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Your Guide to Flat Abs

By , SparkPeople Blogger

Many people want to have flat abs, but have trouble getting them. Attaining visible abdominal definition depends on a low body fat percentage that isn't realistic for many and your genetics plays a part of it as well, but that doesn't mean you can't work towards a goal of having a slimmer tummy. While you can't spot train or target where you lose fat, you can work on those muscles to help you achieve flatter abs and a strong core overall.

Below is a list of resources that you can use as your guide to help you achieve your goal of having flatter abs.

How to Get Six Pack Abs

Top 10 Abs Training Mistakes

The 13 Best Abs Exercises

Abs & Core Exercises

VIDEO: 10-Minute Abs Shredder Ball Workout

VIDEO: 9-Minute Abs & Ball Bootcamp Workout

VIDEO: 10-Minute Crunchless Core Workout

VIDEO: 12-Minute Pilates Abs Workout

VIDEO: 15-Minute Abs Workout (No Equipment)

VIDEO: 5-Minute Beginner Abs Workout with Ball

VIDEO: 5-Minute Core Workout with Ball

VIDEO: 7-Minute Belly Blast Bootcamp Workout (with Dumbbells)

VIDEO: 9-Minute Equipment-Free Core Workout

Are you one of the many people that has trouble achieving flat abs? What is your favorite abs and/or core exercise?

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EVILCECIL 8/12/2020
Good to know. Thanks. Report
EVIE4NOW 6/12/2020
thanks.. will be using some of these. Report
EVIE4NOW 6/12/2020
thanks.. will be using some of these. Report
KHALIA2 3/6/2020
I love to use the Ab Roller, it also helps to flatten your tummy!!!!!! Report
11JAYMIE11 1/7/2020
Thanks for all these great links! Report
PATRICIAAK 12/17/2019
:) Report
RO2BENT 11/1/2019
Even at my lowest weight I didn’t have flat abs Report
Great article. Report
Nice info Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
Thank you for the links. Report
Great list! Thanks! Report
I hate plank the way many others hate crunches, but I welcome trying new exercises. That said, the original "Abs of Steel" tape with Tamiliee Webb will always be my go-to. I know it so well that I can recite her lines with her, and I still love all three exercises (I can't find my tape, but thank heavens for Youtube!!!). Report
Thanks and will add them in Report
I will work on this ! Report
Informative article. Report
Great article! Thank you! Report
great ideas thank you Report
I like how the introduction says you can't "spot train," but then proceeds to tell everyone how to spot train. Coded language is super fun. All the fitness folks do it. (Also, it's not about losing weight; It's about being healthy, am I right?! :D ) Report
Ooooh, nice! Thanks so much for the links! Your generosity is much appreciated! Report
Ironically I never used to be- yeah maybe they didn't show BUT I know that I had strong abs. When I was 13 my sensei used to walk on our stomachs in class while we held our leg raises. Report
My favorite core exercises are the many variations of the plank. I incorporate a stability ball yoga blocks and dumbbells into my plank workout. I've had good success with this workout! Report
I definitely have trouble in this area. Thanks for the tips and links to good exercises. Report
I don't understand why SP doesn't have the little "save" heart on every article. It is almost as if someone with ESP knows which articles I want to save and withholds the little heart. Why wouldn't anyone want to save such a great quick reference like this article? Report
I love this! Thanks! Report
My favorite core exercise has become the situps honestly. I make a game out of how many I can do before I get out of breath and need to take a break. I also like to hold the weight ball while I'm doing the situps. Report
This is a problem area for me. Great resource to get working on it! Report
As an obese I am going through healthy diet and with exercises to cut my excess pounds. Since 1 month I am giving some extra minutes to my working outs schedule to spend more time in crunches to reduce my belly fat. I am not consuming any weight loss pills to get flat abs, I just believe in working outs especially in crunches. Report
My abs are my problem but it's coming down I have lost alot. Walking and treadmill did alot. Now I am looking for some other things to help. So thanks for the article. Report
same here - my abs are really strong. I would have to get very thin, though, to have "flat" abs. I do a lot of strength training exercises while standing on balance discs to engage my core. This keeps all the old bulging discs in my spine secure while I work those many muscles. I also like combining b alance with strength training. Report
my abs are strong and tight but I'll never have the definition you see in adverts. But I'm fine with that. I have a waist and my clothes fit well. I'm strong not skinny, I'm happy with that Report
Look around you, how many do you see with "6 pack abs", really?? And how many people are you going to show yours to, that will care?? Reality bites, people. Report
I did not even try from flat abs until I lost my weight. But, during my weight loss I did a lot of core work and strength training. Last September I started swinging kettlebells for both cardio and strength. Then, when the weight came off, the ab definition was there. For the first time in my life. Report
i'm an older female,just started sparks and always have had trouble with my stomach area, my whole family is apple shape, I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP me Report
I have to try P90X to see what happen. I lost some of my ab but it's not like I want it to be. Report
I think there's a lot of truth to the saying, "Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym." For me, it's largely about calories in/calories out and shrinking the overall body fat. Report
What can we do if we cannot do the exercise when we had back surgery and it's not the kind of exercise that I can do? Report
Unfortunately I think I am going to be one of those people who will not ever have 6 pack abs. Don't get me wrong I am not throwing in the towel...I will still work my butt off and be happy with the thinner healthier me! Report
I have such a big belly! A few months ago the nice woman in the bakery asked me if I was pregnant, and my belly wasn't half as big as now. I've always had problems with this part of my body, but now it's gone really out of control... I think I won't go to the beach this year, I can't imagine losing all that fat (or whatever it is) in 4 weeks... Report
I am embarrassed by people mistakingly thinking I am pregnant!! Agh! =) I am currently taking green coffee extract 800 mgs twice daily. It seems to help? I would also like to hear Miss JM's thoughts on the subject too... She is so tough!
My favorite ab/core exercise is just dancing- zumba or bellydance. I do this one hip lift roll move 50 times on both sides everyday. It seems to help my obliques. The trainers I worked with had me do lots of floor work, but no crunches; lot's of leg raises and planks. LOL Must be helping.=) Nobody has been asking me how far along I am. Report
I found that since adding pilates to my workout last year my body especially my core is much leaner!!! Report
my elusive dream Report
I have used the Jillian Micheals DVD's to help whittle the middle. But I still seem to have that extra skin/fat the drops below the waistline into a pooch. Having 9 pound babies is probably the reason. Report
My abs are my biggest problem. Also that is where the skin was stretched when I got pregnant with my first child. I'm wondering how to keep from having that hanging skin if I can reduce the fat on my stomach. Also I just read an article on Thi Chi (not sure I spelled that right) & I wonder if that would be good for flat abs. Report
I love doing weighted Roman twists. Add in a simultaneous "boat pose" and this hits everything at once. Report
My favorite ab exercise is definately the jack knife on Wii Fit Plus. I really love to challenge the "trainer"! Report
the plank is one of my fav. Report
Abs are a tricky area to get just right. I'm not a fan of the traditional crunch, but there are several ways to work your core. My fav? The hula hoop:-)
Check out my other tricks too. Report
But I always thought the key to a slimmer waist was more CARDIO. (you even said so in your articles). Spot reduction does not work. Report