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7 Things Your Salad Says about You

What You Can Learn from Your Lettuce

Many people choose to eat salads because they’re healthy, filling and simple to make. But there’s more to salad selection than what meets the eye; if you think about it, you can tell a lot about a person by the type of salad they choose! That’s right—your lunch can actually say a lot about you and your personality. What does your salad say about you?

You Eat the Same Salad Every Day
Can you pack your salad with your eyes closed? Have you eaten the exact same lunchtime salad every day for the past year (or more)? Then you probably love keeping a routine and are pretty resistant to change unless something drastically better comes along. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? But you never know what you're missing out on if you don't try new things! Start small by adding in one or two new ingredients at a time. You might discover a new favorite!

You Experiment with Exotic Ingredients
If you like to top your salad with avocado slices, pomegranate, quinoa, or goji berries, you’re probably really up on health trends—and you love to try new things. That sense of adventure will get you far in life!

You Eat a Small Salad at the Start of Your Meal
If you eat a salad to kick off your meal (vs. eating it as a main course), you’re most likely not a huge veggie lover, but you're a mindful eater. You probably know that eating a salad before a main meal will help you eat fewer calories in the long run to help you manage your weight. Way to go! Every once in awhile, try having a salad as your meal; you might be surprised at how much you like it.

You Prefer the "Classics" 
Do you prefer Caesar salads or house salads as opposed to the fancier "gourmet" options? You’re probably a no-frills kind of person who's easy to please. You’re perfectly fine with the basics and don’t need a lot of fancy things to make you happy. As long as you're getting your greens, keep on keepin' on--but try to step outside your comfort zone every so often.

You're a Fan of Fruit
If you toss fruit in your salads, it means that you’re likely an opportunist. You always try to pack in as much produce as you possibly can in one sitting. Way to be efficient!

You Use a Lot of Dressing
If you tend to drown your leaves in dressing, it probably means you're not the biggest fan of the taste of raw veggies, but are trying hard to eat them, anyway. Good for you! Here's a tip: Cut back on the dressing by dipping your fork in it, instead of pouring the dressing on top of your salad. You'll save on calories and fat while still getting plenty of flavor!
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Member Comments

  • Usually classic but on rare occasions I'm a rebel lol - 12/26/2014 2:21:06 PM
  • Growing up we had salads with the basics: carrots, lettuce tomato, cucumber. not very exciting so I got sick of them. Once the day came where I could throw on there whatever I wanted, I've been a big fan of them ever since. I say put on it whatever you want(within reason of course)...that way you'll actually want to eat it. I like them with a little quinoa sprinkled in sometimes, maybe a few kidney beans, a few slices of roasted beets(tastes so much better to me than canned) even red bell pepper at times...depends on what I have in the fridge. Delicious. Or how about strawberries with mixed greens and balsamic vinaigrette? Also delicious...that with a piece of salmon and I am one happy lady!!! - 5/30/2014 3:19:39 PM
  • i love salads so this will not be hard to do at all - 2/10/2014 4:46:19 PM
  • Love salad. You fix, I eat it! I guess you can see I am not big on fixing food. But I do love salads! - 2/10/2014 11:01:34 AM
  • I always try to mix my salads up a bit, the same salad everyday gets boring after, day three. It's like eat leftovers, after day two your sick of it. I am a you can make anything into a salad kind of girl. - 2/10/2014 9:38:03 AM
    I love a Greek Salad either alone or a small one w/meal. I will eat a small salad when out if they don't offer Greek. What does that say about my salad persona?? - 1/16/2014 10:55:00 AM
    I have multiple personality - I like them all ! - 1/14/2014 4:39:36 PM

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