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Coach Nancy is a woman who knows her running gear. You can always count her for advice on the latest and greatest shoes, accessories and clothes. For a few years now, she has been raving about something called a Road ID.

Last year, I started attending my boyfriend's bike races, where, it seemed, all the cyclists wore one. I decided to learn more. The co-founder of the company, it turns out, is an avid cyclist, and it was while training for a marathon that he was inspired to start Road ID with his father.

The back story is here
.  They say: If you can’t speak for yourself, Road ID will speak for you.

Though they have several products, most of them are bracelets that you wear while exercising.  They also have shoe pouches and anklets.  With Daylight Saving Time coming up this weekend, and shorter, darker days just around the corner, we thought it was a perfect time to host a giveaway with Road ID!

They say: If you are a runner, cyclist, triathlete or just a person who doesn't sit on the couch all day, Road ID is for you. This awesome piece of gear not only looks good but it could save your life. In the event of an accident, if you can't speak for yourself, your Road ID will. Available in 6 different styles. It's not just a piece of gear - it's peace of mind.

After discovering that Road ID is not only a company that's focused on healthy living, like SparkPeople is,  but also one that's based in nearby northern Kentucky, I reached out to them. Road ID agreed to let several SparkPeople employees try their products--and my co-workers and I were thrilled with our Road IDs! (Psst, Road ID is giving some away to you as well!)

Just like the products themselves, our employees are using them for a variety of uses: Tanya wears her while walking and biking through her neighborhood before dawn each morning. I wear mine while running, as does Jen. She loves her shoe pouch: It was easy to order, fun to customize, and arrived quickly--and came with a coupon for a friend! The shoe tag doesn't get in her way.

I have a Wrist ID Sport, and it's great. It came in purple, my favorite color, had room for all my important contact info, and fits comfortably on my wrist. (The Road IDs even come in different sizes, so you can choose the one that's right for your body.)

The cutest Road ID story has to be Samantha's. Her young son, Jacob, wore it on his first long bike ride--35 miles! Not only did Jacob feel "official," but it put his mom's mind at ease. What a cutie!

We didn't hear any negative comments from the people who tried the Road IDs. Everyone thought they were convenient and an easy way to feel safe while out on the road.

Some of their comments:
  • Love feeling "safe" on the road.  It's now part of my routine: lace up my shoes, put on my Road ID, and head out the door!
  • I think these would be great for kids who walk to school because it's dark in the mornings.
  • Now that I have to walk in the dark, I feel like I need my Road ID even more. It even has a reflective strip.
Not an athlete? Consider getting one if you have a life-threatening allergy, diabetes or other health condition that people should know about.

Road ID is giving away two $35 Road ID ecards--more than enough for you to get the Road ID of your choice, plus accessories. Thank you, Road ID!

To enter, click here! Be sure to read the rules. This contest will end exactly one week from today! Winners will be notified via email by dailySpark editor Stepfanie Romine.

Do you have a Road ID? What would you use yours for? 

