Contest Closed: Win 1 of 12 Insulated Lunch Coolers

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CONTEST CLOSED! If you're trying to lose weight or eat healthier, then you know that cooking more food at home—and eating out less—are important first steps. Have you started packing your lunch for work or school yet? If not, now's the time! Packing your lunch can be quick and easy, but it helps to have the right stuff. So this week, SparkPeople is giving away 12 assorted lunch coolers that are insulated and roomy enough to keep all of your food chilled in time for lunch!

To enter, click here! Be sure to read the rules. This contest will end next Friday at 9 a.m.!

How has packing your lunch (or not packing it) affected your eating habits and weight loss goals?

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Who won?? Report
I've never packed a lunch before but would LOVE to. Eating out for Lunch is very expensive which leads me to getting junk food from out the vending machines at university. Where can I get a Lunch Cooler? Report
I would love to have one of these. Is there any way SP could have a Spark shop in Australia? Report
Packing my own lunch helps me better monitor the food I eat and track my calories, I know how much my portions are. It also helps me to save money on not having to buy lunches which can really add up during the week. The extra money allows me to purchase really fun workout dvds to stay motivated with my fitness. Report
I always pack my lunch. I definitely find it's much easier to avoid the office food temptations when I know the work (and money) went into making my lunch would be wasted if I didn't eat it. I know exactly what goes into my food and don't have to worry about questioning the calories of a fast food sandwich. Report
This would be great. At this time I use a small cooler and the lunch box would be a lot easier to carry. I love bringing my lunch to work. I don't waste time standing in line and I definitely eat healthier. Report
I would love to win one of the coolers. Not only stylish but cost effective too.
I tend to be too lazy to pack a lunch and it catches you with me both with my diet and budget. Report
I pack my own breakfast such as fruit & yogurt and bring veggies and fruit to snack on during the day. I keep a personal size can of tuna in my bag, and try to alway have a salad for lunch. I am a protein person, so will have a little peanut butter in the afternoon with my apple. Lots of fresh water, tea and a cup of coffee are my favorite beverages. Report
I am a claims adjuster and I am on the road all day. I HAVE to get better about packing healthy food. If I don't, I find myself going to McDonalds or some other fast food place and eating hamburgers and greasy fries! I know that packing healthy food and snacks for me is going to be the biggest obstacle I face with my weight loss! I don't work in an office and I don't have access to a microwave. So packing water, veggies, fruit, granola, etc is what is going to keep me from going to a fast food place 5 times a week! I am always looking for suggestions! Report
I have such a limited time in my schedule to eat that if I dont pack my lunch and snacks, I end up not eating or relying on a vending machine.....needless to say there is nothing "good" coming from the vending machine. :) Report
Any time I leave the house ~ whether it's a long trip or a short jaunt, I have a bag packed full of fruit, veggies, nuts and water. Makes it easier to bypass drive-thru when you are prepared for anything! Report
Packing is the best way to go to be healthy! Report
I'd love to win a lunchbox. Report
Packing my own meals makes it SO much easier to keep on track! Plus, since I know exactly what I will be eating, I pack things that I know I will be looking forward to eating later! It keeps me motivated to not snack at my desk! Report
packing makes it easier to track Report
been packing it for more years than I care to say - It saves money and I know that I always have a healthy option. Report
I pack lunch five days a week, usually its a lean cuisine meal, some fruit
and a yugurt. My lunch is at 7:30pm, as I am a 2nd shifter. Report
It has not only helped me maintain my healthy weight but it has allowed me to save a whole lot of money!!! I am on the road three days a week but make sure I have healthy breakfast and lunch choices packed. It is much easier to find healthy dinner choices in a restaraunt than it is to find fast lunch choices. Report
If I didn't pack my lunch, I feel like I would double my calories on unhealthy stuff and double my spending in this area. Packing puts me in control where I want to be! Report
Since I have started taking my lunch to work, I am paying more attention to what I eat, saving money from not eating out, and saving money on gas from not leaving on my lunch break. Talk about a win, win, win situation! Report
I pack my lunch everyday because the place that I work only provides one vegan option and it tastes foul. My only other choice is a tossed green salad but they also only offer creamy dressings. I cannot stomach dairy of any kind. I also find bringing my lunch much more cost effective. Report
I drive in my car for a living and taking food with me is the only way I avoid fast food choices.
I bring my lunch to work every day. - spend my savings on Race #'s! I also make sure I bring water and snacks when on the road and to races! This looks like a super tote! Report
I would love an insulated lunch box. Currently using a plastic bag or paper bag. Sometimes I carry my big cooler to work but with my disability it's hard to handle some days. This is great as it also has a shoulder strap i can sling if needed. I too have found it easier to stay on track with packing my breakfast and lunch when heading out to work. I get it all ready the night before so I just have to grab the bag and go. Report
Packing my lunch and snacks for the day helps me stick to a plan and leaves less room for error. It also saves money on uneccessarily and inappropriate snack choices that will leave me feeling hungry later. Report
I not only pack lunch, but I also pack cold water or other cold drink because I'm thirsty all the time, especially in the summertime. Report
I am terrible at packing lunch but my husband has a system and he fixes lunch in the morning for everyone. I help out when and where I can but I do notice a difference when I take my lunch/snack/breakfast. Eating in the cafeteria or out is not that great. I make bad choices sometimes but my lunchbox always and I mean always have good tasting food and better price. I am glad that my husband cares! Report
I pack my breakfast and lunch every day. I always packed my lunch for work, but I would by things from the cafeteria at work. Even though I always tried to make healthier choices with breakfast (fruit, yogurt, cereal) it turned out that I was spending a lot of money! So packing breakfast along with lunch helps me to stay on my healthy eating plan, but keeps my wallet from getting too thin! LOL Report
I just started a new job and an insulated lunch bag would be great. I work for a large company and there is never enough room in our 3 refrigerators for my lunch. I would love an insulated bag, to keep in my locker that would allow me to bring healthy and cheaper options than going out to eat each day. Report
I started packing my lunch for work with my snacks and it has helped me so much!!! I would love a new cooler mine right now is kind off old!!!Thanks!! Report
I used to pack my lunch all the time but at some point got out of the habit. I can make some healthy choices in the cafeteria but sometimes decide to pick one extra thing that isn't so healthy. Plus they have started drowning the salads in dressing instead of letting us add it ourselves. So I recently decided that packing my lunch again is the way to go. Also when I pack my lunch I also throw in an extra fruit or healthy something that I can set aside so later when the afternoon munchies set in I won't be as tempted to grab a candy bar. Report
It is just great to have a packed lunch when the clock rolls around to noon (Or, there about!). I was ordering out from the restaurant across the street when I was working in the shop. But, no more! I take the most delicious salads, cottage cheese....well, I am sure you can see where this is going! Not only does it taste wonderful, but I am certain we all know that nutritional value has to be much higher on the charts than it was when I was "ordering from across the street"!! Let's hear it for all us "packers"!!!! Yay!!! Report
Packing my lunch helps me stay on track and eat healthier. Report
I pack my lunch everyday.. It keeps me on track and lets me stay accountable. It is much cheaper to pack a lunch than go out to eat. I save on an average of $30.00 or more a week from packing my lunch. I know what is in my food. Report
WESTCHICK - the rules specificall y state who is eligible for the contest. Just click on the link to read them :)

