Contest Closed: Win 1 of 10 Supreme 90 Day Workout DVDs

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Interested in the popular P90X program but not willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for the workout DVDs? Well you're in luck. Supreme 90 Day, a 10-DVD workout system that includes strengthening, cardio and abs workouts, is now available and costs just $20. You read that right: 10 DVDs for $20! The creators of Supreme 90 Day contacted us to see if we'd be interested in sharing this workout program with our members.

Yes, please!

They say:
"If you want to get serious about losing weight, sculpting muscle and taking charge of your life, you know there's no magic pill. Enter the new, affordable Supreme 90 Day that gives you all these tools, and more. This effective program is from a team of highly acclaimed professionals and it costs less than $20. For the price of a single class or just one DVD, you get the entire "Supreme 90 Day" program that includes 10 DVDs created by fitness professionals John Dull and Michele Collier and stars Tom Holland, M.S. With the "Supreme 90 Day" program, anyone can afford to get ripped AND still be able to buy the new clothes they'll need to show off the results.

"Supreme 90 Day makes it easy for people to reach their weight and fitness goals by making realistic changes in their daily lives. The workout portion of the program is designed to target a different area of the body, six days a week, 30 to 45 minutes each day, using hand weights and a stability ball. It harnesses the power of high intensity interval training using muscle confusion to accelerate results. Each routine uses different muscle-shocking moves so the body stays challenged. No matter what one's fitness level at the start, it allows for everyone to keep pushing through to that next level."

We say:
This is a well-rounded fitness program that offers a lot of variety for a super low price that can't be beat. One SparkPeople staffer started using the system himself and has told me that he really enjoys the workouts so far. Hopefully we'll be able to post a full review soon, too!

Now you can win Supreme 90 Day to try yourself. 10 lucky readers will get the Supreme 90 workout DVD set (10 workout DVD per set, SRP $19.99).

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! Be sure to read the rules. This contest will end next Friday at 9 a.m.!

What's the best fitness deal you've ever seen? Would you try Supreme 90 Day?

