A Pair of Easy Summer Corn Recipes


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This time of year, we have more corn than we know what to do with. My brother Richard loads up the truck restored with corn picked that morning, heads in town to the market, and he sells out in mere hours. Sweet and delicious, we eat corn every day this time of year.
Today I want to share with you two great recipes that you can make with your bounty of corn, whether you buy it or grow it!

Chef Meg's Roasted Corn and Pepper Soup:
This is a great recipe when the garden is overflowing. Any leftover soup can be used as a sauce to bake boneless chicken breasts.
This soup keeps well, and it can even be eaten slightly chilled.

Chef Meg's Summer Corn Relish:
Pickle relish is the most common type of relish, but almost any fruit or vegetable can be turned into a relish. The name "relish" refers to a mixture that has been pickled (with an acid such as vinegar) and cooked.

This is a great condiment for all your favorite summer dishes. Use it in a turkey wrap, over a salad, on grilled fish, or even with beef. Fresh corn on the cob works best for this recipe. I used some that was freshly picked from our family farm.

Note: Leave the seeds in the pepper for a spicier relish.
What is your favorite way to eat corn?

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  • 11
    I like microwaving ears of sweet corn as a fresh vegetable and the eating the kernels off of the cob. Ears that not fresh, I will boil in a milk and water bath - the milk sweetens the starchy corn. - 7/17/2012   3:07:47 PM
    Love fresh picked corn. It's always the sweetest the day it is picked & cooked. - 9/26/2011   12:53:02 PM
    I too love corn any way I can get it!!! I'm definitely going to try some of the recipes! - 6/28/2011   2:37:30 PM
  • 8
    Leaving the husk on, microwave for 5 minutes. The husk & silk remove easily once it's done. Add just a touch of margarine & pepper. Mmmm. - 6/28/2011   1:11:29 PM
  • 7
    We like to leave ours in the husk, wrap in foil and roast them on the grill... - 6/28/2011   1:01:39 PM
    My favorite way is simple -- on the cob with some buttery spread. - 6/28/2011   12:04:29 PM
  • 5
    Good Stuff... - 6/28/2011   8:44:22 AM
  • 4
    Put the corn on the grill, still in the husk. Turn it a couple of times, in around 15 minutes it's ready to husk, pull off silk, and eat! - 6/27/2011   9:09:28 PM
    I will try the recipe. - 6/27/2011   8:17:44 PM
  • 2
    ..the most unhealthiest ways possible!! First is straight off the cob with lots of (real) butter and salt..sometimes garlic/Parmesan..the second is fried corn!
    - 6/27/2011   7:11:56 PM
  • 1
    I love corn! My mom used to make fried corn for me when I was younger & it was so delicious! I like these recipes & will give them a try for one of our summer grill nights. - 6/27/2011   6:05:34 PM

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