The SparkPeople Commercial Break Workout

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Americans watch, on average, almost five hours of television per day, according to the Nielsen Corporation.  Actual programming only accounts for 42 minutes of every hour, meaning that as part of our time in front of the tube, we see nearly 90 minutes of advertisements. In addition to being exposed to ads for things we don't need or want--like double bacon cheeseburgers and soda--it's taking time away from the shows we tuned in to see.
You've probably heard the tip to fit in a workout during commercial breaks, but what should you do? It can be hard to spontaneously decide which exercises to do, so we decided to take the guesswork out of it. We created a workout game of sorts that you can use when you're watching TV. Each time you see one of the commercials listed below, do the exercise that corresponds to it.
If you already work out while watching TV, consider shaking up your routine by jumping off the elliptical or recumbent bike during commercials and fitting in some strength training.

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Will you try this workout?

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LOSER05 8/15/2020
thanks Report
Great tips. Report
Some great ideas Report
Absolutely great Report
When I'm sitting and doing something (such as watching something, reading, or on my tablet) I like to keep my feet moving even while sitting still. Great lymphatic pump Report
The concept behind this sounds awfully fun but the exercises are geared for advanced exercisers. I would love to try this using my own list except that we're Netflix/Hulu/Prime watchers with no commercials. Current show: Cold Case. Maybe 10 pushups for each time the detectives have to bring someone back in for questioning because they didn't get the complete story the first time? Might work! Report
Yes its useful & I also wish that I could have a copy of this to do on the extremely few occasions that I watch TV though some of them will be beyond me Report
Thanks for these great ideas! :) Report
I currently do HIGH KNEE MARCHES throughout my house during all commercial breaks. I HOPE to PRINT this list at the library. It will be more interesting then what I am doing at the time. GREAT IDEAS SPARK PEOPLE!! Report
I usually fast forward through commercials but might start leaving some on to get in a few extra minutes of exercise Report
I work out during commercials, normally with my weights and like this set up as it makes it more challenging, thanx! Report
Interesting. Definitely something that I will work on. Thanks! Report
This is such a funny & cute idea, makes me wish I had access to t.v. programming just for the commercials! Report
thanks Report
these are awesome! Report
Thank you for sharing this! Great ideas! Report
Great idea and fun Report
I'm printing this out and going to try it at least once a day. I don't watch much TV but will see how it goes. Report
printing out the list Report
Great idea, thanks!
If you don't watch commercials, adapt it to the program you are watching. Report
Who watches commercials anymore? Report
What a fun thing to do! Report
Fun and clever! Report
fun idea! Report
*Burpees* for *politics*? I'm thinking that more of a cardio-kickbox or punching routine would be the way to go for that ;) Report
Wouldn't have enough time to finish some of the exercises within each commercial and with 4 or more commercials, I'd be too pooped to watch tv afterwards. Report
I think this is a GREAT idea! But I am going to have to look up what some of these exercises are. I haven't heard of a lot of them. However, it would be better to substitute familiar ones than to do none of them at all!! ; ) Report
I really like the idea of this, but it's certainly not for every fitness level, especially people who are beginners looking to add more activity! I agree with another poster that I like the idea of this, but will modify the list. Report
I do this now, but I LOVE the idea of doing different exercises depending on the subject of the commercial. Definitely going to give it a try! Report
I love the idea but this seems complicated. I would probably just do something simple like squats, crunches, and pushups off a chair or wall. Report
I do not even do 50 crunches! That seems like a huge amount. Report
this is awesome, great way to get a quick workout without really planning for it! Report
looks like fun so yes I will try a few Report
I have to agree, don't know what a lot of these are, but will do some! Report
I don't even know what some of these things are....what on earth is a burpee?

I think I'm going to make my own chart XD Report
I've been in hibernation longer than any bear. Don't watch a lot of TV but, this sounds like fun so I'll try it. Report
sorry, between now & 11/4, no way can I do 10 burpees per politic ad Report
Love the blog. What a great way to get through the mindless commercials.
And there are so many commercials, it will be a great quick workout. Report
My daughter and I had a great time doing these last night. Lots of giggles.. .... Switched exercises each time the commercial changed instead of counting them though, but had so much fun. Thanks!!!! Report
What a great idea/game. I've been meaning to do some exercising when I watch TV anyways, but you know how it is when you just don't have a start/plan, now I have one. Thanks so much! Report
Love this, but I barely watch an hour of TV a week. When The Biggest Loser comes back on, I'll try this! Report
With it being presidential election season I think I'll be doing a lot of burpees with all the political ads LOL. Report
What happens if you are watching PBS? Which I do a lot. Report
I live in a battleground state so I don't think my body could take all the burpees I'd have to do. LOL Seriously though, I did put my weights right in the front of the TV directly in my line of site, so strength training is definitely a possibility. All good suggestions though. Thanks. Report
I never watch commercial TV. So much for the Nelson's. I never fit their views of Americans. Report
Love the idea! But 75% of these i physically can not do due to my weight(close to 400 pounds) and my poor knees would not let me do some of these and I can not get on the floor and back up again so I will just have to creat my own exercises for each item that i can do. Report