Work Out Twice as Fast with These 10 Compound Exercises


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Compound exercises are those exercises that work multiple muscles or muscle groups around multiple joints such as a squat. Isolation exercises, on the other hand, work a single muscle or muscle group around a single joint such as a bicep curl. Compound exercises are quite effective when one is short on time and looking to target as many muscles in the least amount of time. And because these types of exercises allow us to lift heavier weights and because they mimic real-life activities, they can help make our daily activities easier, while lessening risk for injury when participating in sports.

Remember, as with any workout, technique when doing any of these exercises is essential so that you get the most benefit of your time. It is better to do fewer repetitions with good form than doing lots of repetitions with poor form. And don't forget to do a warm-up before you start doing any of these exercises.

Squat Dip

Squats on Leg Press Machine

Kettlebell Squat and Swing

Stiff-Legged Dead Lift

Reverse Lunge with Torso Twist

Forward Lunge with Elbow Extension

Step-Up Overhead Press


Bench Press with Dumbbells

Stability Ball Push-Up

Do you do compound exercises when strength training? If so, what is your favorite exercise?

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