Food Showdown: Which Shrimp Dish is the Better Catch?


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If you're a health-conscious seafood lover, you probably know that shrimp makes a tasty, high-protein and low-fat dish—when prepared the right way, that is. Restaurants across the country incorporate the little crustaceans into hundreds of dishes, from popcorn shrimp to creamy shrimp fettuccine Alfredo. Applebee's includes shrimp in several of its dishes, but not all are created equal! The Signature Sirloin with Garlic Herb Shrimp from Applebee's includes a 7-oz. sirloin steak topped with shrimp in a light cream sauce, and comes with potatoes, veggies, and sliced almonds on the side. The Grilled Shrimp 'N Spinach Salad features grilled shrimp on a mound of fresh spinach, topped with bacon, peppers, onions, and bacon vinaigrette. Of these two shrimp dishes, which one contains the least calories and fat?

 The Winner: Signature Sirloin with
Garlic Herb Shrimp!

The Signature Sirloin is actually on the ''Under 550 Calories'' menu at Applebee's, and clocks in at a reasonable 500 calories and 20 grams of fat. Though the Grilled Shrimp 'N Spinach Salad may sound innocent enough, that bacon really boosts the calories through the roof—this salad packs a hefty punch with a whopping 960 calories and 65 grams of fat! This goes to show that a restaurant salad may not always be the best choice. When dining at Applebee's, stick to the Weight Watchers and ''Under 500 Calories'' menus. For an even lighter shrimp catch, the Grilled Jalapeno-Lime Shrimp from the Weight Watchers menu is just 300 calories and 6 grams of fat!

For more healthier choices at Applebee's, check out SparkPeople's Dining Out Guide.

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  • 24
    Shrimp are a favorite, a big bowl of Spring mix, baby shrimp, feta cheese and Aldi Fit and Active Italian dressing Yummy Have a good day all - 6/15/2014   8:17:31 AM
  • 23
    Un believable that a salad could do that much harm ;_) - 10/26/2012   8:47:53 PM
  • 22
    Thank you for this blog! - 9/19/2012   10:59:55 AM
  • 21
    I LOVE this salad, but already knew the nutritional information. Because I love the salad, I usually do the same thing as CLAYLADY01. I eat this for a late lunch and have little or nothing for dinner.
    - 9/11/2012   3:38:21 PM
  • 20
    Very interesting and quite surprising! - 9/6/2012   9:27:34 PM
  • 19
    I eat a lot of shrimp, but mostly grilled with lime squeeze on. If I did want the salad, I would hold the bacon, dressing on the side. Also watch sodium in restaurant foods, can be sky high. Go on line check out the food in the restaurant you are going to ahead of time. Saves time and you are better informed. - 9/4/2012   2:05:04 PM
  • 18
    Good information. But I have not been to applebees in a couple of years.
    So I will just stick to my 110 calorie Gortons brand Grilled shrimp classic
    and grilled garlic shrimp to use in recipes. - 9/3/2012   3:54:32 PM
  • 17
    Make sure you know where your shrimp originate - a lot of shrimp are frozen from China... I just lost my appetite... - 9/3/2012   11:31:31 AM
  • 16
    i love plain microwaved/steamed shrimp - 9/2/2012   6:13:16 PM
  • 15
    The biggest problem with all of Applebee's entrees is the huge amount of salt. I ordered something off the under 500 calorie menu and when I checked it to enter in my nutrition tracker the sodium content was just shy of a full day's worth. - 9/2/2012   1:15:06 PM
    We love Applebees restaurant especially my Husband.I am aware that salads can be misleading where calories are concerned but if a person can make a main meal out of it and NOT eat any other food and makes the spinach salad the meal of the day then that is not so bad !I have done this and it worked. I ate a late lunch and called it my meal of the day,no dinner but I wasn't hungry anyway at dinnertime. - 9/2/2012   12:27:43 PM
  • 13
    We really aren't big Applebee's fans anyway, but I guess to make a Spinach salad taste better, they put some sort of high caloric fatty dressing on it, huh?! I guess I could try the other one and only eat 1/2 the shrimp and meat and all the veggies. It sounds good at least. Although, I do remember, I think they don't have fiber listed on their nutrition. I count that.

    rumbamel - 9/2/2012   9:32:57 AM
  • 12
    Read "WHY WE GET FAT AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT" by Gary Taubes and you learn that it isn't fat, but sugar/starches that make us fat. - 9/2/2012   9:18:20 AM
  • 11
    I don't particularly like shrimp, steak or bacon so I guess I'm safe.
    Most restaurant salads tend to be high calories because they add so much to them and they tend to be huge - 9/2/2012   8:21:45 AM
  • 10
    I wonder what it would be without the dressing. And again without the bacon. A lot of times if there's a meat like grilled chicken or shrimp on a salad I don't use the dressing. I'm thinking the bulk of the calories and fat have got to be from those two items: from the dressing first, bacon second. - 9/2/2012   8:20:01 AM
    Believe it or not, I'm not a big bacon person, so I would ask them to hold the bacon. They are always good about accomodating me. - 9/2/2012   7:17:36 AM
  • 8
    depends if one is eating low carb, where fat intake is not discouraged.

    Also -- shrimp/ shellfish, and bacon/pork is a no-no in the Old Testament (mostly because of health issues thousands of years ago); is it forbidden in Muslim dietary law as well? - 9/2/2012   4:30:34 AM
  • 7
    Quite an eye opener - 9/2/2012   3:23:01 AM
    Put the word bacon and it's a no-no - 9/2/2012   12:10:54 AM
  • 5
    Shrimp is better than caviar and probably better than sex. - 9/1/2012   11:24:38 PM
    I like shrimps; but I can't eat them. - 9/1/2012   10:51:56 PM
  • 3
    Don't get me wrong I love shrimp, but shrimp is one of the worst things you can eat. I read and believe this book called the Makers Diet and it is based on the bible and I know not everyone reads the bible or believes in God, but I do and it says that shellfish, like lobster, shrimp, oysters and catfish, and bacon ( I know how sad) should not be eaten. Too bad, I love shrimp and bacon so much. - 9/1/2012   6:16:47 PM
  • 2
    That's a shocker! I would have sworn the salad would have been the better choice. - 9/1/2012   3:58:28 PM
  • 1
    Wow, I love that salad. I had no clue. - 9/1/2012   2:40:01 PM

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