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5 Ways to Love Your Body

Let Cupid Take Aim at You


While many of us have an easy time showering other people with love, we find that Cupid has yet to hit us with the "body love" arrow. Don’t wait for Cupid! Begin today to start appreciating, accepting and yes, even loving your body.

Stop picking yourself apart
Let’s face it: No matter how close-to-perfection body you have (and just what is the perfect body anyway?), chances are, there is something you would change about it if you could. Even celebrities and models who have been stamped with the media’s "perfect body" rating have parts they dislike – their feet, their hands, their ears – and they don’t necessarily have high self-esteem either! Rather than pick your body apart, look at your body as a whole (and read the next point…)

Consider the marvelous functions of your body
There are millions of microscopic functions that go on in our bodies every day, and you don’t even have to think about them. They just happen! Unfortunately, it often takes a crisis or a tragedy, such as a brush with death, a go-around with a disease, or a debilitating accident for some women to realize that their bodies weren’t so bad to begin with and that their body hang-ups were a big waste of time. Don’t let that be the case with you! How much time are you spending each day worrying about your weight, your body shape, the size of your rear? What could you be doing during that time? Maybe you’re supposed to be the first female president, but you’ll never know because you’re too busy obsessing about your abs!

Get real
Did you know that most of the images you see on television, movies and magazines aren’t even real? A model for a magazine cover goes through hours of professional hair and make-up, has professional stylists, top photographers who know her "best side," professional lighting, and that’s all before the chosen photo goes to a company where they remove stray hairs, wrinkles, blemishes and "extra" curves. Sometimes Model A’s head is stuck onto Model B’s body. What you see is totally made up!

And it’s not just fashion magazines that are creating a fantasy. Most of today’s "fitness" magazines are following suit. On top of airbrushing and computer generating their models, fitness magazines now need to audition their models to be sure they’re strong enough to just do basic exercises! Muscles are even airbrushed in! It’s time to get real! Find real role models who emanate the qualities you desire. Educate yourself about what really goes on "behind the scenes." And realize that no one naturally "glows" the way those models in the magazines do!

Change your inner dialogue
It’s been said that we teach others how to treat us. If we believe that, the message that comes across to others is that we are not worth being liked, loved, or treated with respect. Most of it comes from what we’re not even saying. Choose to believe that you are worth taking care of and that you have the right to be respected and treated with dignity – and act like it!

Take care of your body
Diets, pills, quick-fixes, binging, not exercising, over-exercising, all these things disrespect one of the greatest gifts you have been given – your body! You only get one per lifetime, so give it the respect it deserves. You will not only feel better, but you just might become someone else’s role model!

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Member Comments

  • These are really good tips. Sometimes I do get down on myself. Like, i'm short, I'm going gray, etc...Oftentimes I remind myself that God tells us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made!
  • Just a thought, but if we loved our bodies we wouldn't feel the need to change them.We don't like the color of our hair so we die it, we don't like hair legs so we shave it off. There does need to come a time where you're happy with yourself. This article helps gets us to that point.
  • I love my body and all the imperfections. That singles me out of the cookie cutter group. There is not another person like me in the world. I look at the differences in God's people and say to myself "i have never seen anyone like her/him." They are why there are interesting people in the world. If you want to be like someone else, you are no longer who God made you. Sure, lots of people try to make me into what they want me to be but they are not my CREATOR. I am MARVELOUSLY and WONDERFULLY made. No one can take that away from me. Be Beautiful People in your individuality!!
  • ONLYME33
    First off we are not failures-My heavenly Father doesn't create such a thing-he creates all beautiful and wonderful. That is what we all are. Secondly, We are also imperfect human beings that will make mistakes. if we have a candy or treat doesn't mean we are failures or failed at anything-The sun will continue to shine the rain will fall and we just get back on our horse and ride again. We are wonderful versatile infallible people. So ride on everyone. Have a Great Spark day-And Love yourselves.
    It is so easy to get down on ourselves, but the reminder to speak love into our own lives just as we would speak into others is important to remember every day.
  • Well getting started again .Hoping not to fail or when I do to seek help.
  • We are :fearfully and wonderfully made". Recently, I broke my thumb. Now who admires your thumb? But that rascal does a lot more than you would think. Just bind it for a couple days and you will see what I mean!
    I enjoyed the reminder to treat our self as we would others
  • ^^^^^what cramparella said.
  • This article is a good reminder that there is more to us than our body shapes. Isn't what we accomplish more important than how we look?
    When I am exercising I feel better. Then, I can have the energy and strength to do the things I want to do in my daily life, including fun things.
    It is always good to take good care of our bodies and keep in mind the "big" picture of why we are doing that.
  • Interesting but certainly not new information, and over half the models on Spark People have clearly been Photoshopped as well. Somewhat hypocritical, isn't it?
    And I'm sorry but "disrespect" is a noun, not a verb although the vernacular is changing to accept it. An author loses credibility in my eyes when he or she uses slang in a professional article.
  • Some people just don't know how to like/love themselves, after all, we're told it's selfish to put our own selves/wants/need
    s first. Then we're told we're too fat or too thin by those same people we put first, so we believe them. We are a mess. Change is a very slow process; this article is a great reminder that we are worth liking/loving, and we need to reconcile the need/desire to lose weight with loving ourselves the way we are. Not easy.
    I've tried hating myself thin, but it has never worked. Unfortunately body shaming is alive and well. Anytime anyone is brave enough to love themselves despite being less than physically perfect, there is always someone telling them it is wrong. The shamers will tell you it is dangerous to love your imperfect self because you will use it as an excuse to stay fat, lazy and unhealthy. Personally, I think you cannot achieve true health until you learn to love your body and yourself.
  • This is a great article. I have struggled over the years with my self esteem, more so in the past two years. I am slowly accepting who I am and that I am perfect in my own way. I have been very hard on myself. Judgemental and believing I would be happier if I was thinner. I need to be happy with myself first! I want to be a role model for my daughter.
    We truly should worry less about how we look, and be concerned about how we feel. This slim-is-fit notion is giving plus size people,especially the female population, a lot of stress. I think ladies should give importance to their happiness and not worry about how to make others happy! Lets put on our [url=http://casua]plus size skirts[/url] and smile.

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