We Share Our Favorite 100-Calorie Ice Cream Treats

By , SparkPeople Blogger
When the mercury started rising, we hit the supermarkets, scouring the freezer section for the tastiest low-calorie ice cream treats. We tried a few, and we selected three 100-calorie treats to share with you. (There were a few higher-calorie runner-ups, too!)
Read on to find out what we thought!

Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle bars
They say: "My divinely decadent chocolate ice cream bar, drizzled with chocolatey ribbons, is surprisingly skinny."

We say: "The Skinny Cow Truffle Bars are delicious, amazing, fantastic. Seriously, I love these. They're creamy and chocolatey."

"I tried the truffle and it was very good for 100 calories. I would consider buying them.
I usually buy Skinny Cow at home. This would just be another lighter ice cream option."

"One word: Ahhh…"

6 bars for $4.99.
Find store info here.

Slim a Bear 100-Calorie Sandwiches
They say: Staying healthy? Easy does it with our precounted100-calorie sandwiches. Choose the low-fat, artificially flavored vanilla or chocolate ice cream, both sandwiched between chocolate-flavored wafers.

We say: "I thought Slim-a-Bear was a great 100-calorie snack; it's a tasty ice-cream sandwich and not super tiny like some of the other 100-calorie things!"

"These are GOOD ice cream sandwiches. They're not too small, and the cookie part is rich and full of chocolate flavor. A really good calorie bargain!"

6 bars for $4.99.
Find store info here.

And for the lactose intolerant among us:
So Delicious Minis (Made with Coconut Milk)
They say: "The perfect snack size treat that you can feel good about eating. With an agave sweetened center, our So Delicious made with Coconut Milk Sandwich Minis are the perfect snack."

We say: "As the resident lactose intolerant ice cream lover, my cravings often go unfulfilled. I've tried other nondairy ice creams, and they taste fake and weird. Every Turtle Mountain product I've ever tried is DIVINELY DELICIOUS! We also tasted some pints of ice cream, other treats and coconut milk. I had heard such rave reviews that I asked the company to send us some products. I'm a convert. But what really stole my heart were these ice cream sandwiches."

"I didn't know these weren't "real" ice cream. There isn't a strong coconut flavor, but there is a definite creaminess to them. I can tell they aren't sweetened with corn syrup--there's no weird aftertaste. These taste cleanly sweet. I would eat them again."

"I thought these would be super expensive, but they're about the same price as other ice cream bars. These are really good. I like them. Even if you do eat dairy, these are a tasty option."

8 sandwiches for $4.99
Find store info here.

Our runners-up, which all have fewer than 200 calories each:

What is your favorite low-calorie ice cream treat?