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RoadID works well as a Velcro wrist band on a Garmin 305 or 205. Report
I SO want this. I would give it to my husband, who runs outside a LOT, and doesn't carry ANYTHING with him. I'm planning to get him something like this for Christmas anyway. It'd be awesome to have one as high-quality as this. Report
One of my co-workers just got one and loves it. She doesn't run with an mp3 player or her phone so it was perfect for her. Report
This would be awesome for me! I have some weird allergies that aren't exactly covered by your normal medical id bracelets. The custom ones are out of my price range AND I'm allergic to metal, upping the price to allow for gold. This would be perfect for my allergies and ICE contacts. Report
I always have my mobile phone in my pocket and it is very common here to put ICE (In Case of Emergency) in the Numbers section with the main number of someone who is close to you. But I do like the bracelet as well :-) Report
GREAT Idea...had never heard of it til today. Will look into this for several family memebers including myself! Great positive feedback on this product! Report
We love our road IDs. It actually helped alot - my son is a road racer and had a horrible accident with a mail truck (the truck's fault) when DS crashed into the back of the truck as it stopped suddenly. His bike broke (carbon fiber) in half and his head/helmet hit the truck. The mailman was able to get all the info he needed to call us from the road ID. Plus, I got two for my mom who is quite capable and fit but she wears hers whenever she goes out and has one that is on her sneakers. Report
I love my RoadID! I got one after my last 5k run: RoadID was one of the sponsors! I wear mine when I run or bike by myself. I would like to get one for my husband and my son, both runners. Report
Wow, that's a great idea. I have a coworker who does a lot of running. This may be a good gift idea for him at the holidays! Report
I think this is a great idea! I really want one. I'm a runner and I run 5 to 6 miles every day. I'm hoping to run a half marathon by next summer. I am ashtmatic and only carry my emergency inhaler when I run. I never carry a cell phone on my runs since I don't have pockets on my running gear. Now that the days are getting darker quicker I end up running in the dark and this makes my fiance very nervous. Having an ID with me would ease his peace of mind. I'm crossing my fingers that I'm one of the lucky ones who gets picked for a free ID!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!! Report
I do not have one, but if I did would where it during all my training walks as well as races so everyone would know the correct information for as contact and such. Report
This is a great idea. I am also diabetic. I take daily walks and always carry my cell phone but realized that alone won't tell people who I am in an emergency. I am going to look into this.
I keep running without any ID and I know I should have something other than my house key even if I don't travel that far from the house. Report
I love my Road ID's. I fell on a trail several months back and knocked myself out. It was only for a split second but it was enough to make me think about how people would know who I was. I have the wrist band and I have the one that goes on my sneakers. It has my name, contact person information and it lets people know I have asthma. I feel much better knowing I have this, and so does my parents! Report
I love,love, love mine...it is also in purple! I also have a silicone one that I use when in the pool or water aerobics class (also in purple) I just ordered another silicone one in orange w/different phone #'s for different circumstances Report
I have many allergies and this would be a great thing to have in case of an emergency. Report
I need one of these for my husband. I've never met a person so directionally challenged in all my life, lol! He could literally get us "lost" within 10 city blocks! Report
I work as an at-home travel agent for an EarMarked travel agency specializing in Disney travel. I am going to recommend Road ID to my clients who ask about child IDs to use when traveling at the Disney theme parks. Being separated from your child is every parent's worst nightmare. These will help Disney's Cast Members locate the parents of a lost child quickly. Report
I would love one for my 3 year old son who loves to wander. It would be great for him in case he ever got lost. Report
where I am diadetic and take several medications the ID could be a life saver should anything ever happen Great idea Great product. It's good to know that you can feel safe with Road Id. Peace of mind and good to go with Road ID you'll just know.

