SparkPeople’s 28 Day Boot Camp DVD: Buy Now!
Join Coach Nicole, SparkPeople’s fitness expert and America’s top personal trainer to watch, as she leads you through four fat-blasting, calorie-torching workouts that help you trim extra inches, build lean muscle, and gain strength and confidence!

The SparkPeople 28 Day Boot Camp DVD offers endless variety so you can keep your muscles guessing and avoid exercise burnout.
  • Follow the 28-day plan or customize you own workout!
    Follow Coach Nicole’s variety-packed plan, or pick from 12-, 20-, and 30-minute workout segments to customize your own workout every day.
  • Cardio + circuit training burns more fat in less time
    High-energy cardio intervals mixed with full-body strengthening exercises make these workouts fun and effective.
  • Three intensity options work for all fitness levels
    Three intensity levels allow you to get started regardless of your fitness level and increase the challenge in a safe, progressive way.
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"One of the "The Best Boot Camps for Your Living Room"

– SELF magazine

“I love this DVD because combining strength and cardio always makes me feel athletic. This is one of my new favorite DVDs!”


"Nichols is a solid coach. By giving so many extras and a [28-day] program, the creators clearly thought about trying to mimic the online community support those who use the website seek."

– Katherine Benenati,
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

"I like the option to switch around the workouts to fit my schedule. And the 30-Minute Challenge workout is awesome!"

SparkPeople member

"Finally! A no-fuss workout DVD that challenges all levels while still being fun!"

– Jennipher Walters,

"Coach Nicole's Bootcamp and fitness DVDs were the cornerstones to getting me started as an everyday fitness buff, and thanks to SparkPeople I reached my goal to lose 72 pounds."

– Mimi, SparkPeople member

"Don't be put off by the words "boot camp" -- the DVD is geared for any fitness level and it's customizable with 12-, 20-, and 30-minute workout segments, plus bonus features."

– Gail Gedan Spencer,

"Coach Nicole's 28 Day Boot Camp is probably the least intimidating boot camp routine on the market -- meaning good intentions are likely to last longer. Nicole Nichols sets a lively pace -- but not one so fast that it's impossible for us less coordinated types to keep up."

– Marcella S. Kreiter, Consumer Corner on

"I know exactly what I want from an exercise DVD, and most of them don’t stack up. Coach Nicole and the 28 Day Boot Camp deliver."

– EMFRAPPIER, SparkPeople member

"I love Coach Nicole’s videos! Her enthusiasm, clear, easy-to-follow directions, and provision of modifications to exercises are what I love best."

– CRAZY_KAT_1984, SparkPeople member

Named one of the "best exercise DVDs" in 2012 by

"The beginner & advanced modifications allow you to customize the moves to your fitness level so they’re challenging but not impossible."

– Renee, SparkPeople member

"The interactive menu is a GREAT way to make choosing your workout EASY because it is right there for you on the screen. No need to pull out your workout calendar for this DVD!"


"I love this DVD. It is a nice change up from the other DVDs I own, and from the classes I take at my gym. I also really like the calendar with the click through program -- makes it so easy."

– ARGYLE-RUNNER, SparkPeople member

Coach Nicole Nichols is a certified personal trainer and exercise instructor with a degree in health education. Nicole helps people of all skill levels make working out a fun part of their daily lives. More than 200,000 people have participated in her online boot camps to date, and she is one of the most watched exercise instructors on YouTube. In 2011, the American Council on Exercise named Coach Nicole America’s Top Personal Trainer to Watch. Follow Coach Nicole on Facebook and Twitter!