Make Yourself Happy Without Eating

By , By Beth Donovan
Sometimes healthy eating gets you down,
Seeing no-good-goodies all around,
Feeling like you shouldn’t eat,
Well, here’s how to smile without a treat...
Have a nice long bubble bath,
To wash away the day’s aftermath,
Take the kids to the park and play,
Hide-n-Seek is fun any day,
Take a walk on a sunny afternoon,
And smell the flowers bloom in June,
Buy some jeans, that perfect pair,
The kind you want to where everywhere,
Get some candles with fragrant delights,
Keep them around for lackluster nights,
See a funny movie with your best friend,
And belly laugh ‘til the very end,
Skip the popcorn, skip the candy,
Be sure and keep your water handy,
Shop at the mall, shop all day,
It’s exercise that gets you out and away,
Look for shells or coins or rocks,
Run barefoot without your shoes or socks,
Live your life and dance in the sun,
Smile each day take that run,
Or simply sit and rock really fast,
Just get that heart beating at last,
Build a sandcastle on a sunny day,
Watch the water wash it away,
Admire your strength and beautiful self,
And stop putting you up on that shelf,
Smile because you’re truly happy friend,
And food can’t give you that in the end.

My personal ways of making myself happy without eating include spending time with my best friends who can make me laugh when there is nothing to laugh about. Friends are your rocks in the storm. If you have difficulty making them in real life, SparkPeople has a great support system.

Another favorite way I make myself smile is to watch a movie. A good comedy always gets me going.

Planting flowers, decorating, or creating something always makes me feel good. I love beauty.

Doing good for others is something that will warm your heart every time and put some pep in your step.

Pets are invaluable. They are comedians, confidants, and companions. They can cheer you or sympathize.

Whatever you may choose to be happy without eating, be sure you like it. What works for one person may not work for another. May you find much happiness and fewer calories.

How do you make yourself happy without eating?