Chunk Report
I think it would be great to have with my allergies included somehow. Report
I bought one each for me, my sister and BIL for Christmas last year. Even if we are at the gym together, we aren't always "together" so it is nice to know that there is contact info for each of us. Great product. Report
My husband and I both have two Road IDs, a bracelet (I have the purple one) and a dog tag, and wear one or the other regularly. We opted for the interactive version, and we let our local fire department know about the product so they can look for them if they come across a runner, walker, or biker who is injured. Great product--even just having your name and emergency contact information can make a difference in an emergency! Report
I also have a Road ID bracelet in purple. I love it! Attractive and functional. Report
Road ID rocks! I never leave home without it, whether I am cycling, hiking, walking the dog. Report
I'd wear one when I ride my bike. It seems like a good thing to have at all times.
Oh, and for those commenting about the Medic type things, Road ID also has an interactive one with a 1-800 number that someone could dial to inform them of all your medical history, etc. I would love the shoe pouch for fitting in my keys. Report
Oh, and for those commenting about the Medic type things, Road ID also has an interactive one with a 1-800 number that someone could dial to inform them of all your medical history, etc. I would love the shoe pouch for fitting in my keys. Report
I'd love to have something to alert medical/police that I'm deaf. I'm pretty good about wearing huge reflective vests (have even been complimented by our local police department about it because they said they could see my vest from over 1/2 mile away!). As of yet, I'm not on any meds but do have an allergy to certain meds. I'd really like my mom to have one because the metal "medic alert" necklace she has rubs on her chest "zipper" from heart repair she had done and it irritates her. I'd get her one of these for her birthday!! Report
I have tried a few medical bracelets that just wouldn't work out, either breaking or not having the information on them (had to go to a card in the billfold). With many police around here not trained to recognize symptoms of diabetic shock or things like that, the road ID would really be a good thing to have. Report
I do not own an id bracelet. It is an awesome idea and great to use when I am out walking by myself and later when I hope to start riding my bike. Report
This is a great idea. I don't like the thought of carrying around my drivers license loose. Report
I bike a lot and have worn a Road ID for the last year. Fortunately, I have never had to use it but it makes me feel safer when I am out alone. They are awesome. Report
I am diabetic and do not like the metal bracelets . This looks cool, Report
Love the idea .....going to get me one. Report
I ran my second 5K today, and I'm really enjoying running. I thought about getting a road ID, especially since this is my first winter running, and I have already had an encounter with black ice and the dangers of running when there is less light. Unfortunately, I can't afford one right now. I'd love to win one! Report
With this Road ID (bracelet) I would be able to have a list of my health issues, and my current medications (always on my person) I take for those health issues should I fall and black-out while out in public. I have a Life Alert button around my neck for when I'm home. These Life Alert buttons are only good for about 2oo ft from the home-base unit. The Road ID would be a life-saving help for me. Report
Don't know why I was not aware of this product,great idea I am going to have to get me one. Report
I have a Road ID and wear it faithfully. Previously, the dog (and her tags) acted as my ID, but I realized that if anything happened while I was out running with DD in the stroller, I'd want my husband to be notified as soon as possible. Report
I have had a ROAD ID since 2006 when I trained for the Portland Marathon. It definitely sets my mind at ease when I wear one and hit the roads. Report
I bought Road IDs for my husband and I both last year for Christmas. He bikes to work every day all year (impressive for Michigan residents). I can also attest that they are comfortable and easy to wear and also very durable. I certainly feel better knowing that if something were to happy on hubby's commute he has all needed information on his wrist! Report
I bought mine over a year ago. I placed it on my running shoes which I wear to run or go to the gym. Report
This is the first I've ever heard of this product but I'm soooo glad that it exists! I will be buying one for my entire family for Christmas as I definitely want them worn all the time. I love all the products they have! I'm so glad the father-son team came up with these ideas! The products are cheaper then what I can get them in a store too! Love it!!! Thanks for sharing this! Report
i'm a cyclist and have one on my shoe at all times. was in an auto accident about 2 months ago. mine is the interactive kind and i had the er call the number 'cause i couldn't recall my allergies at the time - was a bit rattled needless to say. LOVE IT!! would love to have another one for my other shoes Report
I wear my Road ID when I workout outside of the gym. It's lists all of my emergency contact numbers, as well as my allergies. I also wear mine any time we're traveling on vacation. It's much eaier than carrying a cell phone, wallet, drivers license, etc. I love it!! Report
this looks great! i def have to look into getting one. Report
$35 is the value of the most expensive model plus postage, so don't be put off by that. For people like me who live alone, carrying my license is pointless - it would only point anyone trying to help me toward my empty apartment. My road id lists contact information for my sisters - home, work, and cell numbers and my (really nasty) insect allergies. Report
I have the new slim version which looks similar to all of those popular saying bracelets (Live Strong, etc) I use mine to run, bike and even when I take classes at the gym - think about it they don't know who you are either and something could happen there. I find myself leaving it on most of the time now actually because it is so small and comfortable. Report
This would be a great Christmas gift for my husband! Report
I think these sound great. I have health problems and this would be great when walking alone. I have a cell phone with ICE on it, but this would be quicker ID. Report