Make Yourself Happy Without Eating

By , By Beth Donovan
Sometimes healthy eating gets you down,
Seeing no-good-goodies all around,
Feeling like you shouldn’t eat,
Well, here’s how to smile without a treat...
Have a nice long bubble bath,
To wash away the day’s aftermath,
Take the kids to the park and play,
Hide-n-Seek is fun any day,
Take a walk on a sunny afternoon,
And smell the flowers bloom in June,
Buy some jeans, that perfect pair,
The kind you want to where everywhere,
Get some candles with fragrant delights,
Keep them around for lackluster nights,
See a funny movie with your best friend,
And belly laugh ‘til the very end,
Skip the popcorn, skip the candy,
Be sure and keep your water handy,
Shop at the mall, shop all day,
It’s exercise that gets you out and away,
Look for shells or coins or rocks,
Run barefoot without your shoes or socks,
Live your life and dance in the sun,
Smile each day take that run,
Or simply sit and rock really fast,
Just get that heart beating at last,
Build a sandcastle on a sunny day,
Watch the water wash it away,
Admire your strength and beautiful self,
And stop putting you up on that shelf,
Smile because you’re truly happy friend,
And food can’t give you that in the end.

My personal ways of making myself happy without eating include spending time with my best friends who can make me laugh when there is nothing to laugh about. Friends are your rocks in the storm. If you have difficulty making them in real life, SparkPeople has a great support system.

Another favorite way I make myself smile is to watch a movie. A good comedy always gets me going.

Planting flowers, decorating, or creating something always makes me feel good. I love beauty.

Doing good for others is something that will warm your heart every time and put some pep in your step.

Pets are invaluable. They are comedians, confidants, and companions. They can cheer you or sympathize.

Whatever you may choose to be happy without eating, be sure you like it. What works for one person may not work for another. May you find much happiness and fewer calories.

How do you make yourself happy without eating?