often comment on that cute, sexy thang in that bikini. Report
I have an entire vision booklet made in a 3-ring binder with different topics pertaining to health/wellness...i.e. self, family, finance, work, spirituality, health, relationship, community, etc Report
I think I agree. Your best wishes for your friend might be taken as a criticism. You should get together and work on them for yourselves. I'm not planning to do this right now, but I might in the future. Report
I think this might be a great Christmas gift for my Daughter. She is 23 with a 3 year old and is getting her first apt for. I can envision something really cool for her. She will love it. Report
I have made a vision board for myself. My girlfriend and I made them at the same time and shared them over coffee. I look at it every evening before going to bed. Some of the things on it have already been realized and I plan to update it right after the first of the year. I think it is good to see your goal rather then just think them but I agree post #1 I don't think I would do one for a friend. They are personal. Report
I think that this would be a better gift if you made a date with your friend to do these collages together--you offer to supply the stuff to make it and the place to do it, and you clean up afterward. All your friend has to do is show up, cut, paste and play. I did my last collage with a group of friends, and it was fun to talk about what was in the collages, and to offer each other support. Report
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