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In case you missed our earlier promotions, I wanted to let you know one more time about the April special going on at For a limited time only, you'll receive a FREE eco-friendly grocery tote (that's it pictured to the left) on all SparkPeople Store orders of $29.99* or more! *Simply enter the promotional code GOGREEN during checkout. This offer is applicable on orders placed April 1-30, 2010 that total $29.99 or more and ship via ground shipping.

You could spend that $29.99 on fitness products (like our Fitness Starter Kit for $29.99), SparkPeople T-shirts ($11.50 and up), or smart portion lunch kits. But to go with the whole "green" theme, I have another idea.

Create your own $29.99 combination of these eco-friendly SparkPeople products:

Whatever you choose, be sure to act soon. This free grocery tote offer is only good through April 30 so place your order at today!

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I enjoy reusable bags and this is a great offer, tanx! Report
I use reusable bags Report
I love my reusable bags, the hardest part is to remember to bring them back in the store with me.. I am getting better at that howevever Report
I too love this re-usable bags and can't imagine going to any store without these bags. The news that came out this week regarding these bags is a bit disturbing. These bags contain poly proprolene which doesn't break down and isn't good for the environment. So much for thinking "green". Report
An idea - I use the reusable bags as gift bags for birthday, etc, gifts. Our grocery store sells them for $0.99, so it's the same price as a regular gift bag. Report
I am also a cheapskate and don't want to buy $30.00 worth of stuff for the bag. If they would sell it separately I would think about it although I already have a lot of bags. Report
I have been using a canvas bag that I bought at LL Bean 20 years ago. I have been Earth Friendlly for a long time. Report
To AEHEGE: I have been washing and reusing my ziploc bags for a couple of decades and have never had a problem with reusing them. Have never heard of any problems with this. As long as they don't have any holes or something I can't get out, I will keep doing it. My sister-in-law used to live in Africa and she always did this too.

As for the reusable tote bags, I always keep mine in the car for when I grocery shop. That way I always have them handy. Report
I tried to order the starter kit for $29.99 but it won't accept the gogreen code, states it has to be $30.00 or more! Bad advertising! I canceled my order. Report
We've been joking that the landfills are soon going to start filling up with reusable shopping bags - or maybe people will start making quilts from them! :^) Report
So your post says 29.99 or greater but I am trying to checkout with the code and it says its only valid on 30.00 or more... my total is 29.99 right now.. fantastic... :-( Report
I really would like to buy a few water bottles from Sparkpeople, but it doesn't say whether or not the bottles are made in China or not. (I refuse to buy made in China water bottles.) I'm assuming they are, as most stainless steel water bottles are.

SP really ought to release where in the world their products are made. Report
I am also a cheapskate and dont buy a lot of things period. I like the bag but dont need 29.99 worth of stuff, I am trying to get rid of stuff anyway most store offer the bags for .99cents or less but thanks for offering Report
I understand that companies need money to run (I'm a business owner myself). But, paying $29.00 for a bag, seems off to me. Why not offer the bag on it's own for those of us that don't need $13.00 water bottles (or people like me who are too cheap for $13.00 water bottles).
I can go to any local store here to get the canvas bags. Walgreens has them on sale 3 for $1.00 this week. And they are huge! Plus. I don't have to spend $30.00 (not counting shipping) to get it.
Come on Sparkspeople.. what about those of us cheapskates??? Report
What a great way to save the planet! A wonderful promotion for Earth Day! Report
I would love to have more tha one bag without having to buy more SP products. In the county I live in (Dare Co., NC) we can not use plastic bags. We carry our own bags to store or have to use the thin recycled paper bags provide by our stores. If you carry your own bags you receive a 5 cent discount for each. Report
I think I ordered the wrong month. Oh heck. I will check to see if you have the form fitting t-shirt in a new color other than white. Hope so! Anyway, I like the bags, and love the shirt that I wear for my daily walks. Report
please in forme me if im in the wrong web sight about a week ago when i loged on i had about 800 or so points next thing i knew i was at 0 dont know what happened please help. Report
I have enough bags right now, but thanks anyway. Report
I'm part of the 8 Days to May....stay in your calorie range challenge of the Dr. Oz Show Fans SP team. If I make it to April 30 I will finally order the pink Fitness in Progress tee I want and something else and get the free green bag. Report
I have over 25 reusable bags. One of the reason I never order anything is that I don't use credit cards. My credit was ruined by idenity theft. Report
I love these bags and use them for everything! Including my 5 year old taking snow gear to school...snow pants, boots/shoes, etc! Report
I just returned from a Business Expo and I collected as many bags like this as I could. They are useful fo sooo many things. Report
I love those reusable bags. I have several from different places. We use them constantly! Great way to advertise too! Report
great deal...I love, love my trader joe bags Report
I have always washed and reused ziplock bags, but the other day a person was horrified when I told her this. She said that washing them in detergent does something to the plastic, making them unsafe to store food again. Has anyone heard this? Report
I like to use them for all kinds of stuff. They are lightweight and easily folded. Report
I love reusable bags! I have probably around 10 and use them whenever I go shopping. Although, sometimes I use them for other things to. They are so versatile! Report
I would love to get several things, but I am not one of those who uses the internet to give my personal information; can I send a check? NatesGirl5 Report
That canvas tote is really cute. I'm liking these products. Might have to check them out soon! Report
I would like to buy a few of these reusable bags outright. I use bags like this for a multitude of things. If buying them is an option, I'd love to hear about it. Report
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