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Food Showdown: Which Vending Machine Snack Should You Unwrap?

Can you pick which vending machine treat will set you back the least amount of calories?
Posted 3/31/2012  10:00:00 AM By:   : 67 comments   39,100 views
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Enter to Win 3 Denise Austin DVDs

Fans of fitness legend Denise Austin, take note: Today's giveaway is three of her newest DVDs!
Posted 12/2/2011  6:00:00 PM By:   : 75 comments   20,789 views
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Win Portion-Controlled Plates or Bowls from Wine-Trax

An easy way to make sure you're not overserving yourself is to use plates that remind you about portion size, such as those by Wine-Trax. Enter to one a set!
Posted 11/25/2011  5:00:00 PM By:   : 48 comments   20,944 views
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CLOSED: Win 1 of 5 Prizes from 'Mary's Gone Crackers'

I love Mary's Gone Crackers. Here's your chance to learn more about these crunchy snacks--and win some of your own!
Posted 11/11/2011  6:00:00 PM By:   : 43 comments   17,642 views
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Enter to Win 1 of 2 Prizes from Road ID

We tried Road IDs and loved them! Find out why--and enter to win your own!
Posted 11/4/2011  6:00:00 PM By:   : 78 comments   25,384 views
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CLOSED: Win 1 of 3 Cases of Seasonal Clif Bars

Today, you'll get a chance to win a case of one of the three three seasonal flavors of Clif bars!
Posted 10/14/2011  6:00:00 PM By:   : 81 comments   21,530 views
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CLOSED: Win Paradice Ice Packs!

Enter to win 1 of 3 prize packs from Paradice Ice Packs--great for aches and pains or just keeping things cool.
Posted 8/19/2011  6:00:00 PM By:   : 44 comments   17,967 views
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Closed: Win Some Love Grown Granola!

Love Grown Foods is sharing the (granola) love with you! Five of you will win a bag of Love Grown Granola-- in the flavor of your choice.
Posted 8/12/2011  6:00:00 PM By:   : 62 comments   20,011 views
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We're Giving away $200 in MISSION Athletecare Products (CLOSED)

Want to win sunscreen and other products to help you prepare, perform and rehab from your workouts? Enter our MISSION Athletecare giveaway!
Posted 7/15/2011  6:00:00 PM By:   : 25 comments   18,395 views
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Contest Closed: Win 1 of 12 Insulated Lunch Coolers

Want to eat healthier during your workday? Enter to win one of 12 insulated lunch coolers: no more excuses!
Posted 6/10/2011  6:00:00 PM By:   : 103 comments   27,229 views
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Enter to Win 1 of 5 Copies of 'Tired and Wired'

Today we're giving away five copies of a fascinating new book: "Are You Tired and Wired?"
Posted 4/29/2011  6:00:34 PM By:   : 48 comments   22,308 views
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Contest Closed: Win 1 of 10 Supreme 90 Day Workout DVDs

This is the best deal in fitness that we've seen in years: 10 DVDs for $20. And now you can WIN it!
Posted 4/22/2011  6:00:00 PM By:   : 46 comments   22,096 views
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Win 1 of 10 Camelbak Groove Bottles

Enter to win 1 of 10 reusable, filtered water bottles from Camelbak!
Posted 4/8/2011  6:00:23 PM By:   : 93 comments   28,477 views
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Win 'Yoga for Small Spaces' Cards

This week we're giving away 'Yoga for Small Spaces' Cards. Now you can practice yoga anytime, anyplace.
Posted 4/1/2011  6:00:27 PM By:   : 40 comments   23,602 views
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Win 1 of 5 Copies of 'Ravenous'

Enter to win one of five copies of "Ravenous," the moving memoir about overcoming food obsession.
Posted 3/25/2011  6:00:58 PM By:   : 33 comments   21,309 views
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