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USMAWIFE 4/21/2020
thank you Report
ETHELMERZ 1/14/2020
A good cup of coffee, any time of day or night. Report
BOB5148 12/30/2019
Thanks Report
thanks Report
I plan to get another dog when we either a) get the house remodeled & either sold so we can relocate or b) my BIL dies so the house my MIL left her sons gets sold & we can afford to stay on the west coast.
💲💵💰Money may not buy happiness but it sure makes misery much more bearable; give me some & I'll show you how it's done. 🤩 Report
good article Report
interesting article and comments Report
Since I'm no longer a people person, I hang out with my pets Report
My furry critters certainly do bring me joy and
make me laugh! I enjoy spending time with them Report
Well done! Report
Great poem! Report
Love this article. Great suggestions. Report
Great suggestions Report
This is the perfect way to outsmart temptations! Food is not the only prize, in many ways it is not a prize at all. Enjoy the life you have by moving the way you want! Report
This was my routine 40 some years ago, now it is only when my grandchild and one great grandchild are around or I am around them. Food does not make me happy, because it is easy for me to go over board. Age does have its draw backs. Excellent Blog. Advance this for those with limited mobility. Love your writing. Report
I love to take walks in nature, peaceful and serine!.. Spending time with my kiddos at the beach, playing memory games with my son... watching the sunrise, ans set... I am learning to love to exersize in the morning! Thank you for the story, it was very inspiring! Report
Going to the cafe and getting a bottled water with lemon, and enjoying the smell of the coffee and treats, the live music, the couch I can still curl up on with a book, and just enjoy being there in that place. Report
turbo fire Report
love, love, love this!! Report
this is truly a lovely post
ty for sharing Report
My husband is slowly reteaching me it's okay to sing, loudly and off-key. Report
Sometimes, it's cleaning house. The satisfaction of having a clean house makes me happy! Report
Great ideas. I love to play and go for walks with my dogs. Sitting outside and reading is another way I can stay away from food. Report
It was very enjoyable and enlightening to read your blog today. You have given me many ideas on how to substitute fun for food. Thanks! Report
Doing something active with my family instead of going out to eat.
I like to take a walk, work on a crochet project, or put on some great music. My favorite thing to do is brush my dog and/or my cat when I need a little pep. I can totally focus on them and seeing how much they enjoy it makes me happy too. Report
Really enjoyed this entry--thanks Report
Great entry. I collect inspirational poems, quotations, and ideas and try to focus on them. Music is also great. Report
I loved this poem. I enjoy getting my hair done, walking the dog, biking, shopping, reading and taking bubble baths. I also like to go out with my friends to catch a good movie. Above all, I enjoy having fun with my daughter (on the days she still likes me...she's aproaching teenager status and loves to roll her eyes and slam doors.) Report
Great post! Going for a walk either alone or with my roommate and her dog; feeling the sun on me always lifts my spirits. Accomplishing something, learning anything, watching comedies, reading inspirational stories on SP, hanging out with family and friends, rearranging/adding to my apartment, and buying fresh and bright flowers just for me! (and MUCH better than a candy dish in the house!) Report
Great post! I usually put in a good movie or watch videos on YouTube. If I'm in a party atmosphere, I fix a small sampling and then try and engage in conversation (not an easy thing for me but I'm trying). Report
One way I get through parties and family events is to sit next to someone I really like and focus on our conversation and not the food. That make me happy. Report
This is great advice when you're on your own and need a distraction. I need help for party situations. I was at a grad party yesterday and got bored (even in crowds, with family or friends, I can still get "bored" with the people; it WAS my in-laws side of the fam, though, too) and I think I just started munching and munching on the food left out because I didn't have a desire to chit-chat and I didn't have anything else to do. Report
I love the feeling I get when I finally tackle something I have been putting off for weeks. I just love getting things done on my to-do list! Even if it is something that wasn't on my to-do list until after I had already completed it. ;) Report
I knit or crochet. Report
I loved this poem/song...just wonderful!!!! Music from the 60's and 70's always picks me up and keeps me from getting bored and looking for food! Report
Sparkpeople is what keeps me going! Makes me smile everyday! Of course, I have a great life on the outside, but this is what has me really going right now, since SP has helped me with my weight loss and in return makes me happy all the time! Food is just a fuel for my body and even though I have moments sometimes of the old self flashing through, I trudge on knowing how much better I feel by not overeating! Good job Beth on another great blog! Report
I crochet or sometimes I'll leave the house! If the temptation is really strong I might turn on a movie and crochet to keep my hands and mind busy. Report
That was really great! Like the catchy song that you can not get out of your head and you keep singing it all day because it makes you feel better. THANKs! Report
Thank you for the suggestions! I am going to start my own list! Report
Beth, Great Ideas!!!! Thanks for the input! Report
Thanks, Beth, for all the suggestions!

I keep myself happy by buying the most beautiful produce, then bringing it home and revelling in its goodness. I also love walking with my husband in the morning, when the birds sing joyously, even if the sun doesn't shine. You'd be amazed at what some of our talks lead to! And don't ever forget, sex, too, is exercise--and happiness!
Poems are a great way to get your point across, thanks. Report
Great blog Beth. I keep a journal of random thoughts. One of my headings is "Things I Love, In No Particular Order". Reading your blog, made me sit back and think of some new things to add to my list! (one of them was sandcastles- thanks for reminding me how much I love sandcastles!) One of the ways I reward myself is to cruise around on The more time I spend here, the more I feel a part of the community - it really helps me maintain my healthy living determination! Report
Food is neither a friend or an enemy. Merely fuel for my body. If i overeat I am just spilling the fuel on the ground. Great blog Report
You mentioned many of the things I enjoy doing now.
In my former "fat" life, my world revolved around food.
Now I have so many interesting things to do to keep busy
and food is just for maintaining my body.
So don't live to eat, eat to live.
I find my friends and how we connect an important part of my life.
Once I understood my food addication and addressed it, every other aspect of my life started to fall into place. Report
This is truly heart warming and reminds me of just how important it is to plain ol enjoy life and what it has to offer. Report
What a cool blog! Loved the song and will share it with my sister in WV. Hopefully she will take it to heart. Report
You and others have covered so many of the things that make me happy, and I appreciate the reminders! I'll add calling a friend to chat or having a date with my husband. Also whenever I have the opportunity to help out at our local homeless shelter I am happy. Even if I'm preparing a meal I don't think about food for me when I realize the situations of those I'm feeding. I am always reminded to be thankful of my blessings when I am there and of course counting my blessings makes me happy! Report
Exercising to great music Report