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Thank you Sparkpeople for selecting me as a winner of the Supreme 90 Day Workout DVD program! Report
I am very interested in the Supreme 90 Day DVD. I know that I did not win a free copy. Has a review been done by dailySpark yet?
Thank you Report
I have the P90 and P90X workouts. I have done all of P90 and the first 30 days of P90X. It is a fantastic routine but not for the faint of heart and it requires a real commitment of at least 1 hour, 6 days a week. If this program makes you work half as hard as P90X it is well worth it!!! Report
I am willing to give it a shot. I need to do this for my health reasons. Report
Bed, Bath, and Beyond has it $19.99 and you can usually find a $5 off coupon....What a deal for $14.99 Report
I'd love to win this dvd set. If not I think I'll give it a shot, sounds like a great deal. Always looking to add to my collection to keep the workout fresh. Report
I like that all you need is a set of handweights and a stability ball. This sounds like a good workout and a great deal! If I don't win one, where can I buy the set? Report
I have a friend who has done P90X, but I'd never even heard of it before that. I'd love to know what the hype is all about! Report
I have my fingers crossed. Report
I NEED the Supreme 90 Day Workout DVDs . I believe that it will help keep me motivated with all the exercises working on different areas of my body. I really need to lose a lot of wt , firm everything up, and get healthy. Don't have a lot of money so this would be great to win. Report
I would love to add this to my collection ( a very small collection so far!) I get bored doing the same ole, same ole and my body does too! I sure hope I'm a winner!!! LOL!! Report
I'm intrigued - sound like a good way not to get bored - with 10 dvds - the price is right! Report
This looks good. Report
This would be awesome to win! I see a lot of others that are willing to buy it. I can't afford to buy it because unfortunately I'm unemployed. Report
I would love to win it. If not, at the price I would probably buy it. Report
My best fitness deal is doing the Jack LaLanne exercises. Report
I would love to have this DVD set, it is by far the best deal I have ever seen on a workout DVD set.
I have contemplated by the PX90, but just can afford to shell out the money, but this just might be doable!
I love working out to DVD's and I am ready to try something new!
I pray I win one of these sets! Report
please please, let me be a winner!!!!!!! This is the jump start I need because I don't want saggy arms, tummy or legs!!! ha ha Report
Gotta have it!! Report
My husband is dieting and this would be an awesome way to support him! Plus, I may even take part in some of the weight bearing exercises. I really hope to win. Report
seems intriguing Report
This sounds like a fantastic deal! I think I will purchase it even if I don't win them. I was seriously considering purchasing P90x but I'll try this first before investing so much money. Report
I would love to try these tapes! They look awesome!! Report
Best fitness deal for me has been discovering all the free workouts on my On Demand feature from my cable company. I can try all sorts of different workouts without paying anything extra. Some I have ended up buying, which is the idea, of course, but some I just like to try for variety's sake. Report
I would love to win these tapes. I use Leslie Sanstone tapes now but would like something different. Report
I would love to try the Supreme 90 Day. Report
The best fitness deal I've ever had was a free gymm membership including personal trainer. That's one of the benefits of my job. I would love to use the Suprreme set though. It's something my hubby & I can both use. Report
this looks GREAT!! Report
I strarted Beach bodys workouts quite a few years ago with a girlfriend and I did start seeing results right away which these videos were made by the same people who did p90x, and I have debated with myself to pay that much money for a program I know works.....So I am very excited that you told me about this before I did anything to drastic....But I am going to buy it from bed bath and beyond because I did notice A few bad reviews about them sending double orders to some people and charging them for them and then won't refund the shipping and handling I would say it happens but it sounded like it happened to a few people......But you can get it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $20 and save yourself shipping and handling it dosen't come with the bonus ab video but a lot of times there is a little ad inside to send in for it.... I am hopefully get mine this weekend so I can start using next week.... Look for a blog in a couple of weeks...Also to Coach Nicole how soon are you going to get the calorie counts on these videos so I track them please????? Report
Wow, that price sounds great. If I don't "win", I think we'll buy it. We can only lose,right? Report
This sounds really good. The best deal I've seen for fitness items is the library. I can borrow a variety of exercise DVD's for NO charge! Report
Hey - for $20 even if I don't win, I'd buy them to give it a try. A gal I work with is doing the P90X but I just can't bring myself to put out that kind of money...
Boy could I use something like this!
Hope I'm a Winner!!! Report
This really peaks my interest. I will be interested in hearing the full review!!!! Report
Since I lost my job in November, even $20 is a fortune to spend. Would love to win this, but if not, will just keep doing what I'm doing to continue to lose the weight. I've made it this far without spending any money! Report
Always wanted to try the P90X workout...Would love to win the DVD's!! Report
This will surely add flavor and variety to my program! Report
Awesome! I hope I win! :) Report
My best fitness deal is when I started water aerobics. It's fun and a good workout. Report
My best fitness deal has been joining Spark People! I know that I would not have progressed the way I have without Spark! Report
90 days of movement is just good! Tony or no one else is doing anything amazing. Move more for 90 days and you will see results. I have p90x and I like it but no surprises..workout everyday and you can win! Report
90 days of movement is just good! Tony or no one else is doing anything amazing. Move more for 90 days and you will see results. I have p90x and I like it but no surprises..workout everyday and you can win! Report
My adult children all do P90X with Tony Horton, so it sounds interesting. Report
sounds like p90x. if it's anything like it, it'd be well worth it! Report
I am on day 21 of this program. I think it is well worth the money I spent--I bought it for $19.99 at Target. The workouts so far are between 30 and 40 minutes and really make me sweat. It also hits all muscle groups plus has cardio. The warm up and cool down are all basically the same. There is also nutrition guide and calendar to follow. I really like the tabeta inferno. But the other DVDs are good. I am not very coordinated on a fitness ball and I have had a little trouble with the Ultimate Ball DVD but I will keep trying when it rotates around again. It definitely would be neat prize to win here! Report
That sounds like a great deal. I'm definitely interested in it, but I'd like to read a dailySpark review first. So many reviews seem biased and I never get that feeling on here. Report
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