Shut Up and Sweat

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No seriously, that headline is the topic of this blog.  If you are following along with my blog posts this month, you know we are discussing a series success factors that worked for my personal success.

Step 1 covered WHAT/HOW much we eat (track it). We talked about looking at food labels, the SparkPeople nutrition trackers, the SparkPeople reports and how those are crucial to your journey.

Step 2 is very simple: Shut Up and Sweat.

I want to discuss the first half of the title first.  This seems pretty simple, right? 

I've been a member of SparkPeople for more than two years now and would you believe I STILL hear people talking about it?  I hear people still talking about weight loss, yet, they aren't doing anything about it.  I've heard of people waiting for a given day, maybe they are planning their next steps, but they are taking no action.  I'm absolutely positive that talking burns calories, but I'm not sure that burns enough to make a difference at the end of the day.

It's time to stop talking and time to start moving. It's time to shut up and sweat!

The only way I know to get the unwanted fat off your body is to burn it off.  The only way I know to burn it off is to sweat, a lot!  If you are like me, you didn't put the weight on in an hour; therefore, it's not going to come off in an hour, right?!  It will take time, it will take work.  It may very well take lots of work and that's OK.  This will be a learned behavior for many of us.  We will have to learn that fitness must be a scheduled part of our daily lives, not an "added something" we squeeze into our already busy daily schedules.

You can start with 10 minutes a day.  This is the principle that SparkPeople Founder Chris Downie started with, remember?  10 minutes a day can carry you miles down the road without overwhelming you.  When you first start your fitness routine after NOT doing any fitness for a very long time, you muscles will get sore, especially if we push too hard too fast. This soreness can be very discouraging. Trust me, I speak from experience.  Set your alarm clock a little earlier tomorrow, or carve out 10 minutes later in the day and do something. You'll feel better for it--that's a promise.  Please know that SparkPeople recommends that you start slow and increase your fitness minutes slowly. 

You say you aren't sure where to start?  You aren't a fitness expert and don't know what to do?  Lucky for you that SparkPeople has fitness experts who have created videos that are easy to follow!  These videos are located here. If these videos seem a little overwhelming to start with, then go for a walk.  That is all I did for several months.  I walked.  As your ability increases, increase your fitness time.  Challenge yourself to do more.  Push yourself.  I promise after you start seeing a little success, you'll want to do more!

Now that you are getting at least 10 minutes of fitness a day, you need to remember to track that fitness on the SparkPeople fitness tracker.  The fitness tracker is very simple to use and has hundreds of exercises listed.  Have you ever considered mowing your yard as fitness?  How about heavy cleaning in your garage? Is that fitness?  According to the fitness tracker, yes, those are trackable fitness functions.  I like to call those FUNctional fitness activities.

For me personally, I've become a runner and love it.  I hear many people who are still in the "talk" mode say that they can't lose weight because they can't run.  I'm here to tell you right now that there are SO many other options when it comes to fitness. There are no excuses.  If you do a little bit of research, you'll find hundreds or thousands of exercises that will get your heart rate up and create a little sweating action!

But what if you don't like going to the gym or can't afford a membership? I agree completely!  Personally, I've lost 100 pounds, and I've never stepped foot in a gym.  Oh, my wife and I paid for our family to have a membership to the local recreational center several years ago, I think we went three times all year.  Sigh!  Did we lose weight that year? Nope.

You do not have to belong to a gym to make this happen for yourself.  Anybody can walk anywhere they can find a sidewalk or park.  The SparkPeople videos are absolutely free online, or order Coach Nicole's DVDs and do those at home. Create a walking group at your church or office a couple days a week event, socialize while doing it. Get CREATIVE to burn the calories that are holding you back. 

Now that you are making a habit of tracking your calories and knowing WHAT/HOW much you are eating, it's definitely time to Shut Up and Sweat!  Use these tools to your advantage and start losing those unwanted pounds.

What was your first step toward fitness? What will you commit to do for fitness today (or tomorrow)?