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Thanks for the information. I will try one of these when I must have ice cream. Luckily I don't have cravings very often, mostly in the summer. Report
What about the sugar content in these products? I'm studying about how eating more than 12 grams of sugar a day adds on our "belly fat"
I am doing the HCG diet not the drastic that everyone seem to say that you need to be on a 500 calorie day. I am eating what you are only aloud to eat. Just the fact that I stopped my 4 tsp of sugar with my coffee and staying away from starch. What I really want is a good dessert even if it's a bite but every health bar just a small bar is like $3 I am not rich to be able to buy them. Bad enough that every vitamin pills especially when it's taken for a diet they make it expensive. So I can really use any help on good desserts but no sugar and almost no starch. The coconut ice cream bar looks to good any more ideas please pass it on especially if we can get coupons. Report
Smart Ones ice cream treats are some of my favorites, in addition to Skinny Cow and Weight Watchers. Report
I like Skinny cow treats & I also like wightwatchers dessert treats as well
they are all very good. Report
The skinny cow ice cream sandwiches are one of my treats! They have a variety of flavors too! Report
I am going to have to try the The Skinny Cow Truffle Bars ... sounds SO GOOD! Report
I love the Skinny Cow treats. The Klondike Sugar Free Bars are around 100 calories, too and are also very good. Report
I love skinny cow!! Report
Thank goodness for these, to help keep me in line every single day. I buy Skinny Cow fudgesicles every week, have one each night, sometimes I get Healthy Choice fudgesicles too. The popsicle fudgesicles, while lower in calories, don't taste "chocolaty" enough, they taste more caramel like, fake. I do like the 20 calorie Creamsicles, too bad they don't sell those in a box of just those. Report
I've tried them, super yummy but for me personally they are like chips (I can't eat just one). So for now sweet yummies "so long". :) Report
Any of the WW frozen bars. They all taste great! Report
I have eaten the Klondike ice cream sandwiches and they are Great! Report
I love the Skinny Cow truffle bars, was really surprised at the great taste. Report
Weight Watcher's Latte Bars......Huge and satisfying...... Report
I love the Skinny Cow Truffle bars!! I also buy Weight Watcher's Big Fudge bars, so good!! Report
I LOVE the So Delicious Minis!!! I get the banana split version - think Neapolitan but with chocolate, banana and strawberry - YUM!!! Report
Also consider Dove Miniatures. They're 60 each and delicious and filling. Two will usually do it for me for a chocolate and ice cream "fix" Report
I haven't been able to find any skinny cow products! I live in Wisconsin, where could I find them? Report
Love these truffle bars & also love the chocolate ice cream cones which have 150 calories. My daughter loves the vanilla truffle bars & vanilla ice cream cones. When I wasn't watching my calories I ate the full fat cones & these are almost as good but guilt-free. Don't like the sandwiches though as they get soggy. Report
I love the Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle bars, and always keep a package of them in my freezer for when I get chocolate cravings at night after dinner. These work as a great substitute for dessert. I normally don't eat sweets, but these are my one indulgence! Report
I use these bars as my crutch when i really need something and don't want to eat all of the wrong things. I find if i eat it after dinner that is all that i need.
They are very good, well worth it! I'm an icecream lover...could eat IC every day!
Maybe I will just have to try one these delicious treats Report
I've never tried ANY of these, but I'll have to give them a shot. I've been addicted to the Weight Watchers Giant Cookies n Cream ice cream bars. At 130 calories they're the most delicious low cal ice cream treat I've ever had. They put Skinny Dippers to SHAME. Report
I LOVE the Skinny Cow Truffle bars! They keep me out of trouble! Report
i tried them this week,(skinny cow) now i had heard of this product on oprah, but only now did i try it and i love it, creamy and satisfying and the best part is that it's under 200 cals love em!!! Report
I love the chocolate truffle bars. They taste so wonderful and I love that they have some fiber too. The chocolate ribbons tame my sweet tooth monster. :-) Report
I'm with UNL_MONKEY in that I love Edy's Double-Churned light ice cream Report
I've not had any of these. I guess I need to find a store that carries them! Report
cannot wait to try these treats Report
Here's the "best" way to feel like you've had ice cream without the "cream". I still get a cold, frozen, tasty treat! I pour a bowl of frozen blueberries (or strawberries or any kind of berry) and add vanilla yogurt. The frozen berries make the whole dish "cold" and I feel like I've had a special treat, especially on hot days / evenings. One can even do this with milk & skip the yogurt (if that is a part of your "good" food list). Again, the frozen fruit causes the other ingredients to "freeze"! Report
Healthy Choice Premium Fudge Bars
100 calories and 1.5 g of fat
I had no idea about the slim a bears. I've been thinking I'd be willing to walk 250 calories off for a Klondike bar. Now it's nice to know I don't have to lol. Report
I've tried almost all of these products and they are great and tasty!! What a way to enjoy yummy ice cream treats w/o worrying so much. Report
I have been addicted to Skinny Cow products for over a year now....
Another good option is Edy's Double-Churned light ice cream...it comes in many wonderful flavors, and usually is about 120 calories for 1/2 cup! Report
I love the So Delicious Coconut Almond bars!! Anything by So Delicious is pretty tasty! Report
Fudge cicles Report
WOW....I think I'm gonna make a trip to the supermarket tonight for one of these!!!!! Report
The Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffles are wonderfully satisfying!

Since posting this I stopped all sugar in-take on 7.2.2010 - no more ice creams for this gal. Still, I stand by my statement - those Truffles were yummy & satisfying!

Be blessed! Report
Truffle bars sound yummy! I am going to have to look for those! Report
This reminds me of how much I love Skinny Cow Sandwiches. I need to get some to take to work for my afternoon snack. I usually have a small cup of ice cream from a carton at home since it saves money. This was my go to snack last summer but just haven't thought about it this year.
I should try some of the others too. Report
My co-workers LOVE Skinny Cow products. I'm going to have to try them now.

As much as I love the idea of the 100 calorie portions, my biggest problem is that I'm allergic to chocolate! Well, maybe allergic isn't the best term - it's the caffeine- like substance in chocolate I have to avoid. Aside from making me more hyper (does anyone notice?!), it causes lumps/cysts to form in my breasts & ovaries.

Actually, that is a quite common reaction women have - they just choose to have the chocolate anyway! But it's so annoying that the ice cream makers assume everyone must have some chocolate in every bar! The only exception is the WW fruit bars - they are okay, but it would be nice to just have a vanilla bar; maybe with a peanut butter coating or a caramel through it, without the chocolate! Report
Fudgsicles are for me. Choose them due to loving fudge & to top it off each has only 40 clalories! Report
I tried the Skinny Cow Truffle bars and they are very good! Report
Blue Bunny 100 calorie english toffee ice cream bars. Yum-o!!! Report
klondik slim bear fudge bars ( sugar free)..it is a pretty good size bar, very fluffy and light, good chocolate taste, box of 6 is usually 3.99 to 4.99 and 100 cal Report
Lots of tasty ones to choose from, but my current favorite is Blue Bunny 100 Calorie English Toffee Ice Cream Bars - delicious! Report
Healthy Choice Fudge Bars...yummy!!!! Report
I favour Walls Mini Milk ice lollies. They're marketed for children, but I've never outgrown them. They come in 3 flavours - vanilla, strawberry and chocolate - and they are only 30 calories each, so you can have all 3 for under 100 calories. They are perfect for when I want an ice cream fix without breaking the bank. Report