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It’s been a little over a year since we launched SparkPeople Premium, the optional paid upgrade that provides enhanced tools and support to help you knock out your goals. Beyond the obvious benefit of making your screen an ad-free zone, Premium gives you access to advanced reporting, weekly emails from coaches, daily motivational videos and more.

We think Premium is worth every penny, but don’t just take our word for it. Read on to discover what real members are saying about the upgrade.

“I think it is worth it. It is geared toward giving you uplifting motivation. It encourages you to move forward with step-by-step guidance. You have a once a week option of e-mailing a trained professional with a question and get valuable and objective advice. The data and statistics break everything down into little bites of information you can work with…not just a general graph or pie chart.”
“I love SparkPremium on my laptop and on my phone. No ads, so everything loads quicker. I find tracking my food is much less time-consuming. And SparkCoach is a great feature. It only takes a few minutes a day but has some very profound and helpful thoughts.”
“I love it! You can't go wrong with the Spark Coaching, and there are NO ads, which makes things move a lot quicker!”
“SparkPeople has more information than any other weight loss site I have ever been on, so I was happy to give back to them for all they do to help us. I really like that I can browse through the website now and it is ad-free. I have also used the 'email a coach' feature once and received valuable information. Each day I have the option to make a brief note on how things are going…this way I can refer back in my history and see how well I was doing at any given time. I enjoy the videos and appreciate that they seem to all be less than five minutes long. Plus, there is the added bonus of gaining a little bit more Spark Points each day.”
“I signed up for this and I'm really enjoying it. There aren't any ads, the site moves faster and I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy knowing that I'm helping to finance this site that has given me so much for free. I didn't even know that I would be given the SparkCoach program along with the other benefits. I like it because it's gentle ways to hold me accountable and push me to utilize more of the SparkPeople tools.”
“Buying it was my 30-pound reward. I am very happy that I got it! The speed of the system is much quicker. I like being able to access daily SparkCoach AND get 25 more points a day.”
  “I depend on limited bandwidth, so removing the ads speeds up the web page and the phone app. Saves me valuable time and bandwidth. I plan to be SPARKING for the rest of my life, so I see the premium fee to be a long-term modest investment.” 
  “For me, it was worth the cost. I love having a SparkCoach in my corner every morning when I start the day. The motivation and support that SparkCoach offers is priceless. And I am worth it.”
Have you upgraded to SparkPeople Premium yet? Share your experience in the comments!