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BOB5148 2/8/2021
Thank you Report
VHAYES04 12/17/2020
Ty Report
Once I get 10 minutes in I'm usually good to do the whole routine. It's just getting started sometimes is a problem. Report
MUSICNUT 9/30/2020
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
Great Report
I have met many women my age (over 60), with many excuses for wanting to wait before they start exercising. I have told them, time and again, that the ideal day to start is never going to happen. I have only succeeded with 2 out of the 10 ladies I know well enough - the others just compare notes on which doctor is better for which specific health problem! Report
thanks Report
I absolutely LOVE this message and it is all so very true. I am so fortunate to be over 65 in a state that provides gym memberships through our insurance - so I now go to the gym and have found it so rewarding. But I also do a lot of exercising at home and I started with the wonderful videos found here on Spark! Thanks for such a motivating message! Report
Absolutely great Report
if you don't sweat, see a Dr. Something is wrong if you are not sweating. Its a disease called anhidrosis. I think I spelled that right. It can bring overheating, fainting, and other symptoms. Report
Absolutely great Report
Even a sauna doesn't make me sweat, some people just don't Report
Incredible and also coincides with Nike's "Just Do It!" Report
Love this blog! There is nothing like a good sweat. I don't feel like I have really worked out unless I break a sweat. I need to do more of it though. I was doing cardio everyday for about 9 months, then I lost focus but I will get back at it! Thanks for the encouragement! Report
Love it!! For sure, coddling never got anyone anywhere ........ No whining, no whimpering .......... Just sweat it off!! End of story! ....... Now off I go!! Report
this is great! saved for inspiration! not only saved but recently implemented! i'm going to go back and read your tracking blog. Report
I'm inspired to shut up and sweat! Enjoyed reading the blog. Report
I love the title, so were you talkin' to me? Well I finally did SHUT UP and sweat!! I am working out regularly, aside from Saturday, and making progress. I am printing this out and putting it around the house for the times I feel like "whining". Report
Thanks for this blog. I am pretty good with getting my exercise in and I love your title. Report
This is so true! Sometimes, I log on to SP in the morning to spin the wheel & read some articles. But then I realize that rather than just discussing weight loss on the site, I should get off and start sweating! Report
Ever since your last article, I can't get shut up and sweat out of my head. It's my mantra and I love it. No excuses, just work it out. Report
A great slogan! Ready to see those t-shirts in the SparkPeople Store! Report
This is very true. Actions speak louder than words. I used to know someone who always talked about her diet, and lived on hostess and doritos. We used to say that if you could love weight by talking about it, she'd be stick thin. Report
Love it. I actually had to tell someone this at work. They've been talking about weight loss for over 2 years, always talking about yester year. I'm like Shut up and Do It. Don't Talk about it be about it Report
A weak moment of whining elicits a "Suck It Up Cupcake" from my husband. No mercy from my dogs either! Report
I really needed to read this today. Thank you for the reminder that slow and steady wins the race. Report
EXACTLY! Shut up and Sweat! Love this... such a great post. I HATE RUNNING... even in high school - I sucked at the mile, I came second to last when I tried cross country - wasn't really over weight either, just not my thing. But I bought Zumba. What a fun way to sweat my arse off!!! :)) Keep the motiviation up ya'll !! YOU CAN DO THIS! :)) Report
I really enjoyed reading this blog! I started exercising by walking 15 min. a day, on the treadmill, when nobody was home, while watching my daytime soap. Fast forward a few years later, and now I do cardio for 30-60 min. 5xs/wk plus strength training 3xs/wk. Most of my life, I never exercised or played in sports, and today I can actually call myself a "gym rat"! Who knew? It's now become part of my lifestyle. :) Report
Great blog. Next I hope you'll sound off on those who whine about "not being able to find my motivation". Yes, I'm feeling snarky on that particular topic :) Report
START. That is the hardest part of exercise. Five minutes is a good goal. Report
Since you had to close your mouth to keep from overstuffing it with food, keeping it closed (aka stifling the flow of excuses) is that next logical move. LOVE this in your face commentary and challenge to "don't just sit something!!" Report
Thank you Jerome. As always direct and so very true. Thanks for being here. Report
So I got started just before the end of the year, no New Year's Resolution for me. I enrolled in the Biggest Loser 12 week program at the gym and I'm training for a 10k. The pain lessens, the workouts get easier, and I feel better. So I did just that, I shut up and started to sweat. Report
Everyone- Go to ( ) and check out all their Shut Up & Sweat Workout Gear!!! They have workout clothes(Small-3XL), are supported by Biggest Loser previous contestants, world class athletes, and every weekend warrior under the sun. They also generate college scholarships for high school student athletes. Check 'em out, it's well worth it!!! SHUT UP & SWEAT Baby!!!...:) Report
Glad I took the advice myself! Report
Straight to the point! Make it happen! :) Report
Straight to the point! Make it happen! :) Report
So true. I have started the same action. Shut up and sweat. Get it off. I had a knee injury and it's amazing how an injury really puts things into perspectives. Doctor said, I'm not telling you what to do, but..... I'm not in the market for an artificial knee. Thank you for your blog. Report
A year ago I made a goal...and on Jan 15th 2012 I completed my first full marathon. (in a standard wheelchair) It can be done if you set your mind to doing the work and ohhh baby it feels GREAT!!! Report
I think is the one I need to keep coming back to when I don't "feel like doing the workout today." For many years it's been, "if I can just lose the weight then..." And then I started changing my eating habits and controlling portion sizes...and I lost a little, and then it became..."if i could just exercise, I could lose the weight, and if I lose the weight, then..." So I got a recumbant bike (because of a hip injury), and while I still loathe the sweating, I feel so much better if i just do it (just picking it up again after several months of sporadic exercise). I've also found the 15 minute desk strength exercises an incredible help as I restart my weigh-loss journey. It's time to just go shut-up and sweat! Thank you for the reminder! Report
Thank you for this! It is so true and so straightforward. Copies of this are going up at home and work! Truly - thank you. Report
So great to read today. Off to the gym when I leave work.
Great blog, needed that motivation today! Report
I struggled this morning getting ready for cardio but I sucked it up, stopped listening to the little voice that relax today and left the house on a long walk.My pedometer registered 4.8 miles, I was besides myself at what I had accomplished. Now I read this and know exactly where you are coming from. Report
Thank you! Thank you! You are so right! I see and hear the same thing and also wonder why people whine so much and do NOTHING.

Today I will make sure I do SOMETHING for me! Thank you! Report
This article is so great and it is exactly what I needed to hear today! Report
I am sitting on my bum asking if I want to exercise...this article is for me. Thank you.
I am enjoying these articles. They're very straight forward and honest. I was actually just talking because I have a co-worker who keeps "starting tomorrow" Finally I told him today, I started 2 weeks ago and I've lost 5 pounds. Im starting small to create good habits. I'm focusing the tracking and truly learning/understanding nutrition. I've been adding in more water cutting out diet coke and tracking my steps on my pedometer. I've started taking the long way to the break room and bathroom. I also now walk my dog up the big hill versus down it. When these are more habits (feb 1) I am adding in more stuff. I am creating a lifestyle while I change my old bad habits, but I'm adding small exercises in as I go along. Report
Loving this article J and I saved it to my favs just in case I need a reminder. I've read lots of pages and some folks need to come across this. I started a month ago and I feel great. Exercising 6 days a week and doing what I can plus pushing myself daily to do more. The only way I will see results is to do it. I hit 30 mins on e treadmill today and that felt great Report