I also pack my food for the workday so I won't be tempted by the vending machines. Would love a new lunch cooler though! Report
I always take a packed a lunch all the time - pack only healthy foods and plenty to drink (water) too and then I go for a nice long walk.

The competition for people outside of the States won't EVER be able to win things off SPARK. As it rejects ones details when submitting.. So I wont be able to win the lunch cooler bag. So the twelve that do win it... congrats to the winners.

Maybe Spark should state it (competitions) will only be for those in the USA. So if the people at Spark head office if you read this comment... please note that as I live in NZ, you rejected my details by saying ERROR for the four times I tried!!! Report
Packing my lunch is a great way for me to control calories. It also allows me to have healthy snacks planned out so that I don't feel deprived. I even get to pack a sweet treat like a square of dark chocolate. Report
Packing my lunch for work saves me money by not having to spend it on fast food/unnecessary food. By packing my lunch, I am able to plan out my meals and calories ahead of time instead of eating anything. Report
I definitely do better with my eating when I pack my lunch. Report
I pack my lunch most days, this has helped me make better choices and save money, also it has helped to encourage some of my co-workers who have also started bringing their lunches so we can all sit and eat lunch together. Report
I really enjoy packing a homemade lunch for work. That way, I know my serving size, calorie content and I save money in the bargain. I usually take leftovers from the night before with a freshly made salad and fruit. At this time, I carry my lunch in a reusable shopping bag. Report
Well we get lunch free at my job. but I get up early to pack my lunch every morning so I can pass on the high calorie foods that are offered only eating salad w/o dressing when its offered.I make sure I bring my fresh friuts so the cakes, cookies and other treats dont tempt me. So this cooler would be a big help keeping all my goodies cool. Best wishes to all who entered. Report
oo i love this!!! i am getting one win or not!!! Report
I enjoy the lunches I pack. I know I've prepared my lunches with food sanitation in mind and much love for the healthier foods. Report
Since learning I have Diabetes, I pack my lunch and breakfast but end up using two bags. This would hold everything. Report
I just copied and pasted a couple thoughts from a contingency analysis project I did the last two semesters. I used a shaker bottle with a removable ice wand that I purchased from SparkPeople a couple years ago that worked great. An insulated lunch bag would decrease the response effort for work and school. In addition, it also would be a discriminative stimulus.
Presenting the Discriminative Stimulus:
Taking a protein and carbohydrate shake with me to the gym and school is a discriminative stimulus that makes it easier for me to have a healthy shake after my workout and between meals
Decreasing Response Effort for the Desirable Behavior:
By making a healthful meal and taking it to school or work, decreases the response effort to eat a healthful meal .
By making healthful foods ahead of time, and therefore more available, increases the response effort to eat junk food or to go eat at a fast food restaurant.
I work at home, so have the luxury of being able to make and eat my meals here. My son, though, is lifeguarding this summer and needs to take his lunch and/or dinner with him. The insulated lunch bag he's using now was fine for when he was in grade school, but now he has a 16-year-old's appetite and needs something bigger! This cooler is just what he needs to take lots of yummy fruits, veggies & string cheese to work with him! Report
I take my lunch to school in an HEB bag (plastic grocery bag.) I like having decided ahead of time what my lunch will be, and knowing that I have made wise choices about eating. I have looked the world over for a good lunch cooler, but haven't found one that won't get crushed easily by someone else's big ol' cooler! This one looks perfect! Report
Having a cooler to pack my lunch would be fabulous! I used to carry my lunch in a bag but it wore out and now that I use a plastic bag, I find myself carrying my lunch less and less. Report
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