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The New No-Excuses Way to Work Out

By , SparkPeople Blogger
There are a lot of excuses—or hurdles if you will—that get in the way of our intentions to work out. Not enough time. Not enough money. Fear of being judged by others. Not having easy or affordable access to equipment or a gym. Not enough options that fit your schedule. Traveling all the time.  Not knowing what to do on your own. Not having childcare. Bad weather.
Most of us have dealt with a number of these hurdles more than once in our lifetime. The truth is that working out is hard. All of these things are barriers that make it even more difficult to get and stay fit.
But there are a lot of amazing innovations that are bringing fitness to more people in ways that help you jump many of the hurdles above. One of my favorites recently launched. And while it sounds too good to be true that this one solution is affordable, accessible, flexible, easy to follow—and can help you get fit anywhere on your own time—it's true.
Our friends at Acacia (Acacia is an award-winning producer of exercise programs and DVDs, including SparkPeople's 28 Day Boot Camp and Total Body Sculpting DVDs) have just launched a digital solution to fitness. It's called Acacia TV and it's an amazing resource. Watch the video I created for Acacia TV below to find out more, then keep reading for an exclusive deal just for SparkPeople members!

What You Get from Acacia TV:
  • Access to more than 75 different full-length workout DVDs, set up for online streaming from your PC, laptop, iPad, Roku or internet-enabled Smartphone. (Coming soon Acacia TV will be available on Xbox and Samsung smart TVs.) This means you can work out at home, at work, when traveling or anywhere you happen to be!
  • A variety of workout types for every fitness level—everything from dance to yoga to Pilates to strength to cardio to barre to kettlebells! This means you can sample new things and keep progressing as you continue to get fit. Acacia TV even features titles specific to arthritis, beginners, baby boomers and pregnancy. You can find workouts using no equipment and those that use basic low-cost home fitness equipment (like dumbbells).
  • Workouts from leading fitness experts including Kathy Smith, Shiva Rea and former Olympian Kristi Yamaguchi.  And yes, both of my SparkPeople workout DVD programs are available on this channel, too!
A Low Cost Option
There are other fitness video subscription services out there, but Acacia TV is the most affordable option I have seen to date. Plus I've loved their workouts for years, and know firsthand how much time and detail they put into their exercise programming and video quality. And you can try it before you pay a dime. The first 10 days are completely free!

Here's what it costs and how much you can save with this special offer! You could never get this many workout classes or even a gym membership for anything close to these prices.

Subscription Option* Regular Price  
Annual Subscription
(Unlimited access for 1 year)
Monthly Subscription
(Unlimited access for 1 month at a time)
90-Day Burn Subscription
(Unlimited access for 3 months)
*Find details on billing and subscription options at

You've got nothing to lose (except your workout excuses)! By trying Acacia TV, whether as a free 10-day trial or one of the all-access subscriptions offered at affordable prices, I'm sure you'll find that exercise is easier to fit into your lifestyle in fun and unique ways that keep you coming back.

Disclosure: Neither I nor SparkPeople earns money by telling you this or by encouraging anyone to sign up for Acacia TV. Acacia is a long-time partner of SparkPeople's, so we are happy to bring this information to our members! If a blog or announcement is ever sponsored, we make sure to tell you.