When Winning is Everything, What’s Left?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Are you ready for some football? I am and the latest Family Movie Night installment from Walmart and P&G is sure to get you in the mood too! Airing this Saturday, September 3, 2011 at 8/7c on NBC, Game Time: Tackling the Past has an all-star lineup including Beau Bridges, Ryan McPartlin, Catherine Hicks and Josh Braaten.  
Game Time: Tackling the Past has all the makings of other great football dramas such as Remember the Titans or The Blind Side that allow us to take a closer look at what we believe. After fifteen years of avoiding his small hometown, Pro football star Jake Walker is forced to take another look at what he left behind. Just one season away from setting an all-time receiving record and an almost certain spot in the Hall of Fame, the needs of his family changes everything. His father's serious heart attack, his return home as well as other circumstances beyond his control forces Jake to face memories of glory and regret as he tries to reconnect with the past he left behind. In the end, will Jake find the hidden truth he forgot while striving to reach his goals?
We all run the risk of focusing so much on our goals that we lose sight of what is important in life as well as the people that are our biggest supporters. This movie provides a wonderful opportunity to be sure your family is on the right goal-setting path. Moms 4 Family TV have once again provided some resources to help bring the teachable moments to your family. There are also resources for teachers and small group leaders as well.

This resource for teachers will help drive thematic discussions and debates as well as offering suggestions for creative writing assignments.
Key values displayed in this movie include:
Humility – Maintaining a realistic and modest estimate of your own importance.
Forgiveness – The process of letting go and moving beyond another's past offenses without resentment or seeking retribution.
Hard Work Ethic/Maximum Effort – The belief that one's character is shaped through hard work and by diligently contributing your best.
Important Universal Truth – Being a good person is more than just looking like one!
Here are some discussion starters for parents or small group leaders to help make the most of this Family Movie Night feature.

When Jake learns that he's been let go from the Memphis Monarchs, he is defiant. In a news interview he explains that he's the player that “puts fans in the seats” and by playing for another team he would help them “own a piece of the Hall of Fame.” Do feel Jake is being boastful by saying this or simply expressing confidence?

Can you be humble and still be confident?

In an argument years ago, Frank said some things that deeply hurt his son Jake. For a long time, Frank has regretted these comments, but said nothing to repair the relationship. Why do you think it took so long for Frank to apologize?
Do you think it's important to say you're sorry to someone you've hurt, even if they've moved beyond the situation?
When Jake finally apologizes to Dean for selfishly calling the play that led to his brother's football-ending injury, he was surprised to learn that Dean hasn't held a grudge against him. Do you think Dean let his brother off easy?

How do you
think Jake felt when he realized his brother had already forgiven him?
Strong Work Ethic/Maximum Effort
High School quarterback Sean Tate has worked long and hard to develop his game and is focused on getting to the next level. But in the game against Markham High, Sean gets benched for focusing on his own performance and criticizing the play of his teammates. Is it wrong to aim for personal goals when you are part of team?
How has goal setting influenced your life? Have you ever lost sight of family or friends because of them?