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QUEENFROG 10/29/2020
So for the most part it seems to be the reduction of ads? Not very encouraging. Honestly though, I mostly use my laptop at home and the ads are off to the side and not bothersome. Report
TOCONNER 11/22/2019
I also love the premium site. Well worth the money. Report
RAVEN145 11/11/2019
Love it,totally worth the little bit of extra money,I especially love that it has no adds. Report
Love Premium. It has made a huge difference Report
I have a hard time believing that one would "lose 50% more weight with Premium". If I signed up, I doubt if I would lose any faster than I already am. Report
Same here. Ads are still there especially in the sign on page and spark recipes. I am tired of paying every month and still seeing ads. Report
Unfortunately, I let my membership lag. Now it isn't in the budget. I enjoyed it, however, when I had it. Report
speeds everything up, well worth it Report
Still get ads disguised as sponsors. Report
Still get ads disguised as sponsors. Report
Thank you. Report
Thank you Report
Thanks Report
Thanks! Report
I love it..it really helps me stay focused. Report
SparksPeople Premium is wonderful! Report
I love SparkPeople Premium! It is definitely worth it!! Report
Love the services I have now. Report
The most important aspect of SP to me is that they continue to offer free services and are welcoming to all, regardless of ability to pay. The one time fee makes sense for a growing app that wants to support its staff. I was happy to pay it and support them! But if they've gone to monthly, that's sad to hear. I like the coach too and the ability to communicate directly. Report
After paying WW nearly 20 bucks a month, this is a bargain... and the best part is if I don't like it, I can go back to the free site anytime. Will continue as long as I see the value. Report
greatat Report
not in my budget either Report
Monthly fees aren’t in my budget. I hate that so was wooed along then made a victim of advertising. I’m thinking of looking for another app. Report
Love that you get Spark coach and no adds and the tools in Spark coach are a great help. i had forgot about them until i read the art. and started using them again we get i side tracked and need a friendly reminder to use them. Report
I like Premium okay, but find it takes a lot of time if it is used appropriately on top of tracking, etc. One thing I really am having trouble with accepting is all the pushing of Jenny Craig - ads within Jenny Craig articles encouraging us to sign up; and even if JC is a healthy diet, it is still a diet and not a lifestyle change. It seems so counter to all that Spark People teaches and stands for. Report
I love SparkPeople Premium! WooHoo! Report
I love spark premium! Report
As noted by other members, you still manage to slip the ads in and they do slow down the pages loading. I hate how you sneak ads in under the guise of 'articles'. I don't find the computer generated 'coaching' to be helpful at all. However, having said all of that there are still much less ads splattered all over the page than there were before. However, I would not pay a monthly fee for the premium service. One time fee was more than enough. Report
the adds are just a distraction and I choose to ignore them all Report
I'm happy with the no ads feature. But it is a great way to start the day
motivational, accountability and the SparkCoach feature if we need help.
The buy once and don't have yearly or monthly payments to remember.
As always the site made for us by Chris...SparkGuy ...easy peasy. Report
I have spark premium but I noticed that adds are creeping in, the Jenny craig add, plus every time you read an article that video that appears to slow my computer down are mostly adds. Also there are adds in the spark recipes Report
I do not have any ads on my spark site. I have a great ad-blocker. Report
I love the SparkCoach feature! Report
I have it and enjoy that there are no ads Report
The ads don’t bother me and I get better reporting and coaching from other sources, but it would be nice to have the pages load faster Report
Still too many ads! Report
Great! Report
Premium is ok but the ads are still there disguised as sponsors and articles. Report
I love that it gets rid of the ads so things load much faster especially the nutrition tracker. Report
I haven't tried any of the coaching features, I just really hate the ads, especially the pop-ups. Just being without all the pressure to spend makes the whole Spark experience so much more relaxing. But I really don't like it when I click on what looks like a Spark article and it turns into a full-length ad for something like Jenny Craig. It's not fair to the readers, and it weakens SparkPeople's credibility. Report
one time fee would be a better pay structure and more people would be willing to do that. Report
I think Premium is awesome! Report
I signed up a long time ago. Report
It is okay. I love not having to wait for ads to load, but all of the tips from the coaches and articles are repeated frequently. Report
I love Spark Coach premium and fast loading without flashing ads. The products within articles doesn't bother me, in fact I have read and purchased some. I understand the website has expenses and I'm so grateful for what it offers, the education and motivation is great! Report
I really enjoy it and very helpful Report
The premium service is too focused on weight loss for me. I paid the one-time fee but would not consider paying monthly as it doesn't have a focus on being healthy in general. I am looking for information on the science behind healthy living not a list of do this not that.

I would like to see the service add a feature focus for those that are at a healthy weight and are looking to improve general health by way of nutrition and cardio routines that do not involve marathons of any kind. I want enough information that I can develop a cardio routine that works for me. Report
The problem I have with the premium is that they have “articles” that are actually ads. When I emailed about it they claimed that they weren’t ads, but I disagree.I’ve used this app for a long time, but the ads masquerading as articles has me considering a different app for tracking. Report
Well worth it to not have ads! I haven't taken advantage of any of the other perks. The one-time fee was what got me in. If it would have been monthly, I would have just given up. This way I could also pay for my stepson to be ad free too, so he could have a useful tracking tool with plenty of other opportunities as he's ready for them. Thank you SparkPeople! Report